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Cartoon T-rex

T-rex the loose okay kids let's start off today's class with a little quiz. Now does anyone know what kind of dinosaur this is a triceratops very good? Okay who Cartoon T-rex can tell me what these ones are that’s a brachiosaurus done. Brady and how about everybody’s favorite the tyrannosaurus rex which is also known as. What it's at-rex come on we learned that one in preschool so what does the rec stand for its. Latin and it means king Turano means tyrant and sores translate to the lizard. So you mean they were actually lizard kings, I want to be a lizard king. They weren't tyrants in fact they were very loving parents. They protected each other there you go because of their strong instincts. Females would attack anything that got between them and their babies.

Yeah, I’m not scared of them if they mess with me I’ll use my taekwondo. Don't think he would stand a chance machine you're kidding me you could go back in Cartoon T-rex time millions of years. And find the weapon that ruled the earth before humankind an ultimate weapon. Oh with something like that we could take over the city fellas let’s go back in time. Okay, get this bad boy fire it up yeah let's do it all right here we go. It's kind of sweet how protective mother t-rexes are I know right. I always thought they were vicious creatures guys what was the name of the one. That was fighting the t-rex again and kilo sours he's right to know everything about dinosaurs. Great good for you what do you say loser want to have a dinosaur battle. You're a loss tyrannosaurus and kilo sours triceratops stegosaurus.

OH is that a dinosaur well what else could galaxy weapon 2 have wanted us to guess well. But we almost got eaten could be worse at least we didn't comeback Cartoon T-rex empty-handed. Shut it up that thing is your problem now he little guy you're okay flocci raptor. A core thesaurus alloy sours hey I was going to say that one next you lose. We're not finished yet did you see what they were carrying tyrannosaurus. I already said that one looks like I win again that can't be it's impossible okay. It's all yours Brady let's see how good you actually are at taekwondo already. You guys don't move I’m sorry OH I guess its arms aren't too short to brush its teeth. Come on you're an okay tough guy but how could a t-rex wind up in the present.

You guys keep an eye on him but Tyler where are you going when you got to go. Okay,, guys your turn so where are we going, and why are we still running. You're right how could I have forgotten no way they stole a baby from a t-rex. The big one's the mother Cartoon T-rex no wonder it's so furious okay, but how are they even here in the first place. That thing the little ones holding looks suspicious all right beast. I’ll handle the dinosaur but we can't hurt it it’s trying to get back to its baby. We have to get team mayhem to take them back where they came not going to from. We risked our lives to get this weapon back a dinosaur isn't a weapon. It's an innocent creature and we've been taking excellent care of it what have you done to help us out. You should know by now you’re going to regret this. If you're anything like your mother you’re going to be a great weapon. One day we got to put a stop to this guy’s it's time we have to integrate integration.

So we’ve got a laser cage right guys laser cage rise it's about time. We went back promise you'll be out of there soon hand over this is it you guys give Cartoon T-rex them everything okay. All right you two it's time to go look at those tyrannosauruses sure love their babies. Hope you have a good life remember to always take care of each other. It’s too bad I would like to have seen the dinosaur time sheet wait. Where are they we're not done with you know a for justice? You guys will never beat that bring it on all right gang that’s another case closed.

Cartoon T-rex

How To Draw Dino

We're drawing the life of a big cartoon monster many of you guys asked me. How many cartoon monsters are there actually there's a lot and How To Draw Dino pop now and then. Like cartoon spider mega cartoon cat and there's even a cartoon cow. I know so I try my best to pick the interesting cartoon monsters and you guys love it. So we will cover all of them today we are doing the life of the cartoon dino. The cartoon dino is the huge size you can say he's the tallest one of the bunch it comes. After the cartoon cat the danger it poses the cartoon dinosaur looks like the dinosaur. That we know from centuries back it has an egg-shaped body four legs a neck. Like a crocodile ahead at the end of the neck and a big tail the two legs in the front act. Like his arms as well the arms and legs are covered with white gloves at the time of an attack.

We can see sharp nails growing out of his fingers and toes of other cartoon monsters. Also keep their distance from this one he has a big mouth and a strong set of sharp teeth. His eyes are black and scary his whole body is black in color and he has a finger How To Draw Dino-like projections. All over his body, the projections on his tail are sharp and dangerous. The cartoon dino is almost 20 to30 feet tall and 70 feet in height. If we compare cartoon dino to the real dinosaur species. He looks like a tyrannosaurus or known as t-rex the biggest predator. So we can imagine how large the is cartoon dino was first spotted on a highway. Someone took a picture of what they thought was a huge animal these people were passing by in a fast-driven car. So the image is blurry and shaken in that we can see a dinosaur-like creature from its behind. It was running away from the light of the car and ran out to the woods on the sides of the highway.

It was night time many people thought that it's an elephant or something thinking. About its size I mean we don’t have animals of that size in our animal kingdom very soon. There came stories of unaccounted deaths people were dead in suspicious circumstances. And there How To Draw Dino were signs of attack all these deaths happened nearby high way. Soar in stranded woodlands investigations went in different directions. Only to figure out that this is some kind of animal attack and soon it all made sense. They found more images and CCTV footage of attacks it was unbelievable. But true that there is a dinosaur a cartoon monster he'll come out only at night. He attacks those who halt their cars on highways to take a break when you might be. Stretching or having some water taking a puff the cartoon dino will jump on you won't. Even get time to react the cartoon dino will tear the human apart and chew him down. His throat the cartoon dino can put an average human body as a whole into his mouth. His mouth can expand and make space for even an elephant.

This ability comes from his cartoon background. He can increase and decrease his body size he can vary sizes of particular body parts. He can space shift he can attack you at the same time he can make the loudest roaring sounds. This is heard from inside the How To Draw Dino woods the cartoon dino makes these sounds. When he encounters another monster or an equal enemy the cartoon dinosaur. Didn't come from the same cartoon era as all the other cartoon monsters. It's understood that he was a cartoon star in the 1990she's the dino from the famous cartoon Denver. The last dinosaur in this cartoon ended by the late 90 and Denver was left behind. Cartoon din was treated very when he lost his stardom in cartoons irrespective of the dino. Coming from a different era he has the same revenge story against humans. It's possible that he does not know about the other cartoon monsters out there. There's no way he can know about the cartoon-era monsters.

But he has all the powers and abilities of a cartoon monster. The interesting part is that the cartoon dino is repelled by light. This was found out through a lot of research and experiments. If there is a light source around the cartoon dino will not come How To Draw Dino forward to attack. That's the reason why he was running away from the car when he was spotted first. He was running away from the headlights actually and that's why he attacks people. Who halts the engine will be off and the lights are off during these attacks. The cartoon dino will not come out in a city area to attack he’s hidden in the woods. So even though cartoon dino is a very dangerous monster his repulsion. For light is a real boon. for humans in an ideal scenario where there is no light in the cartoon. Din would not need a second to kill a human he’s fast and strong. He can space shift and reach any corner of the world in seconds. His physical strength is indescribable from the investigations on the attacks.

And by studying the way he attacks we can conclude that the cartoon dino can defeat. All the other cartoon monsters the cartoon cat might give an equal fight. As of now, officials are spreading awareness about the cartoon dino to the public. They're making it How To Draw Dino clear for everyone to stay with light sources one should not halt. On highways with lights switched off situations where you'll be alone in dark places. Should be avoided at any cost keeping a torch or lighter might not help. Because dino is only scared of big strong lights small light sources. Can be overlooked by the monster it’s established that a robust light source can harm the dino in some way. It's a threat to his life he gets burnt by the light source whatever it issuing a light source on the dino might. Be the only way to get rid of it forevermore studies are required on this area. To determine how to do this or how much we can make it practical so let's hope for the best.

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