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Billie Eilish Cartoon

You ever been someone's crazy fan you were in love with an actor soccer player or a pop singer. I love these two girls with ocean blue eyes more than Billie Eilish Cartoon anything in the world. They are my daughters Ely and Jessie but their father is hunting us and it all started from Billy. I wish I could hook to her songs and decided to go to Billy's concert it was there. That I met Harry I thought he was such a cute guy Harry was a big fan of Billy. For example, he convinced some other fans including me to climb onto the stage. During the concert then he waited for her car by the exit and when he wasn’t let in he attacked the security guards. He said that Billy is an actual God sent from heaven it seemed strange to me at the time. Oh, I was so dumb since my parents weren't the most caring people as soon. As I finished school Gary and I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Billy Eilish. We loved singing her songs while playing guitar.

We had a lot of fun together and then I found out I was pregnant but Gary turned into a monster. When he found out about it that loving attentive guy who I loved disappeared. He said he Billie Eilish Cartoon cannot raise kids as kids are dead weight and he would not be able to attend his favorite concerts. Travel the country and be free then he outright started accusing me of cheating and told me to pack. My things and get out of the apartment that’s how I ended up alone homeless without friends and thousands of miles. Away from home in a couple months, I grew up I came back home and had to make money working odd jobs. That was easy enough to do with a big stomach but I was okay I am strong when my blue-eyed twin girls were born. I was in heaven but my happiness didn't last long a couple months. After giving labor Gary appeared on my doorstep he wanted to see his daughters.

Billie eilish cartoon

And I was not against the idea he finally grew up and is ready to become a father. But everything ended up being completely different than I had imagined. When I showed Gary the girls he lost it. He mumbled something about himself and took out a whole pile of scribbled papers. And then started trying to convince me to give him the kids it's only he knows Billie Eilish Cartoon about. The prophecy and about angels who fall from heaven all the lyrics of Billy's eyelashes songs. Were written on these papers and Terry’s notes were written along the sides. He spoke of the chosen children with ocean-colored eyes about the fact. When he tried to take the twins from the bed I kicked him out of the apartment. But it was the beginning a few minutes later Gary came back only this time he had a shotgun in his hands. He ordered me to open the door and give him the kids I wanted to call the police. But the phone was upstairs and Gary already started breaking down the weak door.

I only had enough time to grab the girls in my arms and run through the back of the door. When the front door shattered into pieces from the gunshot from fear my heartbeats. And like a hydraulic pump, Gary yelled something from behind me but I jumped Billie Eilish Cartoon into the car. Before I was able to hear what he was saying I got the kids into a double car seat in the back got into the car. And hit the gas it was a nightmare I knew what he'd do with me if he caught up and what he'd do too. My daughter judging from everything he went insane. I left the city and turned onto some kind of unmarked Road. I thought it seems he's not following me so I slowed down and stopped. But that was a mistake Gary’s car appeared on the horizon he was speeding with such speed. That I thought he was going to ram into our car there was no point trying to get away. There wasn't enough time I took the girls by their hands and got into the middle of the road.

I started singing that prophetic all Billy Eilish song ocean eyes and hoped for a miracle. Then I heard the sound of police sirens it seems that Gary was going so much over the speed limit. That the police started chasing him when he was arrested he yelled. I will come for the Angels will come true Gary was sent to prison. But after psychiatrists and doctors examined Billie Eilish Cartoon him he was instead sent to a nuthouse. He'll be there till the end of his days I hope so because he is a dangerous guy. Now I am raising my daughters and no longer do I listen to Billy Eilish. But times I dream about that very song ocean eyes as though someone turns it on in my mind. During the night I see my daughter’s also singing looking at the sky with their blue eyes. I wake up in cold sweat I hope that such craziness doesn’t pass on to kids. Through their genesis read the doctors aren't sure but that it is a fact among family members is more common. What do you think could my little ones have inherited my father’s illness. You know I don't blame Billy Eilish for what happened as it could have been any other celebrity instead of her.

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