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How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

I'm telling you had to carve pumpkins on my course. So this works at any edition of Mine craft with verse bedrock Java or console Edition. So what you guys want to do is you want to first of all place down your pumpkin. You’re on a place of a regular mine craft pumpkin. You can see it will have no face on either side and then. What you guys know to do is you want to get some shears. You want to carve a face into another side so you cannot cover the top or the bottom. But you can put a face on any of the other sides by simply clicking with the shears. You can see it will have a face on that side. So you can add you have eight to have the face on another side as well. As you Cando any side you do you want to apart from the topping to the bottom so as. You can see I've now got as a face outsides it can be any of the sides.

When you do destroy these as well it will go into the different stacks in your inventory soaps. You can see here I've got a stack of carved pumpkins and I can place their knees. They will still be carved which is pretty cool so as you can see. I can do that and I can also have jack-o'-lanterns out of these as well so. I can combine these with torches and make jack-o'-lanterns. The good thing about the carved pumpkin. You can wear it on your head as wells as you can see here. If I take off my helmet I can wear a pumpkin on. My head is pretty cool and this is the main user forward the pumpkins so as. You can see I can now wear the pumpkin on my headwear eyes with an uncared pumpkin. I wouldn't be able to do this so hopefully, this has helped. You guys if it has done them to leave a like subscribe. If you are new check out one of the other two s onscreen one of them is recommended by YouTube. Itself and the other one is my newest upload thank you guys so much for watching and goodbye hey guys. I'm Aly welcome back to another Halloween mine craft tutorial so guys today. How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft I'm going to show you how you can carve a pumpkin in vanilla mine craft without using any mods. So let's get straight into the right guys so to get started. I'm firstly going to show you why does it have a train.

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

When I have to record oh man rights guys now that the rain is gone. We cannot go and see how we can carve this pumpkin don't worry. I'll tell you later in thehow you can get it in mind. How you can put this on your table in this case. I just built an abnormal simple table using some staircases and slabs so let's get straight into it. What we are going to do us firstly. We're going to take a stone sword and we need an anvil. We’ll need to rename this sword probably get it knife because to carve the pumpkin. We will need a knife when I’m holding the knife it is going to carve the pumpkin. So let's just do it and boom I am carving the pumpkin right now and I'm just waiting that the pumpkin will be carved oh there. We go it made a hissing sound and now you see that the pumpkin is now carved. It’s a Halloween pumpkin out okay there we go now one thing that. We mean to make a proper Halloween pumpkin we need to give it some light don't you agree. I'm going to remove these torches. I’m going to take mine from this chest there we go okay so as. How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft You can see how it's all dark to give some light to the pumpkin. We need to drop a torch on it there we go. Now we have a nice lantern that is ready for our Halloween party let me show you how these words okays. You'll need first to have these towlines but we'll see that later and firstly. You have also some entities take a clam look if you don't know. How to get your cell phone can just go to my website there will be a link in the description. Which will contain all the commands and also it will explain to you. 

How to get a command block so now we’re inside this hundred house. We can place the pumpkin right here sowed can place the gram lock. You'll have to copy and paste the command inside this all. We have to do is just change the rotation of the honors and if you want to of course. This is optional it sets the right-facing side tithe Anson so. We can now activate the command block and then destroy it and we’ll get this pumpkin as. You can see it’s a nice blank pumpkin which has nothing on it and if. You didn't get it it’s enormous and wearing a custom hat there it is and now. We can go back to tour command blocks yay here we go so now all. You have to do is just copy this command inside a qualm lock well you can do this also in the chat so. You’ll have to add this cover objective of course it already exists. How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft because have this whole content installed now. I have displayed this scoreboard on the sidebar right here. You can see what’s going on okay now that I got near the pumpkin and now. You can see that my score I mean this core of the understands constantly increasing. Maybe the sound it’s a bit too loud, isn't it? Now you saw that it reached when it reached 2000 it became a carved pumpkin. So it's not generating those particles and the sound anymore. Then the other thing weighted towards let me show that again to you. I dropped the torch it is going to light up the whole thing. I'm just about to show you how this works so let’s have a look at the command blocks so first thing.

We're going to do is just give a tag to the player which is in a two-block radius of the pumpkin. If it's holding the knife that means it is in a stone sword and it's named a knife. So we’re going to give him a tag later on. We can use this tag to detect the player we're going to add to the nearest pumpkin a carve timer a score. We’re constantly doing that which means we just created a timer then. when the timer is between 1 and 200 it is going to play the sound. You heard when I was carving a pumpkin and then we're also playing. When they score the same thing. We're playing some particles block crack particles from the pumpkin. We change this goal from the Anacin. When it reaches 200 so it changes from this goal to this one Andean we also play a sound next up. We go into the other line the first one local does it just gives a tag to all the items. How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft Which are torches of course it does this. If the Arisen has a score of at least 200 which means that the pumpkin needs to be carved. First, then all we do is just set lock a torch block and the position of the pumpkin. We also place some flame particles. We also change this skull to the lit one and then we kill the item. I think that’s it yeah I hope you liked this. If so give it a thumbs up that’s it for me. I'll see you in my next and until then happy Halloween everyone goodbye.

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