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How To Catch Walleye?

Hey, guys today we're going to be out doing some summer fishing for big walleyes. We’re targeting not numbers today but we’re going to go after some big fish. Something that can be tough to do in the summer, but we're going to show you kind of what How To catch walleye we do to get them. So we're out here on the laake we're pulling up on the first spot alright guys. So I'm going to show you what we look for doing this weed bite well. We're going to be looking for is we're looking for some deep water that comes up into shallow water. So we're pretty close to the spot where I'm going to show you my graph and I'm gonna show you. What we're looking for oh you see how right here we got this is all mudflat in a second. It's gonna start getting all the bottom is going to get a little bit more solid and it’s going to start coming up on a hump.

So you can see how it's starting to get thicker red there's the hump right there. The hump like that there's a fish right on the edge there. But it's gonna keep coming up and it's going to come up into weeds. We want to be fishing this edge right here How To catch walleye we're going to fish all-around this structure fishing. This edge for these big walleyes is just going to cruise that edge looking for bait. So what we're going to do is we're going to throw a marker buoy right on the top of this hump to let us know where it's at. Then we're going to work that edge all the way around. So here we're on the backside of the home you can see it’s dropping right back off possibly some fish over here. But you could you know we’re dropping right back it's going to drop it soon. It's going to start getting soft again there you go right there starting to get soft. So right this area and all the way up that's where these fish are going to be sitting the key right now.

This time of year is weeds are rock right here we had weeds. So we're gonna now we're going to fish this and see if we get the guys to show you. What we're gonna be using for bait here because we’re targeting bigger walleyes. We're gonna be using bigger How To catch walleye bait so I've got an eighth-ounce jig here. This is blue and white and we're using big chubs are these are at least four-inch chubs. They're a good size and I’m just going to skull hook it right up through the head. If it dies it dies just like that but you can see how big that bait is that's really one of the keys. You’re targeting using a big bait can make a big difference. So we're going to be jig fishing it in I've cast it out here. I’m just going to work this jig back to the boat pretty aggressively for its midsummer. The water is really warming up it's supposed to be ennui to 90 degrees. Today it's gonna be pretty warm so we're going to fish pretty aggressively here. Just working this bait I'm hoping to get a big bite where the way we're fishing here.

How To Catch Walleye

We threw out that marker we threw the marker out upon the top of this shelf. Which is it ‘sit’s kind of its kind of a hump we threw the marker out on the top which tops out three feet. There's a lot of really nice weeds and now there's fish already hooked How To catch walleye up. I don't know what I got here yeah I got a good Fisher marking already guys big fish. Why actually I'm not sure to grab the gaff that grabs a net mark good fish here. Guys make sure we're rolling am I rolling nice fish there we go mark how do you like it. When it happens like that well I'm filming the intro just showing you guys. What's going on first fish of the day and that's a nice fish for our first fish of the day got him jigging all right. So I'm rebated big old chub on there that's really one of the keys a lot of people. You know they want to get the big walls but they're using fatheads or they ‘reusing.

You know usually fat heads but to get bigger than average fish you got to be on a big fish spot obviously. But the bigger bait also is going to make a big difference. Oh yeah, that's good what that's going to do is when that bait comes off the weed. It’s going to How To catch walleye shoot five feet away from the wheat what you want is when that bait hooks the weed. when you start moving it to fish they're going to see and they’re going to be checking that out. So what you want to do is just shake the rod and get it to just let go on hooking we to track to the fish. When you just shake that free a lot of times that’s when you're going to get the bike. So when you're fishing these weeds you're gonna get snagged but when you get snagged make sure. You just shake it offend you don't snap down with that we free. When you're working when you ‘reworking this way what you want to do is it's summer.

You can be pretty aggressive get a pretty good snap of that ride. Let it fall back down to the bottom and then just top it let it fall back down to the bottom a lot of times. You're going to get hit on that on the Trop then what you’re going to want to do is you're How To catch walleye nonnative that fish. A few seconds and then WHAM give them a hook set there’s a hit. I'm going to give this fish a little time I got a hit could be a wall. I could be a nice plank I'm nonnative him time these are big minnows oh yeah. Oh nice, I have all nice eyeball OH that's what you want to do when you’re fishing these nice eyeballs. You know and the weeds like that’s that’s the name of the game. When you hook those weeds you know just let that sucker bounce right off. But I'm going to show you guys that so that's a good fish, alright guys. So that's how we jig for walleyes in the summer. We like to find those nice weeds coming up out of deeper water. Just work the edge of those weeds for some nice walleyes.

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