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Cartoon Rocket

We have a present to open there seems to be a construction kit inside. What we'll be making this time let's open it and see oh wit looks like a blueprint for our rocket ship. Yes, that's right blueprints are used whenever someone designed the project.
This rocket and Cartoon Rocket wants to build it here an assembled rocket ship is shown in four views. From the front from the top from the side and in perspective and this blueprint shows. The components of the rocket are NATO well let’s begin must we then are the core stage. The Rockets second stage OH at the bottom of this unit. I see four funnels yes these are the rocket engine nozzles large ones from the sustainer engines. The caterpillar is a small force to supply the exhaust outlets. Here is their artillery. Now we will add four boosters to the Rockets first stage they have exhaust nozzles too of course. And they also have some triangles on the sides these are called fins. They are needed to ensure that the rocket ship does not deviate from the plant's trajectory.

Next comes the third stage it is this stage that will bring the rocket engineer Earth orbit and now. We will add the interstate panels and here is the service module Cartoon Rocket look. Its equipped with its own rocket engines and with solar panels only at the moment. They are folded up finally we add our spacecraft or command module this is where the astronauts stay. While they are in orbit notice that both the service module and the command module. Has their own rocket engines the command module even has them on the top insides. The command module is so small compared to the rest of the rocket ship. Yes, the lower part of the rocket is called the launch vehicle also known as a carrier rocket. The launch vehicle contains a tremendous amount of fuel which is necessary to reach. Escape velocity and send the spacecraft into orbit after each stage uses up its fuel. It separates from the rest of the rocket since it’s no longer needed and the next stage begins functioning.

And now we will add a very important part of the spacecraft its launch escape system. These systems are attached to all manned spacecraft this is a small rocket with its own engine. It blasts off from the launch vehicle along with the astronaut in case of Cartoon Rocket complications. During launch carrying it away from a possible explosion well, what do you think of our rocket ship? Cool, it looks awesome now let's go into space wait to get into space. We first need to get to the launch site this is a place where the spacecraft is launched into space. Let's load our rocket ship onto the transport vehicle and drive it to the launch pad. Look so that our rocket doesn't fall and does start right onto the planned trajectory. It will be held up by support trust now it seems everything is ready and now. Can we into space not quite yet the rocket ship won't without fuel.

Cartoon Rocket

Oh yes, how do the Rockets soar upwards it is pushed upward by their active force. Have you ever heard about this force no what is it this is a force that acts in the opposite direction? From the rocket exhaust screaming if you blow up a balloon and let it Cartoon Rocket go the air will gout in. One direction and the balloon will to the others here's. How the rocket engine works the fuel enters the combustion chamber through pipes. Here the fuel reacts and burns when it burns a gas forms which at high speed escapes. From the nozzle and creates a jet this exhaust stream pushes. The rocket in the opposite direction OH exhaust stream escapes from. The nozzles downward so the rocket flies upward exactly look the locomotives. Have already brought us tank cars full of fuel and an oxidizer what is the fuel in. What is an oxidizer fuel is a substance that burns in our case this substance is kerosene. And the oxidizer is a substance without which combustion is impossible. For our rocket ship, the oxidizer is liquid oxygen it is denoted by the symbol o - in space.

There is no air so you have to carry oxygen with you from Earth now the umbilical mask. Will fill each stage of the rocket with fuel and here comes the mobile service tower. Here Mechanical Engineers prepare the rocket ship for launch. And from here Cartoon Rocket the astronauts enter the spacecraft well now can we finally into space. Now we can everyone please enter the elevator it will take us to the hatch of the command module. Welcome onboard the spacecraft withy Atta Cattail wishes all the astronauts. It a pleasant flight wow it's so cool inside I already feel like a real astronaut. You well are all the astronauts ready for their flight yes attention. Everybody take your places and prepare for launch let's begin the countdown. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one... Zero liftoffs reporting the situation to the Mission Control Center. The engines of the first stage are working the emergency escape system has separated. The drive of the first gear is closed under the first gear, which is separated by the first gear.

Have separated the second stage has separated the engines of the service module. Have started the third stage has separated the solar panels have been Cartoon Rocket deployed. The course correction engine has been started attention information for the astronauts on board. The manned spacecraft MMS has achieved orbit. As an artificial satellite of planet Earth, we congratulate all the crew members. You ‘relocated 400 kilometers above sea level and are orbiting the earth for a period of 90 minutes. Lorem cannon correction method. The solar panels are deployed the life-support system is functioning. The coordinates of your location are 50 degrees south latitude by 179 degrees. East longitude well now we can rest a little and enjoy the view from the observation windows. And onboard cameras the earth looks so beautiful and so many stars are visible yes. That’s because the atmosphere doesn't block the star’s light up here and there's the moon.

What are the green lights above the Earth’s surface they are known as the polar lights? Oh of course the Northern Lights no not the Northern Lights. However, aurorastralis to the south, or in fact, we are more than Antarctica. Where the South Pole is located Cartoon Rocket what causes these are orange do you know what the solar wind is no. What is it the solar wind is made of charged particles produced by the Sun. Upon entering the atmosphere these particles collide with particles of air. And make them emit light oh my there are so many lights down below. Those are the lights of big cities visible on the night side of the planet and now. It seems we are flying over Europe true here is Italy shaped like a big boot. Look at the sunrise. Yes, sunrise is the trajectory of the bow and arrow. We are already over Northwest Russia and can see the Arctic oh where are the Northern Lights. At the moment they are hard to see because the Earth’s atmosphere is lit up. Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the land above.

The Arctic Circle is in perpetual daylight where the sun doesn’t set for a full six months. Look this is how the transition between day and night occurs on the illuminated side of the earth. It's daytime while on the dark side of the planet where the sunlight cannot Cartoon Rocket get its nighttime on the border. Between darkness and light, it's either evening or morning computer change our course. So that it’s along the equator I'm so light up here I can float and do all kinds of tricks it. Only takes a little push to get started this is zero gravity which is a normal running orbit well. Astronauts are you hungry how about so much and what is there for lunch astronaut food tubes. With different pureed mm strawberry jam yummy and here is some blueberry jam. My favorite yum-yum and what do we have here apple juice hey juice where are you going get back in the bottle.

Now no problem catching those balloons with your mouth, it’s funny. Note that the liquid water will not do him. After vibration stops the liquid turns into a perfect sphere well children. Now it's time to return to Earth everybody back to your seats and prepare Cartoon Rocket for re-entry in five minutes. We will begin or start separation from the service module and begin our descent from orbit. Oh, are we falling yes we are falling back to earth according to the before calculated trajectory. The spacecraft enters the atmosphere at such high speeds that the air around it is heated and turns. The temperature outside the spacecraft is twice as flammable. That of volcanic lava Wow look a rescue tugboat is approaching us. It received signals from the Mission Control Center. About our location, they’ll be picking us up now congratulations on your safe return to earth.

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