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How To Add Pages To A PDF

How to insert pages into a PDF file and now I'm at my work. I do a lot of contracts and stuff like that and I need to insert pages sometimes into the contract or into like. I work with eBooks too, so sometimes you had to add another page into the e-book file How To Add Pages To A PDF and the PDF is one of the files. We work with so I'm going to show you actually how to do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro 8. But this will also work with pro 9. Since I use that at work that I've done it on there too it's very similar to your to nock it's going to be pretty much. So the first thing we want to do is open our Adobe. So we're gonna go down to the left side here and find there it is adobe master collection and then. You're going to go down to its right here at the top Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. I'm going to click on that it’s going to open up my Adobe software. Once your Adobe software is open we want to go find the PDF.

We want to work on so I’m going to go to the top left click file and then. I'm going to hit click open and we’re going to find the PDF and mine ‘son the desktop. It was a simple place to put it scroll down and here's the one. We want to work on select it and How To Add Pages To A PDF click open and now that my PDF document is open. We're gonna look to the left side and we ‘relooking for this guy at the top here these little two pages. We want to click on that and see what it does it shows you page view is what I call the pages. Shows you all the pages in your PDF document now the next step you want to do. Before you move forward is you want to select which page you want to have the new page next to. So before or after it, you're going to select the page you want to work within that page is. What I want to work with is page 4 you click once on it and opens up. So there's there are two ways to do the next step you can right-click on the picture and the page and then.

How To Add Pages To A PDF

Select insert pages or go up to the top here and click options and then insert pages. Now in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, this is a gear icon it doesn't say options so. But the something so what you want to do is go tithe top or right-click on the page itself. So we're going How To Add Pages To A PDF to hit click insert pages and on here we want to find the page. We want to put it inside it now I did figure out that you don't have to insert a Pete. Another PDF file you can actually change to a jpg or some other type of file to insert into your PDF document. So it doesn't have to be a PDF document into a PDF document. So leave it on PDF and then I’m going to go back to my desktop. Which I’m on I'm going to select this one right here and I'm inserting it and it's okay. Here’s the insert pages window right here it says location I can do it before or after the page. I selected and the page I selected right here says number 4 and that's the one I selected. You can change it if you pick the wrong page an accident right here.

But I'm going to go up here first and we're gonna do before or after. I'm going to do it after the page I selected and then once you have selected that click OK and then. What it's going to do is going to take that PDF document and it's going to put it right. After page How To Add Pages To A PDF 4 it's that simple that’s how easy it is to insert pages into a PDF file. That's and then like if you want to do an image you could do the same thing like a JPEG or TIFF or whatever. You want to do but that's how you can add them to your PDF document. Now there are free ones free versions out there I know of so, I know if you guys know of a free version. I’m doing here with this PDF Adobe Acrobat Pro now also remember. Before you stop you want to make sure you save your work. I said you did all the work to put it in there you might as well save it. So go to the top left click file hit save so that’s how easy it is to insert pages into a PDF file.

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