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How To Boil Brats?

We're going to be cooking some sausages again quite. A lot of emails about this and a big problem. We certainly have in northern Europe or the cold. Countries women barbecuing them for starters. We're used to supplying the queuing. So what normally happens is the barbecue comes out. The caveman comes out makes a big fire chuck sausages on completely black on the outside raw in the middle. Everyone gets sick but this is a boil and burn. I call it so what we're gonad is actually going to put them. Into some water first, gently boil them take them out Pat them dry, and then. We just need to color them it's really simple and they taste great this way as well. Let’s do it okay so I've got some water. Here you just need enough water just to kind of cover them this is called I’m just going to drop them. Now some people would boil these in beer or cider to give an extra flavor. But I've got a really nice flavored pork sausage there. I don't want to add any more just water what I want to do is once that gets to a boiling point. I want to turn it down nice and low so it's just on Avery's slow rolling boil and for this size sausage.

I'm going to do it for about six to seven minutes. It's really simple and really worth it doing this method okay. I'll just turn the heat off on those five-six minutes let's grab them get them. We need to do now is get some kitchen roll paper towel. Whatever you call it and just Pat them dry obviously discard that and there you go yeah Pat them. We're tonnage them back in this pan with a touch of well I'm going to cook them off okays. I've got a touch How To Boil Brats of oil in there you don't need too much. I've got this some nice and low now very important that you drive these sausages like. I said with the paper towel then they go blow slow turn them over getting them to the color. You want and you already know you ensured that you know. They’re cooked in the middle already. I’m only going to be about four or five minutes just a little tip for you don't do that don’t pierce them. All because what you're going to do is let all the juices out. If you can see that there’s some lovely choose some moisture in there. You start prodding them that is just all coming out dry sausage no good okay. I'll put that these are great formed the years and years I've never boiled them. I put them straight in the pan and they ended up all kind of blackened. I wanted to put them inside little support and a little fork because just hope.

You've done and now discovered this method. I love it and it works great every time so these sausages will be lovely. A nice sandwich wouldn't make with some hate-speech sauce. Brown sauce of course part of a lovely full English breakfast. But yeah give them to the color that you want but yeah this method really does work. They’re juicy they kind of look a little bit more like you see on adverts like the list of black ones. You'd love them you might already. But you'd maybe make them more often and everything that happens in one pot come on much easier does it. Get that that we start by putting a little butter and oil in a pot then. We'll add some sliced green How To Boil Brats pepper and yellow onion and we mix. We just want to cook for about five minutes so they start to soften a little bit and then a couple minutes. In well had a big clove of garlic and minnow we had the fun stuff which begins with two bottles of dark beer. Brown sugar lovely apple cider vinegar for a little. Tang and finally a bunch of fresh ground black pepper. We mix then we put in our brats just Nestle them in lovingly amongst the beer. The Onion's at this point you want to bring it up to a little simmer. Let it go for about10-12 minutes and by putting the brats.

How To Boil Brats

Before it starts to simmer too much you’re going to make sure. They don’t split if you plunge abroad into boiling water or beer it'll end up splitting. Be a mess still delicious but a mess and when the brats are ready. I like to give them a little color so we put some oil on the flattop or nonstick pan. Whatever it is you're using we get one of our brats. Our goal should be pretty obvious give it a little color which will give it a little more flavor. Texture like that isn’t that Purdy and then when he's just about done. I say he we're going to go with the brought being guide put a little oil on. Our bun little bit that's face down to get little color and crisp. We take some of these How To Boil Brats amazing onions and peppers give them a little love on the flattop too and we're ready. Let's get the bun first let’s put some good grainy German style mustard on this. Now our peppers hobo and Mr. gorgeous the only thing left to do as far as I can tell to put this lid on cut it and have a bite. Here we go right you with me on this it's bright heaven you get the sweetness of the brown sugar that little. Tang from the apple cider vinegar the black pepper plays a beautiful part but these peppers and onions that came on to the same plot. and how look out can you see how juicy that broad is look. We got here is a pack of Johnsonville bratwurst you can buy these anywhere. I just happen to get these atWalmart and what I'm going to be doings.

I'm going to be starting these off by adding them to boiling water. For about 20 minutes some guys boil these in beer or a 50/50mixture of beer and water. This is just straight-up water okay so it's been20 minutes turn off my heat. I’m about to bring these outside and throw these on my outdoor grill. I'm going tube grilling these on my mission 6 burner stainless steel grill. I'm only going to be using one of my burners as seen here. So what you want to do you want toad these sausages right to your heated grill just. I'm doing here I just line them up these are only going to take about seven minutes to cook. I'll be flipping these like every two and a half minutes or so you see this flare-up in a bit. We’re going to be topping it off with spicy brown mustard here comes How To Boil Brats  some flare-up. You’re going to get these as these casing start to pop and that fatty liquid oozes out. Gets on the fires you can pretty much use this technique for any our raw sausage. You like Italian sausage you know whether it be spicy or mild just do it the same way. There’s boil it for 20 minutes bring it outside finish it up on your grill okay. We’re almost done here so there we go off goes the heat going to plate. Winters have forced us to learn how to make great tasting sausage indoors. Here are some of our favorites you can pan sear them just place the links in a skillet. Your stovetop over medium heat add a quarter cup of water cover braise for 10 minutes. Until the water cooks up remove the cover. When thecarmelization starts cook the sausage all the way through and serve. You can broil them to put them on a foil lined cookie sheet on the top rack of your oven underneath the broiler. Let them go for five to six minutes turn them once five to six minutes more.

They're all set or you can use the new sizzling sausage grill just place as many links. You want in the grill making sure ones in the center spot so the temperature probe can do. Its job close the lid and wait in about 15 minutes. The grill wilding to let you know your sausages are perfectly done.I'll do them on my grill I think I was just doing on my stovetop so let’s get started so here's what. I have these Big Bang beer bratwursts New York style sausage company made in California. Those nice fresh bratwurst and I’m just going to get those browning up and my cast iron skillet here and then. We’ll put some beer in there with those and while those are cooking. I'm going to cutup some of this How To Boil Brats sweet onion these little sweet peppers. They look like habanero peppers. I should tell you they’re habaneros then you'll think I'm tough and a neighbor brought. Over a couple little zucchinis so I'm going to put zucchini in there too just to be different all right. My bratwursts are browning up here and I got my peppers onions and zucchini cut up. You’re probably thinking who put zucchini on top of bratwurst well hey just thought. It’d be different ok we'll flip these babies over. They're getting kind of browned up maybe almost a little too Brown hard to cook and run. The camera and do everything and not hit stuff overdone once in a while so soon as those are a little more brown. We'll add the beer to that and those are cooking at allow heat. We'll just let those sauté okay we're looking good here. I added little bit of olive oil to the veggies from the socks taken. Now I’m just going to add a beer this is steel reserve. I know a lot of people use German beer on these but steel reserves. I usually drink me and the homeless guys and I'll be sure that the pan is picked up. When I'm done you people will get that one alright just let those simmer a little bit. I got to tell you guys these sure smell good simmering away in that beer. They've been in there for about 20 minutes or so not quite as brown on the underside. But uh wow they smell really good so I think my veggies are about done their thing. Get one of these on a bun and give it a try man. I cut into one of these to try it and juice squirted out all over the place How To Boil Brats almost burned myself. I should have poked a few holes in them but they sure are good. I've cooked bratwurst before but I don't think I’ve done it in beer like this but man.

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