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Cartoon Backgrounds

I got so many requests to do some background. So I want to do that's kind of a fun background that is a staple in cartooning. And that is the long and winding Cartoon Backgrounds road it rodent cartoony road in perspective. I’m going to use this blue to start sketching we'll do this over again a black in a second. So let's go for placement here we are right to do a kind of fun little house on a hill. These lines are parallel and then these lines are parallel. 

Here's the corner I'm going to bring this down here that is why. I start with the colored pencil now the roof comes off a little bit. You see some of the interiors back here comes off the front and I pasted it. On it comes off like that find that Center we’re going to roughly sketch things in here. Same thing with the chimney, not an angle like so alright. So we’ve got that going then have this rounded hill and let's wind this here like that.

We're going to have to of course at the other side of it you can bleed straight off the page. Okay like that let's put a few more little houses over here and the Cartoon Background distance would. Let the hills would overlap them this time see he's inside of it right here. I want to overlap we're going to overlap the next one also the sort of almost looks connected. Here a little chimney as well all right let's uh let's darker that didn't no good. I've got out a dark one to darkness in all right so first. 

Let's go here and leaves eggs egg that back and forth it in a bold way can be very thin over here. Comes out very wide and again in and again very wide that's a fun perspective. See that a lot of fun over there but a little bit of grass on the hair lights making it sort of looks. Rebounding off the side and over here kind of bookend it is dark in the house. And put a little accent on the door by making it a little wider on top and on the bottom.

Cartoon Background

A funny look here’s that window a couple of simple windows here and they can be a little bit crooked. It's almost funnier when that happens we go off aside here the overhang. The little shadow underneath the overhang on the other side see. We draw this complete Cartoon Backgrounds object here and the roof comes out this way. It's overlapped by the front of the roof so this is in shadow over here. Got big shimmy cartoony chimney everything cartoons are bold will bring. 

Some smoke coming off the chimney and right bleeding right off the page. Like that, a little bit of shadow from the chimney like that let's not forget the horizon line. We can give a kind of a Tudor look like that there you go and we'll keep these very simple the further away. Something is the less detail you give it because the more. Because if you give it a lot of detail and as far as this is going to get confusing to the viewer ends up looking not.

So hot so we'll simplify everything like that and even more so on this one the only thing. We're going to show is the black roof like that alright let's put it now. If the shadows are coming this way then we have a Sun over here kind of a nutty-looking Sun. Now let's also put Cartoon Backgrounds in a few hills forth background and will shade that in try to be careful not to frame. 

The house in them because if its frame sits on top the houses won't stand out you notice. That the corner here is dipping below the horizon line that's on purpose this is called it. If otherwise would be called a tangent if it touches this corner it looks a little odd. To be that neat you know that symmetrical and another cloud or two like. That a couple of birds and there you've got it there is a cartoon background for you.

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