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Hippo Cartoon

Good morning mommy but where mommy's a green flip pin. Great job muck has a lot of tasks to do in the morning let's have her mommy. Needs to take a Hippo Cartoon shower to give mommy shower gel with Kim my HI mommy’s bathtub. And give it to one what’s right in the pores are the towel and bathrobe and give them. To mommy wonderful now you need to give her a bathrobe. After the shower mommy usually puts on clothes and prepares breakfast in the kitchen. Let’s make morning coffee for mommy's bring mommy’s cut the copies in the correct position. Turn on the coffee maker give her the coke that's waiting in for somebody who might have interesting. So we’ll be the first delicious breakfast we have Johnny daddy's awake. Good morning daddy Natalia was to be as strong as a lion that’s why every morning.

He does exercises without them daddy is strong as a lion gosh. Daddy has decided to raise tens of thousands of one and exercises downtown. Steady Hippo Cartoon is everything all right get daddy his favorite slippers of the same colors. Great the job Betty’s taking showers so long make something happen to see. What he's doing good morning Jenna Leo good morning mommy Josie. Would you mind making a cup of coffee and giving me a piece of your Delicious apple pie? Mommy what daddy's cop in the coffee maker gives daddy Leo his coke. Water delicious coffee where is my apple pie have you baked it. Mommy Josie yes Daniel you your apple pie is waiting for you in the oven open. The oven and give daddy a business cake it's a fake mmm what a delicious pie.

Now I can work with my brother he always wakes up earlier than me. Most of the curtain opens the window to away from pain the window. Please good morning tea Hippo Cartoon in the morning -you like something on the bed up on the bed soon. Let's do morning exercises nope he forced two exercises himself and watch them. No OH, the machine is gee thought of something he wants to wake you. Yeah, I'm awake now good morning tea what will. We build morning exercises great let's turn on the music and start doing exercises. Let’s do every exercise twice Roger's finger to the last to make us close to the room prescribe. A specific time for jumping I prefer society what in your spices can be exciting. Let’s run to the bathroom who will bathe first while he is washing. Open the window oh there is exciting news outside. Let's take a picture click on what you want to photograph I am the best photographer ever.

Hippo Cartoon

Now I need to wash and then I can eat my delicious breakfast good morning. Mommy good morning my darlings what would you have for Hippo Cartoon breakfast. We can make something else no someone no thank you, delicious mommy. You're welcome my darlings the way come on has much more things to sue. She needs to feed Ollie so mommy to find all these feeding bottom get it. Let us smell it up with[Music]patience all your savings OH whiskey. Finally, you need to change the diaper dolly to the bottom let's turn on some music for Dolly's. This morning sorry our grantees usually awake now good morning granny. Every morning our Fannie what's up the cash and the fastest in the morning grandpa. Also likes drinking carrot juice we need crystal cab market right let's bring him to the kitchen. Let’s take carrot juice for grandpa but so carrots into the blender turn on the blender. The rocks break the world record punk please go on now everything is all right. Let's finish well done I am the tailbone shifts in the tops now granny can come up.

To the flavor crannies, the pie will wake up grandpa very first oh the smell is the kitchen. To taste in the drought brain is awake good morning grandpa case. I have smelled applied your clothes in the kitchen during breakfast. Tribal excellence in the Hippo Cartoon Morning News and now it's time to have to despair into the lighthouse. It is otherwise outside we can turn off the lantern all day long grab a perfect. My grandpa, he's on duty he’s observing all the fish in the world. But Mary's warning to the world of food to catch them, Mary, has caught it. It is high time to make breakfast let’s make pirates cut all the vegetables and the targets of the cottage. Let's roll it up to work on the projects the roman put our sushi slip over the rose to present. Oh, the alarm is broken cool kids wake up a diamond listen one of your arms is on the mission here. To put them in their horse's uncle raccoon is away the good morning on To mica. Let's change uncle recluse plus the pirate one it doesn’t look like pirate clothes try another one.

It doesn't look like Irish cloud try another one that's great tell uncle tune to clean the campaign. Sweep the floor step on the broom and sweep the dirty Hippo Cartoon spot from the floor great to learn. Remove the towel if from the torrent remove the cow web with a finger. The world was well done it is time to mop the floor now come on uncle Rico to make him. Mop the floors wonderful the cafe is ready to be opened. Forgetting something oh gosh now it is too noisy here plenty of parents to make. My turn it's perfect now good morning it is my pleasure fortune society's turns on an old-timer phone. And it's the process more than 15[Music]times the exercise line slopes to the right. I comfort and protect eye protection subjects time on the street. All the inhabitants of the red perch are awake it is a hard time. To run a pirate flag everyone knows their precious Malcolm.

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