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How To Breathe In Minecraft

We are going to begin underwater breathing helmets. What using these Turtles because they like I don't know how they do it. But I don't know but How To Breathe In Minecraft we can make underwater but yeah they let us breathe forever. Helmets it's going to be one of the biggest ones in the which I lure it to you. Yeah we’re losing them together it's going to be love this is that first okay. We're good okay shot give it to me give it back to me well what they did. But what did you do they’re going to establish a home why'd you hit home now. They won't do it there we go it's working that's the mama wait. So what did you do did you both give it to at the same time Network. I gave one of them I gave one to each and then can you do it again.

No okay, this couple all worn out that's what they did we have to stay up overnight and guard. These eggs or else bad things happen I'm going to get muddy. Oh Shawn they're doing it again they’re not done laughter. Yeah you thought we were done How-To Breathe In Minecraft they’re going to be like grandpa oh my gosh. They lived like five they read so many I’m only going to see it's not. What I can they’ll stay here because they establish this as their home it's easier for them to spawn at night. Y 0 e.s oh I'm doing it again they're doing it again Shawn. They're loving each other and it happened and then okay here are the shoes you need Cheers. I'm giving you the shoes we got one two three four we got four babies. Okay, it's happening again OH they love each other, and then yeah, and then the mama. I want to see from like heaven spaz she's going to find a spot do it it's all these eggs.

How To Breathe In Mine Craft

Oh, crap hackie hatching eggs hatch egg don’t keep out your seat guys oh and she’s doing her spaz. Little legs don’t break the eggs more eggs let's go let’s call these guys are bomb dude. Oh they can do it again there we go I gave them the out there How To Breathe In minecraft we go beautiful. I'm going to actually break these torches cuz the turtles have to spawn in the dark. Okay, we're back after network Ares something happened I don't even know these turtles. They're pretty nice and we Lang a lot of baby turtles I don't want torches here. It’s darkness and not night sounds in that dark actually. Oh, it's working - get off I am no that was this one oh they're all cracking. Yes, definitely tor - sorry guys update Sean broke a turtle shell. He broke the I didn't know you couldn’t I was trying to lure these guys because you said, Louisa. I'd to here so I lured them and then I’m like this I backed up and I said I want an accident.

Okay, I'll be careful but like I said guys see you on its night. But okay guys it is nighttime the moon is rising right there the turtles are back. They laid a new egg even though like now if you try to breed them. They don't do anything oh sure there's How To Breathe In Minecraft another Network bug. But we are good we're good to go yeah Ruche Sam I hope so I get a bottle of enchanting. Yep throw down what was that wait why did the turtle bite me well. Why do I throw down the bottles and chant oh shoot these come when the turtles are hatching. Yeah, I saw something about here yeah these come when the turtles are at the shoot. Because I want to kill the turtles yes they want that but they want to kill the turtles. When so there are so many dudes I don't see what they’re diving down almighty and I clicked my shield real quick. I'm going to show that well Charlie's right behind you I hit it I see it oh god no it says. It hunts tired players watch out behind you it's up in the sky there are three of them. Oh, we have it it’s because we haven't slept yeah watch out right behind.

You kill it don't get anything no there’s another one and I see El Shade me. Where is it they in swoop down its kind of annoying there are two left three? I'm going to see one I killed one or I damaged it the baby turtle hedged oh there. We go it worked How To Breathe In Minecraft we got it we have one let's go what is it were as funny. As I can trap I dropped it I have it in my hand but cool jeez get more get here. Go get more Torn I gave you this year's[Music]yeah I'm out of them. But they're all mating fish on they're all meeting OH shoot help this. The flying thing is after I shun the Phantom thing left us state. Arson yes I got the thing I got the helmet to let's go yes I could breathe.

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