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Rat Toys

Welcome back to my blog so there are a couple of things I want to address before I even get started in this blog. The most obvious one is that I am in a different location I have moved. I really need some more hammocks to fill the cage out and that will be coming soon. As soon as my cage is looking not ugly so yeah I am in a different room than what you're probably used to. It’s trickling away sorry for my dogs start barking so if the rat toys stop being noisy behind me. I try to get used to it so hope you guys kind of person here too. But also you want to say is that I do actually have the flu right now. So if we sound a little bit weird that is why so for today’s blog I want to talk about something that I do sometimes get asked. I know it's what the best toys some rat toys now are. 

When you do bring a new animal home or you're thinking of getting a new animal. I'm going to fire it can be overwhelming knowing what is the best choice for them? And what is going to keep them entertained? Now there are a lot of good toys out there on the market for rat toys. They can chew on toys they can climb on such as ropes and ladders and these are all great for those reasons. But today I want to talk about rat toys. I think I'm really beneficial for your rat toys. I think is really worth investing in when we bring any animal into our home. So you want to try our best to help them replicate their natural behaviors.

Rat Toys

Foraging Rat Toys

Foraging is a behavior that is seen in many animals and it's also seen in rats and it's a natural behavior. They would do to search for their food in a wild to simulate this in your own home is very important. Because rats are highly intelligent and they can get bored easily. They're making it a challenge for them to get food and for having to use their brains to work out how to get it. This can make their daily lives much more interesting and right some really good enrichment one way to do this. This is by Scotty feeding their food in their cage and so just giving it to them in a bowl. This is also why it's really good to have loose substrate in your cage. because the food kinda disappears in the bedding and they have to dig around to find it. There are but other ways to stimulate this foraging behavior and ice by using foraging rat toys. These come in many different forms I don't have a couple down here. That I want to talk about to tell you most these are aimed at parrots. And I did get them from parrot but as I always say Park toys make really good toys for rats. If you’re interested in any of the toys. I actually have two here the first one is actually aimed at small animals. I think this one is aimed at rabbits because it's covered in tiny little carrots.

What type of treats you're putting in and it just clicks into place. And you can change it to smaller hearts make it more difficult. This one's really great but it is covered in bite marks. Where they’ve obviously got frustrated not being able to get it out. But they can just roll this around and the treats were actually falling up the hole. So this is a really good one. I think you can actually get this in most pet stores and then the next one. I have to tell you is focused more on parrots but it works exactly the same. This one has slightly bigger holes and I think you just don't screw you to put the food in. This will probably be better for vegetables just because the holes are bigger. They basically work exactly the same. Well, you put the treats in and the rats have to roll the ball around or with this one. They can put their paws into it and actually get the food up similar to those. I also have this smaller one that is targeted at cats and so named particular isn't really obsessed with this. He will carry this around in his mouth and carry it up and down the cage and just tip up to get the treats out moving on. I wanted to talk about foraging rat toys you can actually hang in the cage and I have two types of these.

This one I think it's really cool because it is actually shaped like a rat. The holes of this one are quite big so I put either chunks and vegetables in here or no protein dog biscuits. And I usually put things in here that actually bigger than the actual holes. They have to work that a little bit extra to get them out and of course. While it is hanging in the cage it will be swinging around. While they try to go to our which can be quite pretty to watch also provides an added challenge another one. That I got that is aimed Perutz is this one and I think this could be a little bit more difficult. Because they do have to move the need less to get the food to drop down to the next level. I'm not too sure how well they're going to get along with this one. I've saved everything for this blog in the packaging so that I could talk about it. I'm really excited to see how they got along with this one and whether it's too difficult for them or not. I've seen some other rap people have this in their cage. So I think this one's good too so the toy though most excited to mention and the one. That they wanted to get for so long is a foraging wheel.

This toy is really good for putting your buck’s main die into as opposed to some of the other toys. Where they're mainly just for like treats and vegetables though chic. You actually put their main die into as opposed to letting them just have it all the time and just have free access to their food. They actually have to work for it by spinning this bit here and they can actually reach inside to get their food out. This makes it in time a little bit more exciting and reaching for them and I'm so excited to try this out with my rats. The last thing I thought was worth mentioning and probably the thing that you're most commonly going to come across in stores is this. I think these are called kabobs and they're basically just skewered sticks. that you stick chunks of vegetables on just to make it a little bit more charging for your rats actually access them. And this is just supposed to like putting their vegetables in a bowl. This just makes it a little bit more difficult for them to actually get the food. And again in Rich's own tube express our natural behaviors and encourages them to not be lazy. So these were some of the foraging rat toys. I thought it worth mentioning of course you don’t have to buy any of these.

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