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Cooking Cartoon

The paw patroller cooking for Everest let’s take a look at the recipe book Marshalls going to cook the pizza. First, you’ll need flour for the crust yeast to Cooking Cartoon help it rise when he puts it in the oven and one egg. Then you'll need to roll the crust into a circle next you'll need tomato sauce. Some shredded cheese and tomato slices for the first topping and pepperoni. For the second then you'll put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Now let’s see how Marshall does that's easy to excuse us. I'll take back your friendly neighborhood spider PAH now where was. I all right making a pizza tad great job Marshall let's see how rocky handles his recipe. Which is a hamburger he’ll need hamburger buns put some ground beef in the middle.

Add some mustard seeds on top of the ketchup, add cheese and then slice the tomatoes. This should be no problem easy enough little more a tiny bit more use all these. Almost okay are you running backward ah perfect. Let's check out the next Cooking Cartoon recipe in our recipe book so Sky can make some cupcakes. First, you'll need some flour a little bit of butter a cup of sugar some vanilla sugar. An egg and some orange zest for a flavor mix it all up. Then put our cupcakes in the oven for 15 minutes all right give it a try Sky this. That's got to cook too thin this'll thicken it up to its stuck. But after that puppy well isn't that the icing on the cake trying to make a smoothie chop-chop-chop. The cucumber now let's see baby shard yeah he Dobbin look perfect. Well, that's one way to make a smoothie but let's check out an easier way in our recipe book.

And we'll add our ingredients to this blender. First, we need strawberries a banana peeled and sliced some plain yogurt to thicken it up. And finally, add some apple juice and mix them all together for a healthy fruit smoothie. Now doesn't that sound Cooking Cartoon delicious let's check our recipe book to see what Chase is going to cook. How about spaghetti don't eat some pasta add some salt on top and a little pepper. Some butter grated cheese and some vegetables it's pasta time. Hey uh-huh okay, harder it is no problem now to get more ingredients. What in the world hey where's the spaghetti oh man what am I going to do here? Try this one plate of spaghetti done and done now it's rubbles turn he's going to make ice cream for Everest.

He’ll need to pour milk into a bowl add some egg yolk some sugar to make it sweet. Some potato starch to give consistency in vanilla sugar to give it a special flavor. Then mix it all together and put it in the freezer then rubble will have delicious ice cream. I give you my recipe, I think, is unwanted, what I do not know. I need more I hope that’s enough oh man how am Cooking Cartoon I going to freeze. All this boy I'm a genius 30 minutes that's gonna take forever this isn't so bad 1 minute later. So boy I mean Olli Everest will be here any minute did everyone finish cooking their food yep. And I had no problems at all Yeah right Marshall hey where's rubble wasn't he supposed to make ice cream rubble. What happened oh I had a few minor difficulties guys get ready ever is this coming. Hi guys how's it going honest we heard your accounting so we could tease some food. Oh, that's sweet of you guys but brighter and I stopped to get food on the way bull. Oh, what are we going to do with all this food well I don't know about you guys. But I love leftovers more what are we going to do about me. I'm still further than this ice block don’t worry rubble I got you covered mm your tasty.

cooking cartoon

How To Draw A Cartoon Chef

We've drawn a lot of food right yes yeah a lot of funny food. Yes, what do you think we should drop today a chef cooking a pizza. Yeah, we hope you How To Draw A Cartoon Chef have a marker and some paper and you're gonna flood along with us. You ready to start drying chef yeah we're going to start by drawing our chef's face. We're gonna start by drawing his chin so we're gonna draw a curve right in the middle of our paper. I'm going to go down and back up that's for the bottom of his face and I'm going to curve the ends up. a little more on each side of that curve we're going to draw a C shape for his ear and a backward seat on this side. For his other ear good job all right now we’re going to draw the side of his head coming out the top of his ear on both sides.

And then we're going to draw the top of his hat we're going to draw a line or a curve. That connects from one side over to the other okay what should How To Draw A Cartoon Chef we draw next. Whose eyes okay let's draw a circle on this side and a circle over here for a second eye of course and then inside of his eyes. Let's draw smaller circles in the top right and then even smaller circles down the bottom left. Then let’s color in the bigger circle and leave those smaller circles white next. We got to draw his big nose we're gonna draw a big circle right in the middle of an oval right between his eyes. And then what do chefs always have mustache yeah they got big bushy mustaches well not all of them. But some of them alright so we're going to draw right here I'm going to draw a curve. That comes down and curves back up good and then we're going to connect from his nose. Over to the end of that curve with Slimes, we're going to go up down and then back up good.

Now we're going to draw a curve on the other side and we want it to look the same. So we're going to draw that same s curve that goes up back down and then curves to connect the end. We did it yeah all right now we could draw the side of his hair so the hair How To Draw A Cartoon Chef coming out of his hat and down around his ears. Okay now, what should we draw is that yeah let's draw his hat next we're going to draw a curve. That comes up on both sides they have these cool hats I'm gonna draw a curve that comes in over here up. And then back down looks like he's graduating from college oh yeah okay now we're going to draw the poufy part. That goes around the top so we’re going to start here go around like this and then back into the other side. That’s a fun line to draw yes keep going yeah I put a little dip in the middle and then background. Yeah, perfect it looks awesome okay now let's draw his body we're going to draw a curve that comes out on one side.

Comes down over here on the other side too and those match yep and then we'll connect the bottom. This is for as apron okay let's draw a belt on there so draw a line across his belly. Now let's draw some buttons on his apron alright that looks awesome How To Draw A Cartoon Chef okay. Now we should draw his arms I'm gonna draw a curve that comes out and then back in nice and then. We can draw the end of his sleeve so, I'm going to draw a little line there to separate his arm from his hand. Then we're going to repeat those same steps over here and then we’ll drive that other line too. Yep to separate a sleeve from his hand okay now let's draw his legs we're going to draw two lines right in the middle. Okay and then we're going to draw the bottom of his shoe so it's going to be backward
L shape. And then we're going to draw a curve that comes back and connects then let's do the same thing on the other side.

Turn it into an L and it'll draw a curved rainbow line for the top of his shoe and then let's finish his pants. So we’ll draw a line that connects on both sides How To Draw A Cartoon Chef good now we could draw the bottom of his shoes. So let's draw an extra layer on the bottom of each of his shoes okay what's our chef missing pizza. Yeah, I’m definitely missing his food that he’s cooking okay so we're going to draw a pizza right here. It's going to look like it’s floating at first because we get to draw the pizza the big pizza spatula. That’s going to be underneath it you might look like the pizzas going to fall. But that’s okay all right now we got to add the crust okay. So we're going to draw another circle inside of that first circle, yes, and then we need to add some toppings.

So I'm going to draw smaller circles for the pepperonis and then I also want to add peppers. So I'm going to draw little rectangles yeah you guys all can add whatever toppings. Want if you want to leave it cheese pizza you could leave all the toppings off How To Draw A Cartoon Chef Wow like that. Yeah, it's good okay now we're going to drop the spatula that’s holding the pizza. Now we're going to draw a rectangle that goes around the pizza and it’s okay if it touches. We're going to go over here on the set and then connect on yeah good job keep going. Then we're gonna connect it into his hand with two lines that we finished. It looks like your pizzas going to fall on the floor but that’s okay straight. All right let's put our markers off to the side and what you would do next food coloring. Yeah, we’re definitely going to color he's going to look way better once we color.

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