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How To Add Trendline In Excel?

I’m going to teach you how to format your data or actually clear all the formatting of your data. Many of you are trying to highlight and make a chart and it just won't happen it’s. Because Google put on some weird formats so that Excel doesn't recognize How To Add Trendline In Excel it as numbers. Number two I’m going to teach you how to make new tabs and then number three I’m going to teach you how to add a trend line. A lot of us are not adding in trend lines. You're using just the line chart which is not what I want okay first things. First how to get rid of the formats want you to notice that here I have data that's pretty good. Because all of my numbers are on the right-hand side that’s good that means it's a number and excel knows how to deal with it. But look at this data over here all the stuff is on the left-hand side.

That is not good and that's probably what's happening when you guys are trying to graph. Or what might be happening is you still have your seconds in there right seconds right and then when you have that those seconds in there. You can't graph it right you How To Add Trendline In Excel try to graph it and it doesn't graph. Okay, so number one you got to if it’s the actual letter you got to go back and delete it right. So delete that but to clear out the formula to get all the formatting gone would highlight anything. That has a format go home the home ribbon and then go here where you see this little eraser. You can clear all right and then you could click on that clear the format doesn't clear all. If you clear all the whole thing goes away clear the formats and ta-da all the formats are gone and here this thing is. I’d better just retype it in0.46 00.72 done all of my data has no formats great. So number one clear your formats that are going to solve a lot of your problems. Number two I see a lot of you kind of um putting all your data in one sheet and then you have like a bunch of little tables over here.

That’s a little bit messy a neat trick to do is to have an extra sheet look here on the bottom. There's a little plus sign I’m going to push a plus sign. I’m going to rename the sheet so I’m going to do a left-click. I’m going to rename it as my fast car and I might as well do the next one. I’m going to rename you and I’m going to rename you as the um fan car great. So now How To Add Trendline In Excel I’m going to go here to my slow car tab. I’m going to highlight this right and then I’m going to right-click and cut you're going to cut it out cut all right. I’m going to go here and I’m going to right-click and paste done and then here you can make it a little bit bigger. I’ll tell you how to do that the last time okay and then I’m going to do the same thing with my fan car. Here right-click cut fan car and let's just paste that great okay last thing to teach you are. How to graph where they trend line a lot of us are not doing that. So here let me make this lot bigger so here let's go to the fast car let’s make you bigger.

How To Add Trendline In Excel

I’m going to highlight to all of you we know how to do that. I’m going to make sure you're a table hooray hurrah it's a table it was already a table. Because this is data that I did it before and then now I’m going to go to insert. I’m going to go to the charts. I’m going How To Add Trendline In Excel to go to a scatter plot great and of course, you know how to add your axis titles right. So here position right in meters and then here this is your time we did that okay. What we're not doing is a lot of use you've been choosing a different type of graph. You’ve been doing a graph that's like aah actual line graph. You're not doing the actual here I better delete this right. you’ve been doing this you've been going to insert. You're going to a scatter plot chart and then you do the one with the line already. But notice that the line is like connect the dots that are not what we want later on. We're going to do a lot of math you could like actually figure out the equation for this. We don't want that chart instead go by chart we're going to insert it as just the dots insert.

Just the dots great and then we’re going to go to this plus or you could go to add chart element either. One’s fine and you're going to add a trend line a How To Add Trendline In Excel linear trend line looks good here you go. So this is one line that connects all your data together and if you want there's a function. Where you could get an equation out of it like excel can actually give you a predictive function for us to make predictions later. Okay but that's a little bit ahead of ourselves that’s how you add in a trend line. Don’t forget to put in your axes titles that bother me right axis titles great and then you put in your little axis titles right. Then when you do have a trend line and you have more than one thing. You might want to put in a legend but we don’t need to do that here okay. So we cleared formatting I added under trend lines and oh here one last trend line. Sorry, the last thing I got to do is I got to do a trend line for the fan car here. I’m going to do I’m going to put in those zeros that you guys had in your data okay. Here for the fan car I’m you're going to highlight it you're gonna format it as a table.

Why not and then when you graph this insert a chart a scatter plot all right. You’re like oh I need lines so some of you might put in this one. You're going to go to insert a chart and some of you might choose this one with the line. But this is not what I want this How To Add Trendline In Excel will not give you an equation do this one and here what’s going. To goof you up is when you try to add a trend line. I’m going to do it from the chart elements you're going to try to add a trend line. But here it doesn't have the option for an exponential trend line right mean. You could kind of do this two-period moving average but that is not an exponential trend line. The problem is my zeros so here for your fan car you can't have these zeros. Because you can’t do zeros with exponents it's just a mathematical thing. So it's always good to have your zeros but if you can see that your data is exponential and indeed our fan card. Data is exponential you should just delete these zeros. So here I’m just going to go here I’m going to go to this column and I’m going to delete all right pretty darn.

Easy right deletes that data and now you could insert your chart right and now when you add in a trend line. You can add in I’m going to go to this little arrow here exponential and look how well that fits. Because it's totally an exponential curve because the How To Add Trendline In Excel slope is changing the fan card gets faster and faster it’s not a straight line. Okay, so what did I teach you I taught you how to clear your formats that are important. I taught you how to make new tabs that are important and I taught you how to add a trend line. The tricky part is for the fan car you can't have any zeros are no good delete your zeros. Add in that exponential trend line because it is exponential data.

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