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Oh dad I'm going to go doing a dynamite room please don't use on my baseball practice. I'm not going to use them how would I play with the toy come on you know. I don't trust so not to play with Zoomed I better shut that alarm all right. Let's show you how this Spy Gear Toys spy gear spy door alarm works now this is not a door. Thought it'd be easier to show it this way on the ground so we can show you. All the features of it so imagine this part here this is attached to the frame of your door. This is the sensor that would go in the frame Velcro on the back you get a couple extra strips. As well to attach that so that goes on the frame this main part here attaches to your door again. Velcro on the back and you do get some extra strips there as well.

So the first step is this would line up on your door these sensors come in contact that's. How it knows whether to be armed or disarmed now we're going to show how this works. So let's say I'm inside my room and I want to set the alarm. Before I go now the first problem is how do I get in there to access the buttons in there well. This is the lock that's where this cool thing comes in looks like a USB Drive. It's not it’s actually a super cool spiky so we’re going to Spy Gear Toys insert that in here turn it and it pops open. So that's the first kind of cool thing about it you get this low spiky that's how you get in here. Showing a close-up here so here’s a button for these buttons one two three and four. So you press four to arm it starts beeping now I'm going to lock it up. This is me leaving the room so man I've opened the door now I close the door back behind me.

That's giving me about 10 15 seconds to get out of here hear that click. That means it's armed so now my door has an alarm on it. You'll see this light blink every ten seconds there is now an alarm on the door. So now what happens let's say someone comes into my room your dad goes into your room. So we're gonna show you what happens door opens Spy Gear Toys up this are the door opening. It starts beeping your dad starts freaking out first he can't get in here. Let’s say he does find your secret key turns it opens it says. I'll press this green thing that doesn't disarm it this does know about 15 seconds. Later if it hasn't entered the code that's the right major alarm. Your dad is busted he has entered your room now your dad's been busted. But now we want to show the scenario of how do you get into your room without the alarm going off well.

The key is that you know the code the default code is one two three four you press. The green thumbprint button twice we're going to show you that that will deactivate. If you can change that code to whatever you want so you don't have to worry. About people guess in one two three four. So let’s show it to you now the alarm has been activated now let's assume you come back into the room. So here's the door opening alright you get that warning Spy Gear Toys you’ve got about 15 seconds. You take your key to unlock this now we're going to enter the code one two three four. This will blink press that twice and it shows you that it's been deactivated now one of the cool things. Which will happen here when you deactivate it you'll see a couple. If it beeps twice that means twice someone tried to enter your room. But beeps three times someone tried to enter your room three times. That's a cool little feature that once you deactivate it you'll get many beeps and that will tell you. How many times the alarms have gone off since you first set it okay. So to show you some more detail about this spy door alarm here. It is you’ve got four buttons here dot that allows you to set your code.

Spy Gear Toys

Like we said default is one two three four but you can set to whatever you want in the middle there is what looks. Like a green thumbprint scanner doesn't actually scan your thumbprint. But does blink green and it's what you have to press twice to deactivate the alarm and over here. This is where you would unlock this little top that comes down with Spy Gear Toys what it looks like a USB key. Where I'll show you in a second but actually is not well show you the bottom. This is the speaker where the alarm comes out flipping it over here this is where you install. The batteries in here on/off switch at the bottom and then here is the Velcro. Like we say it comes to some more strips but this is how you would attach it to the door. So let’s show you what bringing that USB key here so looks like. It should say it looks like a The USB key is not it doesn't have any electronics in it. But a cool look kind of a cool spy look to it and this is what you use to unlock.

So you go like this and unlocks and it pops up and the other part of the spy door alarm is this piece. Which would attach to the frame of your door again use this Velcro. So this is the sensor when these get broken that's how it knows to start the alarm unless. You deactivate it and you do get a couple of more pieces of Velcro in case. You need to remount it one quick thing we want to show here mounted on the door. This sensor on the frame and the alarm do not need to be exactly lined up. As you see there's quite a gap here but because it's magnetic this will Spy Gear Toys work. So you don't have to worry about is this exact or does it exactly mean up even with this space here. This will work so we go ahead and turn that alarm on and open that door closed that door and you’re going it here. So it's armed and set so that's pretty cool you have to worry about aligning.

This thing like we said has Velcro on the back which means that you can pull this off. If you don't want this on your door of course now my alarm will go off. So that’s a quick look at the spy door alarm by spy gear we like this everyone loves to pretend. To be a spy and this works well does actually work you know we like that feature. How you can set your own code in Spy Gear Toys it especially likes that it’ll beep at you and tell you. How many times your door has been opened and the alarm went off? While you were gone so if you were gone all day and you want to know how often. Your sibling has been in your room the beep will tell you if it beeps four times. Someone has tried to open your door four times this little key here is a fun little addition to it. I’m sure this way you could pry open this top amiss is not the most secure thing. But it is fun and then of course it’s the whole imaginative play aspect of it. That you're pretending to be spies and you have an alarm set on doors.

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