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Shark Toys

Explore the darkest depths of the sea as you encounter too wide and distance beware. It's the hammerhead shark this plow-in predator is a force to be reckoned with hello kids. I’m chief scientist Ben and this is Master Chief, we are researching hammerhead sharks. Today Master Chief what is this I'm not sure it looks like a UFO Shark Toys we better report this to Pacific Command. Let’s get out of here yeah that's a good idea full speed ahead pedal to the metal sure lower the shark-cage. I’ve got a bad feeling about this Melissa do you see anything over that’s negative captain. There's got to be some sharks around here.

Somewhere these underwater currents are moving fast. Wait I see something stand by what is that shark hill-hila we need a bigger boat its common States for me. We lost the shark-cage it's a great hammerhead shark we need to go rescue Melissa lower the grapple. I'm trying I’m trying but it's jammed up prepare the life draft. I hope this Shark Toys thing doesn’t seem here I come Melissa. Melissa are you okay swim to the surface Elisa punch it in the nose. Hey, shark how the Hammerhead did his test in health here. I come I got a great white shark we need emergency evacuation now hi Stormier. What do we have for the Stormier today we bought these from Toys Us about two years ago.

 This is the deep sea shark research play set big research ship, oh and it has a crane Evan look at that's a shark cage. Oh it was another clay like a wood looking as blown the dark creatures, yeah like that other play stick. Oh yeah then we had a little wet OH there is a rule or draft right there. That’s cool and it has lights and sounds and the power launcher sure baby shark. Hey what do you say we open this Shark Toys thing at the shark cage fill outlook at this boat. This is a cool phone this is the crane that's pretty cool huh this is where the crane operator sits right there. Okay stormier so here's the cabin that is really cool okay so on the shark-cage. The top of the cage opens up and that's where the divers go roosters.

 If you didn't know what no future - it's just my tanks too small- it's all water seal right. So really pushing it's like moving a tank I'm such a sucker for articular details though does his mouth open. So this is McFarland’s first remote-control toy and they made a shark pick it up. Yeah, I want to know which button makes them chomps yeah so does he chomp like does his mouth open. I don’t think it's coped it on okay that’s the next version picks up chomping action. That's okay I got some great Shark Toys shots because he could get under the water that's so cool. So for my friends who are shark suckers you know who you are and they need to make everybody get online. Thank you all right see you guys later I got an idea let's go for a swim in the slab here.

Shark Toys

We go who cool hi pals it's rich in today I’m going to be making a shark slime aquarium with all these cool sharks. And this really cool blue glitter slime right the first thing you need to do is you need to make some slime. We made this slime from Bora Bora X Elmer's glue and water solution if you want to know more about it. How we made this slime then put it in the comments and I'll give you some Shark Toys information. So the first thing we’re going to put in it is the Moray Eel Debouch. Like this is the Moray The eel then so really neat kind of backdrop to it. So let’s stick it in there okay next let’s stick a couple of these plants in a stick. That one in the first up let's stick this cool Schleicher octopus in the slime sticking down right by the edge.

You want to get them close to the edge so you can see them better from the outside. Then we’ve got what is this a tomato fish this is one of the 3d puzzles. So let’s stick him in right over here nice it's a good place for him. And then we’ve got cool sea turtle blush like stick him in right and on the top float him. Right here on the top see turtle sometimes go on the top so it's a good place for him. Then we got these Shark Toys other little teeny sharks let's take a small shark down in there get him in there. A little deeper got a little tiger shark to stick him in here. We got what a race shark on these nice race shark just came in and on the reef.

Then we got what a little baby hammerhead cool baby hammerhead. We'll stick him in there then a little bit more realistic. Hey, this is the talking tiger shark from a lot of the pissed skits. We've done so the talking tiger shark there's an animal planet one stick him in there. We've got the Ray we stick this ray and he's got Shark Toys to go on the bottom somewhere stick him in wait in here. And then you've got the apex predator of the aquarium the great white shark despite. You small form but which stick him in there anyway let him go right here bang. I got an idea let's go for a swim in the slab here we do when cool this is what it looks like inside the slime. If you were a fish in this aquarium this is what it would look like so cool wait turtle get out of here.

It’s really cool I mean this is a real fun DIY activity craft fur or any type of shark or sea life and you get to make some slob. You get to put some cool creatures inside and then you obviously can play with it from there. I mean this looks really neat so really really cool slime aquarium put in the comments. Which of these sea animals and creatures you think would rule this aquarium.

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