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Octonauts Toys

Hey everybody at home! We love the Octonauts Toys. We've had tons of Fisher-Price the Octonauts. They've had fun adventures with Kwazii, Barnacles, Shillington, oh, Dashi, Turnip, and the rest of them. Why do we have so many toys out right now Mr. Hands? Mr. Hands: We have a lot of toys out because we're going to show everyone our mega huge Octonauts Toys collection. Starting with the Octopod! Whoa! I remember this one. This is the original Octopod Bobbie's looking at, and Bobbie loves it. It's got all kinds of things the Octonauts Toys in the Octopod need deep-sea exploration. And right next to him, we've got the Sea-Slimed Octopod. That was another fun one we did. The Sea-Slimed Octopod is so much fun. You can go on travel adventures and stuff underwater. Yes, you can, Bobbie. The Octopod is fun as can be, it's the funniest toy Yeah! The Octopod's the funniest toy Arrr says Kwazii ' Cause he's a pirate Kitty Shiver me whiskers. That's right, Bobbie. He says & quotes; shiver me whiskers, &quote; a lot. Well, let's start showing everyone at home the rest of our Octonauts collection. Let's show them all our Octonauts figures. Here's Kwazii's volcano, and this is Kwazzi and his periscope. Here's Barnacles. Let's see, we've got so many of them. There's Peso. There is the Octobot. Yeah, this goes on the GUP. One of the GUPs, I'll put that over there. There are Barnacles again, the GUP-H. We've got Kwazi. There is one of the Vegas. There's Tweak. There are Barnacles. There's Tweak again, we’ll put her way over here, on this site. Barnacles there's Tweak in her scuba outfit. There's Shillington in his Arctic outfit. There's Peso in his deep-water suit. Hey, look, 

it's Barnacles and his steering wheel. We have that toy, too. Wow, we have so many Octonauts toys. Peso there's Kwazii's mud drill, but where's Kwazi? Okay, we'll just put Peso next to Peso. And there are Barnacles again. Barnacles. Here’s a Slime Eel. Hey, look, there's Kwazi. Kwazi and here's Dashi. It took us a while to get to Dashi, but there she is. There's Peso. Barnacles in a deep-sea outfit. He sometimes has trouble standing up. We may have to set him down, yeah he's not going to stand up for us. But we've got Kwazi who will stand there. Here's Kwazi again, see if he'll stand up. Ah, he's not going to stand up either. She is Dr. Inkling, Professor Inkling. Here are Barnacles. Let’s move these two. OH, we've got Shillington up here too. Let’s go and just put Shelly down right there, like this. And I'm going to move the Octopods so we can show you some of these other cool toys. Some of the GUPs and stuff that we have. We’ve even got a super rare Octonauts toy, too, that I'll show you, it’s really hard to find. We got Dashi, Turnip, and Kwazii again. I may have to move some of the Octonauts back. Wow, we've got a lot of them. Here’s one of the Vegimals. There’s Dashi. Peso. 

Here is Captain Barnacles! Captain Barnacles. OH no, Dashi! Poor Dashi. Oh no, we're knocking them all down. OH no, this is the Barnacles that doesn't want to stand up. We’ve got one Barnacle that, he just wants to sit down all the time. But maybe he'll stand up for us. Put Dashi back up there. Get Peso back up, Kwazii. Ah! They're all falling down, I can't keep them up. OH well, he's not going to stand up, so, let’s move on. Dashi doesn't want to stand up now, either. But we've got Peso. Another Shillington, and this Shillington has some leg problems too, but I think he'll stand up. We’ve got Tweak in her deep-water outfit. Barnacles in his deep-water outfit. OH, Shillington in his deep-water outfit. And of course, Kwazii in his deep-water outfit. Isn’t that cool? Wow, we have Peso right here, too. Stick Peso right there so that they all match. OH, we've got Shillington, put Shillington right there. Kwazii again. Tweak. Professor Inkling. Peso. Captain Barnacles.

Octonauts Toys

A Vegimals Kwazii again Shillington...Right there. Dashi, Peso, Turnip, Kwazzi again.Captain Barnacles, of course. And we've got a few more here. Ah, here is Turnip! That goes with one of the GUPs. There's Captain Barnacles, Shillington. We've got Kwazi...Right there. And we have Shillington again, set him right over here. And we have...Looks like, Turnip. And another Vegimals, there we go. And let's see, we've got, oh, itty bitty tiny penguin there. We’ve got a lot of Octonauts figures. Now what's really cool is we’ve got even more over here. Wow, we've got so many Octonauts figures that I had forgotten how many we have. So let's look at some of the vehicles. Okay, here's one of my favorites. This is the GUP-K. Chomp! This one was really neat. It was one of my favorites because it's a remote control. We also had this cool Octonauts compass. Now the batteries have died because we've had this for a long time so it doesn't talk anymore, but it used to talk all the time. 

It would talk sometimes when we didn't touch the buttons, that's kind of spooky, isn't it? And we have over here, the Octo-Lab. Look at that, we got a lot more figures in here too, wow. I didn't see those. The Octo-Lab was really neat. I remember the episode where the Octo-Lab was being built and we had to make a tough decision. Do you remember that one, Bobbie? - Yeah, Mr. Hands. - Yeah that was a cool episode. If you want to see that episode you can click on it, it’s going to pop up right here. And we've got, look at this, Shillington in there, Kwazzi, another Kwazi. Oops, sorry Kwazi. And Captain Barnacles. Tons and tons of Octonauts toys, let's put this over here. We're going to run out of room we’ve got so many Octonauts. Now, what do we have down here? We’ve got a lot of GUPs down here that I'm going to bring up. But before I do that, I want to show you our super-rare Octonauts. - Wow! I know which one it is, Mr. Hands. - Yeah, this was out really hard to find Octonauts toys

It's called Kwazii's Shipwreck. And it's a pretty cool and fun one because it's got an octopus here that can play with Kwazii, Kwazii comes in a pirate outfit. This is the only one that I have seen where Kwazii actually has a real pirate outfit. And it has little squirting Slime Eels here. Now it's not very big, this toy was original to be released and it didn't make it past the UK market and then it was canceled in the UK market. So, you can sometimes find this online but they want a hundred dollars for this. This toy used to only cost about 15. So it's a super rare toy, but it's really fun. It's got a super rare Kwazii in it too. This is my favorite. Okay, let's move on to our GUPs. Octonauts to the rescue with the GUP-S! -  Octopods can fall out! - This is one of the first GUPs that we got that nobody else had. And this was a pretty fun one! Oh, looked here. This one looks like the Salamander, and it's for the minis. And one of my favorites, the GUP-I. Now I opened it up a second ago, and look! 

It’s got Tweak inside and Kwazii. Ooh, and who else is here? OH and also Barnacles! So we've got Tweak, Barnacles, and Kwazii all inside the GUP-I.-  War!- I love the GUP-I, it's really fun. And looked heredity for the mini. Let get some more of these out. OH, here we go, we've got a nice big box of all kinds of GUPs. We've got one of the little take-and-goo pods. There’s that Guilt’s missing the top. There is this goes to the GUP-X but it must be in one of the other boxes. We’ve got another one GUP. Remember, these GUPs all come together, the GUP-I, and I've forgotten the name of this one. There are so many GUPs. We've got the launcher, right here. And this actually goes on this guy right heredity’s not this one, I think it's the other one. I'm pretty sure that's it. But we've got tons. Oh, look, here's Barnacles' steering wheel too. Wow, wow, we've got a lot. 

I'm going to move this over here until we can the GUP-X out. Let’s go down here and see what else we got. Here’s the GUP-Two can move these out of the way, we’re running out of room! We have so many of these Octonauts toys. We know you’re going to love the GUP-T because it flung slime a Kwazii drove it. And here's the Gup-H. And it has little things, it’s like a dragonfly. Here we go, look at that. Wow, Barnacles flew this. And, oh, here's the GUP-X. Let me get this other piece and put it on top of it so that we have a complete GUP-X. Here we go, this one makes sounds too. Let’s turn it on. OH, it may be dead, the battery may be dead. - Activate slime shooter! - Oh no the slime shooter is still active. So the GUP-X, the GUP-I, the GUP-T, we've got all the Octonauts GUPs. There are so many more in here. Wow, here's another one. We are GUPped out. Tons and tons. Let’s see, I'm going to have to move some of these to show them all to you. Wow, way too many GUPs. We'll get out one of these. Here's the GUP-U, we just did this one recently. And here is Shillington! With another Sea-Slimmer. I like this one. This one was fun. Well, let's see what else. Oh, several of Kwazii's vehicles.

Amazon Octonauts Toys

Aha, almost there just a few more adjustments and this snowball machine will be finished. Yeah Oh done hey tweak what yep sir what’s that thing you got there errKwazii. Amazon Octonauts Toys. This is the new machine I've been working on would you like to try it out yes your f---in tweak. Why not okay Swazi just go stand over there okay twinkle I'm over here now what do I do Wow tweak. What was thatch boy hit with a snowball wow that really hurt sorry Swazi put you did volunteer. Yeah, I'll have to remember that in the future can. You go get a snow browser please Swaziland help me load on the snowball launcher. Okay tweak wait right there I'm back tweak let's load on this snowball launcher now okay Swazi. If you could just grab the other end we'll lift it on so where's this go then tweak. If you could take it to the gut I please KwaziiShellington has waited near for you how is cold down. There I've got a gun from the polar jacket on right already see you later tweak. Bag Swazi be careful with the snowball launcher now worry I will we there are snow prowlers fast now we made it. Already that wasn't so Bodhi Shillington you to help us lift this device off the snow Prowler plays. Hey, a quasi sure thing no problem what is it this Shillington is tweaking the latest invention would you like to try it.

But yeah okay then quasi okay Shellingtonyou just go stand over there, and I'll turn it on. Okay quasi I'm ready don't worry Shillington it was only a snowball this is tweaks. New snowball launcher you could have warned me quasi where would be the fun in that Shillington. Anyway tweaks already caught me with it earlier today as well I don’t know fuzzy must have been an earthquake. Or something Kwazii Shillington comes in KwaziiShellington. Amazon Octonauts Toys. There's been an avalanche in the polar region and some sea creatures are trapped I need you to stay with thump eye. And make sure it's safe I’m sending down dash and peso to help rescue the creature’s okay captain. Where wait here don’t you worry the GUP eyes in safe hands Dashi peso sound the onto alert. There’s been an avalanche in the polar region some water bears and sea creatures need to be rescued go down there. And rescue the sea creatures okay captain we’re on our way are you ready - lets goodish. You going to look for the water bears got a rescue the sea creature’s okay peso up on my way so much. Snow everywhere where could they be and now a crashed peso code peso I need some help.

 I’m stuck in the snow don't worry dashing up on my way no whey does he oh you really are stuck you. Just wait there we're going to have you out no time at all thanks peso. I was starting to get really cold out here almost finished now dash thank you face out fine. The right time to find those sea creatures now don't worry sea creatures I'm tonnage you as soon as I can. You just hold on tight there horrible beam under the snow crystal -no there's a starfish. You feel stuck under the snow you need to go get your figure and rescue him. Okay, can you showmen where he is work okay just wait right there we're going to have him out in no time. Oh free at last it was so cold down there thank you mister thank you for rescuing. I look certain there's Bettye - see what you're up to now she is Shellington. Amazon Octonauts Toys.  I can't stop I got some water burns the same, my friend, Robert he’s stuck in the snow can you get to know me.

Yeah, don't worry we came out OH you know what you're a sea lion be careful. Hey Tasha you’re back great work saving those seals ah thanks Kwazii it was nothing. OH, what's this new device you've got here I haven't seen this before see you're going to like this device. This is tweaks latest invention would you like to try it out yeah okay then I’ll give it a go. Okay - II just stand over there keep really still cool seeing Shillington that was hadron sorry. She is his tweaks new snowball machine everybody's had to go now look it comes pace up. I pay so have you seen tweaks new machine yes Frankie Kwazii it's a snowboard launcher tweet. Already got me with that this morningOctonauts come in Octonautsgreat. Work out there today all the sea creatures are saved well done by everyone.

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