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Pokemon Toys

Hey pokemon fans, today we've got playsets. We’ve got action figures this is going to be one fun day of unboxing. Today we've got that cool 10 pack multi-pack of all the newest figures to look at that. We got ganger and we got all the newest pokemon up here to the puppet master. But also to that, we got a playset of Pokémon looks at this thing. I guess this thing folds out to a whole Pokémon battle station. I love it not only is this a playset but that's a backpack too. There's going to be some backpack here let me try this put this thing on. This thing's so heavy man I could hardly walk with this thing that's so heavy. We will better yet use this as plays tall right enough of that nonsense. Let’s take this little wrapping off here and open this up. So we can see what the playset looks like look at that. I left the Pokémon symbol right there it’s pretty cool I guess this opens up like that. Then we go both these sides open up into a cool big pokemon stadium. Now that is what I’m talking about we’ve got a pokemon field over here. We got a bunch of rock portions over here it's a tree that pops out of there. I did not see that coming that's pretty cool let's see. I guess those come up and the rocks pop up boy this is one cool battlefield. We got a lake running through this thing and we get an exclusive figure of Pikachu. We'll look in a second and yeah there we go there's our pokemon stadium. 

A lot is going on here and of course, I guess now we'll look at this Pikachu. We should be a pretty darn cool figure and yeah so check that out there's good old Pikachu I guess. We'll put him on the battlefield here all right it looks like we need a fighter for good old Pikachu. Which we'll open up in that 10-pack. Next look at that we get some more accessories we've got rocks and a bridge wonder where that goes you know what. It goes over here which connects both these parts together cool this is one awesome place that I got to say. Especially when you have that big elbow of room nice roll down the rapids. Now that we have the playset it’s time to get our competitors out in this cool multi-pack. And we got some cool figures and critters this time around so let's open this up here get out our new Pokemon toys. Let’s get out a little Pikachu which there he is what the heck he looks like the one. We got the place not exclusive at all it's two Pikachu’s for the price of one. I can almost guarantee you kids want to see these new pokemon that they released in the new game. So let’s go ahead and open up this first get out the first character which is scored, buddy. I got to love that the fire pokemon rabbit he's a pretty cool-looking character well I love his ears. Super floppy and he looks great love it and then of course the second cool character. We get is soap all the water pokemon. Look at him he looks like a little tadpole nuke type thing I love his little fin on top. 

He's another pretty cool-looking character and then we have this guy right here rookie. Who is a leaf pokemon he's cute too he's kind of like a leafy mug? Yeah, that's a great-looking skull that looks like them so all right. Now that we have these cool characters uptime to put them in our playset. I’m gonna figure out where they should go let’s see. Let's put so bell in the water here and he looks pretty darn cool. And look at this turn this little tabby here it would create this cool whirlpool effect on. I love it and that's for groovy you know let's put them in the tall weeds over here. Because that's where Pokémon loves to hang out it's pretty cool and what this rock does let's see. Let’s push this it popped him out that's so funny get in there cookie. Then of course we’ll put the old scarp buddy in this tree here. Because it looks cool this tree is neat because it goes up and down. So let's get some more pokemon toys out of here and got to like eve. That's a crap cloud crowd-pleaser right here and look how she is she's like hanging out. But I can't wait to see this guy big old king guy he takes the kick look at him. He's got that big old mouth let's get that cool eyes. Yeah, he's got that spidery body gross if we look at his mouth there he's got a tongue weight down there. 

What if that ever comes out cool he pushed the bottom of his feet there boy so cool. I’m not sure where I’ll put him on the top of this haunted tree here. That's fun yeah let's see who's this guy right here on Pokemon toys. We got munch lax he's pretty cool he's hanging out munching away so let's see. We'll put him over here in the water that little area right there. And then we have all the three original pokemon that we know and love. All right let's see if we get new versions of Bulbasaur. We get new versions of squirted and Charmander pretty spiffy. I like those characters so let's see let's put a squirt over here we're silver they can fight. Later we'll go ahead and put Charmander out here way out in the wilderness. Where the rocks are cool look at this smash let's see. Let's put him up in this tree Hershey check this out looks like we have another lever to push. Which he fell down I come down to the bottom of the tree that's cool. There are all kinds of obstacles in this field if we look back here it looks like we’ve got this rock area too. Which we didn’t get any rock pokemon toys but we do have onyx from the last series. Look at this there's a cave you can hide out in all right go in there on and don't come out. Then of course we’ve got this cool bridge here that we could put eve on. 

So cute well until ginger comes by umami going to get yam well all right let's see. Let's get the stadium ready it looks like we've got Pikachu on this side. And this comes out to check it out on the other part of the field look at this we got springs on both sides for our pokemon. We've got Pikachu on one side and on the other we got polisher. How’s this going to pan outlets find out he made short work of him. Sorry about your luck there poliwhirland no there comes a car. I’ll get well I got to say this playset is puppet-tactician. This is the first time they ever made a playset for pokemon toys. I love all the cool stuff we can do with our characters like over here. We've got a Pokémon battlefield for our Pokémon over here. We can have our water Pokémon all hanging out and we can have a tree Pokémon hanging out by the tree. And the same goes with this big tree over here ha look at all those pokemon toys. We can have all our grassy pokemon over here and then we can have all our hardened rock warriors over here got to love it. So as you can see you can do all kinds of stuff with your cool pokemon as I said. It's the first time we’ve got a playset and this thing looks cool. Once you check it out with all your Pokémon now this playset is available at target. Now so if you want to get one of your very own make sure you head there now because that’s where I’ve been finding them cool.

Pokemon Toys

All Pokemon Toys Sword And Shield First

Now I'll be showing you how to get all pokemon toys sword and shield first go to next to him Rock City down here in the Claudia. Go talk to this guy right here when you talk to him you want to go to rape my curry Dex. Please good after talking about long times and she would tell you how many kinds of curry you have. So when you get 10 curries under your belt you think you graduate from the rookie state. At least one different kind I have so I took three sausages when we get five different curries. You will get your first toy the fresh ball and yeah when you get 10 you'll get the weighted ball. And I can't get any more so far I made eleven there are 150 of them and you will get a lot of different things. From having all 100 completed and I'll show you, yeah you get these items so Pokémon camp. Ok let's see the menu go toy and you can see used to - I just got needs to see you.

Getting there beginning yeah hey there thanks for watching. Please leave them like subscribe have fun see yaw oh really now and they were ruining. God they were roommates come on Serena let's go keep it up keep it up what other side. all pokemon toys sword and shield first I said let's go let's go if you don't make it to the other side back in five seconds. And I can make a charger to burn your weave off a throw that’s bad that's not funny. I have the fiercest Pokemon of all time Maceio show off your skills go hey guys. I finally got my stubble to evolve it's an Italian we're best friends never guessed and Pokemon store. And shield everyone as friends and Copeland guys stop on this episode of the series. Before Tina gets a little mad super cheap which seek was it takes her man, uh-oh they drink a little too much of the club. What is Wow know what I really hate Pokémon camp more like Pokemon site psychiatric camp?

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