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Cartoon Facial Expression

Today I thought I'd show you how to draw lots of different emotions with a simple cartoon style. But let's not talk about it let’s do it when you're um Cartoon Facial Expression when you're thinking about emotions and characters. Your basic face is going to be a blob with ears on the side you know that saying. The eyes are the windows of the soul well it's quite true. When it comes to doing caricatures so I mean it ordinary cartooning kind of character. The easiest thing is to have these Ping-Pong ball eyes and I do the eyeballs. As a kind of a fat letter Can that little chip out of it makes it kind of come alive. Then you've got eyebrows so this an ordinary character.

The subordinate hours and little ordinary nose an ordinary smile. And that's a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of person. But what about some different Cartoon Facial Expression emotions let's see what we can do well I've set this up as a series of emotions. I found I found a list on the internet I typed in a list of emotions it was somebody asking for help for an art project. So I'll do this so let's see what we have sad I’m going to put two eyes. I'm going to put them at an angle like that and then put a curve across there for the eyelids. And put the eyes looking downwards when they're a little sad face and next. We have a happy well I'm going to close the eyes and make it look happy that's quite simple. Like that but some ears in um angry, I'm going to put these eyes right then scrunch.

The whole face up like that and that's angry frustrated that’s kind of yeah it's kind of thinking as well isn't it. So I'm going to put an eyebrow kind of like that Cartoon Facial Expression and some kind of thinking or up. Like that and you're kind of twisting your face while you're frustrated and thinking like. Yes, that's okay kit is upset OH dear upset all in the eyebrows. I put eyes will be right in the middle and we'll have a kind of an upset kind of face little mouth. They're smitten ah well you don’t know yeah your eyes will kind of move quite close together. Almost kind of cross-eyed and the eyebrows will go something like that and then. It's its kind of inane smile being smitten like not quite sure either. I would write in love that your eyes get big you're in your in love and finding little eyebrows.

And you’re going to have this huge big stupid smile kind of like that shy. You're going to want to tilt the head a little bit and again that's going to be quite Cartoon Facial Expression in the eyebrows. And kind of like that excitement and we want to have the eyes quite long and kind of wide. Open so that so stretch them that way and again you want this kind of big eyebrows. You’re going to want a big excited mouth and see the tongue. There as well my pad I forget to put these in there we go to a needy is I'm not so excited. What do we got suspense you can have look and oh look. They’re from that one and intense that's going to be I'm going to be conferring up your eyebrows with that. So from this point, it’s going to look angry but you kind of bring it to change it with the mouth. If you had an angry mouth that would change it it's like lettering. So you know in French you'd have an e in it with an accent on it. So it becomes either E oar or you might do one thing with the eyes and especially with the eyes.

But to change it with the mouth and you know so the different parts of the mouth are kind of accent. The expression in the other part of the face does that Cartoon Facial Expression makes sense hopeful. Make them a little further apart like that and kind of raised eyebrows kind of hopeful. Kind of waiting kind of hopeful like that yes So yeah tired oh my goodness you can work on long eyes like that and cross them like that and nose in the most in a bill. And you can droop the ears down as well make everything droop down. With tiredness embarrassed try something like again you need. browse like that and am embarrassed you're trying to see a smile. Your way through it aren't you and you're going to have red cheeks as well worried.

cartoon facial expression

I like that and then you can have a little furrowing of the forehead there and nose and then it's kind of in the mouth. There like that at fearful you've kind of been you’re going to be looking kind of sideways. But something that's behind you and eyebrows again will Cartoon Facial Expression go like that and a little kind of worried. Mouth depressed OH my goodness you couldn't like tired you got to drag everything down. But what you'll do here with the eyes make them long like that one but instead of a night nothing with droop. The eyelids there and try to make the nose a bit longer and then a real kind of depressed droop. The ears down as well they're ecstatic that’s pit bull fun uh kind of like the happy. But we need some extra kind, Eliza, because it scrunched in either like little line underneath.

The mum and eyebrows and the nose and a huge smile like that and you'll see the tongue in there. As well and mad uh that's a different matter let me kind of Cartoon Facial Expression wild I know and who knows. We'll be there and broken up teeth cheating madly so there we go. You can see that by changing all the different sort of eyes and think they’re all the same. But it's changing angles changing mouths and I suppose when you're doing. All these expressions are learning all these different kinds of mouths. So you know you can get a friend to sit in front of you and say did this expression look. At what their mouth does and then you stress it and make it bigger well.

How To Draw Expression

I'm going to talk about drawing expressions so this is my new book. I released it's about drawing expressions where I show all the tutorials. You can find How To Draw Expression it on gomer dot-com slash Mitch Lila so now let's go to the lesson. So here I'm showing a neutral face and a kid that is scarce and one that is angry. And the main difference is the different shapes in the head. So let me draw this to show that so I always draw with shapes. For example, if I’m going to throw the regular head it starts with a ball. So something like this and these extra circles on drawing our perspective guides. So then when I’ve drawn the cranium I'm going to draw the jaw so here.

So a simple shape and then draw the ear and the hair and the neck so this is a regular expression. And then you're going to add all the smaller shapes like How To Draw The expression the mouths the eyes and the eyebrows. So this is a quick sketch for this demo purpose and here we can see that is. A regular expression so what if he is scared all these shapes get stretched. So here and then this jaw also gets stretched so sometimes I like to draw these arrows on top of it. So stretched means so if we hereunder we see a round ball but if the round ball stretched. It will look like this and when squashed it looks like this and that’s what we're going to use to draw these expressions.

So for example this already looks like he's surprised at drawing this mouth. And think about how to stretch this as much as possible draw in the How To Draw Expression eyebrows. Make everything stretched like these eyes these pupils and the ear not that much. Then you can put this hair a bit like this and then the neck so now let's draw. How he's angry so throw this ball but we can we can squash this a bit more no. So here let's squash this now shape it like this and draw these construction lines on top of it. And then these eyebrows you can see that they’re pushed together. So you get in all these lines squashed together they get to think of a rubber ball.

That is squashed together so here you get all these wrinkles even when even. If it’s kids you see these wrinkles in there in the face because it's all pushed together. You can also call it to push and pull so what I mean with that is if this is a neutral ball. Then if we are How To Draw Expression going to pull on both sides you get this and when you push. You get this and that’s also happening with this face. So that is what I wanted to show with this image. I’m also telling you about how to push your expressions to make them more powerful. Or how to use a mask on the eyes to get the right expressions or how to make a pronunciation sheet. That's used for animation it's also great if you ‘remaking musicians. How to draw different expressions of course and what kind of different expressions. They are so you can find those on my site Gomer oh does come to slash Mitch level.

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