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The Most Famous Baby Pink Cartoons

I've got my teddy hello zoom. He has that toy monkey homily has her frog Suzy has a foul Twitter and Rebecca has her carrots. Mr. Zebra is watching TV. I see Daddy Sarah going to bed, he does not have to get up early to send a good. Mom doesn't stay up too late good night pepper and her friends are getting into their sleeping bag. Zoë’s baby twin sisters Zulu and Zama want to join the sleepover to the sleepover is early for big girls.

Nice day okay but you must promise you'll stay awake. Shoos you must be quiet so daddy zebra can sleep now into your sleeping bags. Please what do we do now on sleepovers? There's always a midnight feast what's a midnight feast we eat things in secret. Who I know where this food that we must be very quiet mummy zebra has woken up. Baby Pink. What’s going on young wake daddy zebra okay? I'll go first that was quite loud now it is Zoë zebras turn. Now Suzy sheep Danny dog that was very loud pepper is the loudest. You try not too sure okay my goodness that was loud Emily would you like to play my favorite game. What is your favorite game jumping in a muddy puddle that's my favorite game to laugh at?

Jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Emily loves jumping up and downing muddy puddles this looks like the funny Madame. Ghazal loves to jump out of the swamps. Did you like the first day of our game group? That's right. New friend’s yes Emily elephant is my friend Emily is my friend and mine Emily. Who do you like best wow I like Suzy sheep has come to play with Pepper loves Suzy loves Peppa? They are best friends. Why don't you and Suzy go and play in your bedroom? George wants to play too George no George this game is for big girls don't play with your own toys. Peppa and Suzy want to play on their own tiny little fairy princess. Playing on his own George wants to play too you have to play somewhere else. George wants to play with Pepper he feels a bit lonely George.

I need some help I'm making chocolate chip cookies someone needs to lick out the bowl. George likes helping mummy make cookies but he likes playing with Pepper more. Everyone has come dressed as pirates Pedro pony is dressed as a cowboy. Baby Pink. Hi there, I heartiest is granddad's dog dressed as a pirate call me dog beard. What Jimmy's scurvy pirates crave a ration of swashbuckling all the brainy.

Why can the sea talk if you want to play a game? My pirates say it's a dangerous game. Grandpa Pedro's dog did not promise me. Be a very safe game but it will be exciting so who wants to play? He'll be the plan toy was a heap of gold. It was mine bright but it was hard to swallow one captain Olga. What pirate talk is a bit difficult to understand captain? Hog took my treasure no you the Captain Hog is a fearsome pirate. Some of you may already know him as grandpa. Pig game is to go to captain Hogg's hideout and get back my treasure without being caught. Everyone is excited to be playing the Pirate game. Hello Grandpa Pig. We are a fast Polly guard Pirate Treasure Me black Carrion of interesting kind father pigs. And parrots on the way to the wind at our backs we run to the booth. There put your life jacket on granddad don't vote all the children must wear life jackets. But I like jumping, first, we have to find a puddle aren’t anybody puddles the ground is too dry for muddy puddles.

I wish it would rain I hope it doesn't rainbow we love The Rhine. I don't see much of it back home well. If you want to make it rain in this country have a Barbeque okay kangaroos can jump very high. Here is Rebecca rabbit. We jump that rabbit is the best at jumping, look at this well-made Rebecca. But it’s better not to continue with this jump, my friend Kylie. Show off do it okay. Kylie kangaroo is the best jumping here is Pedro pony. Hello everyone this is my friend Kylie kangaroo. She's my friend, she can jump higher than anyone. No one can jump higher than me or my superspace or / shame Kylie.

But Pedro did very well do it, okay Kylie kangaroo is the best at jumping. I can't jump higher but I'm a little bit tired it is raining as I said. If you wanted to rain strata BBQ. What I'd miss the rain. Mr. Kangaroo has got a big umbrella to shelter everyone from the rain. Baby Pink. Candy cat and Pedro pony are on the climbing frames playing on the swing. Are you ready? George wants to play on the swing hold tight. I want to push church whose George gently pepper yes. Hi, Georgiou dear pepper is pushed George - HI George does not like being up high. Pepper you know George is a bit scared of heights. Sorry George this is the proper way to swing across. Ready Steady Go can't get out pepper is stuck in the tire well it does look a bit funny. We’ll have to pull you out. Friends are helping defeated can pepper and George come to our house tomorrow. Yes, crying he's a bit scared of going downstairs.

Why we don't have stairs in our home? What no stairs? That's right you'll see you tomorrow bye. It is morning and George is going to Rebecca rabbit’s house. Today mummy pig can drive and I'll do the map reading. Are you sure daddy pig? We always get lost when we do the map reading. We won't get lost okay. Is everybody ready? Yes then let's go pepper and George are very excited they have just this garden of carrots. We can, Rebecca rabbit's house B play in my bedroom or your bedroom. But where is your house? Pepper cannot see Rebecca's house anywhere. I'll show you see you later.

baby pink

We have tunnels. Wow, Rebecca’s house has bit different detectors you have a bed and a window and a toy box just like us. Of course alike your house I wish I would be a rabbit. I know, shall I teach you both how to be a rabbit? Yes please first you have to twit your nose and squeak like this you pig. But may ask you a question about talking English? Of course, I'm an expert at talking ask away. English split infinitives a firm of an irregular verb or past pronoun. Baby Pink. Oh! Actually, it's quite late shall we set up Dolphin’s bed. The Dolphin sleep in my bed with a pillow at each end good idea pepper and Dolphin are sleeping at each end of the same. Now children try to go to sleep. You got a busy day tomorrow. Dolphin is visiting your playgroup maybe you know so sleep well. I'm not sleepy atoll let's say a little song to make us sleepy. Yes, the whole thing's pretty French song has sent everyone to sleep.

Dolphin has come to visit never playgroup. This is my French friend Dolphin. Don't bother Bonjour Dolphin sang a pretty French song last night. Holy teacher an endless song. How about the Bing bong song. Yes, sing me this Bonbon song it would be good for my English. Okay! We're playing a tune and we’re singing a song with a bang and hand a Bingos. I have learned lots of new English words. Bing-bong will hide and pepper can find us. Okay! Everyone must find a hiding place before pepper counts to 10. Danny and candy are hiding in the branches of a little tree. Zoey Pedro and Rebecca are hiding behind the fence. Suzy and Emily are hiding behind pepper. Cannot find anyone Freddy Fox has come to play hides and seeks. But I can’t find anyone should I find them for you.

You can try but it’s impossible Freddy Fox has found everyone. How did you do that? I'm good at smelling and got to do with it. I can find you by sniffing your smell. Me I'm not smelly I had a bath last night. I know you smell nice. I could even find you with my eye closed. Go on then fine Susie with your eyes closed easy hi Suzy. Suzy is looking for somewhere to hide. Baby Pink. Freddie is looking for Suzy with his eyes closed. He is sniffing where Suzy sheep have walking around the tree behind the little bush on the hill. All right let's try it first. George is looking for somewhere to hide. George no you must squeeze in with pepper and George no Belinda Bear must squeeze in two like sardines in a tin. Where’s everyone gone. Yeah, let's just chill out. We just sit around and talk about stuff. Blah! Let's talk about music dig blues music um I like Reds music like greens music.

We don't like children’s music. No what music are you into? I like this it's very grown-up music. It's time to go home now you will see Chloe again. Soon, I'm coming to your house to take care of Pepper George Danny dog Suzy sheep, and Wendy wolf cowboy camp. It's a tent it's a cowboy camp where Cowboys sleep at nighttime are you going to sleep air in the night. No that might be a bit scary but we can pretend it's nighttime. But it's not nighttime just pretend the Sun is the moon okay. Petro cannot be qualified to run - that is, they can be my partner. That is a little hungry cowboy. I am sure I have something to eat - yes, please. Do the Cowboys always come next to their mummy's kitchen? No, you have to pretend the house is not here this is the Wild West, not the Wildest. Is the land where Cowboys live? What- Cowboys do they sell stories? Satan songs at eight beans on toast for everyone. Cowboys love beans on toast loves beans on toast huge. Richard rabbit is here George and Richard are best friends made the toy basket into a volcano. Which is using toy trees to make a jungle. George has used the building blocks to make a river. Georg turned the bedroom into Dinosaur Land. The good thing about rainy days is we get to what's an important TV program.

Georgia Richard has made the bedroom into Dinosaur Land and Dinosaur Land is very noisy. George has his sheep but I've got no one to play with. You could ask Suzy sheep to come over. Suzy sheep is Poppa’s best friend let’s ring her lark. Suzy sheep speaking come to my house no wise pepper can. I - costume yes no pepper you were babies you couldn’t babies baby. Baby Pink. Suzy baby soon after that you were a toddler. He was a baby in my tummy yes you were in my tummy. George no pepper this tummy is pure muscle. And so George was born and granny and Grandpa gave George a very special present. Do you guess what it was? The right dinosaur and you and Suzy were running and jumping around. Then one day you saw something amazing pepper if you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots you loved. Jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Let’s take a photo now jumping up and down in muddy puddles has always loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles.


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