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Ninja Toys

Paxton was in the new studio for a few days and we do not know what he was doing there. Paxton comes out like guys it's hardtop concentrate with all that banging on the door. I will share with you my greatest discovery of Ninja Paxton just three days ago. I was working on my double front flip I missed my landing and bumped my head at that moment. Occasionally Ninja Toys Shocking Eastern Moss, World of Trees Cisco 600, Sapphire Pickup Red Technology Beluga. My machine looks like I call it Ninja Ball. I will now prove this momentous occasion make sure to smash. It's like a button of success, it works, you have to work. Wait, people, I work here almost as we see, people.

Everything that happened in Paxton, everything that happened there. Whatever happens to Paxton, let's sit down and see how it works. Paxton We've seen these candles and what you're doing here. Paxton this whoa that looks like you because it is me actually it's a replica action figure of me. No way that’s epic can you make more I sure can and I can make one of all you. I'm looking for one, first and foremost, so there's nothing here to stop working here. Use Ninja Toys this and choose a weapon that speaks to the size of the staff or the size of a good coma or coma Peyton This can give you the strength to do this chapter. like me, I was, because you, cold, my hair was used. Whoa-oh awesome ammo you guys feel kind of funny yeah my fingers kind of tingle. That seems to be a side effect in the replication process don’t worry it'll pass.

 These are the things that scare me yes. This is the ninja ball it's the source of power that makes all this possible that's awesome. Yes, you see, that's great, we have 10 million units by the end of the week, that's 10 million units. What do you think about Ninja Kids action figures?  walmarttar get and amazon placed massive orders these things are going to Ninja Toys be huge well. I think we are better than that, that is the ninja ball. He's a nice ninja don't worry guys. I got that'll get your ninja ball backpacks in lunch and stop joking around. What are you doing great it's not funny you got to get the ninja ball back. I’m trying I don't know what's happening can't get the ninja ball to come on my brain. Finish it already it’s all right Briton everyone has a bad day.

 I’ll show you how it's done you’re going down what the heck. Oh hey, what's going on see it's ash ton too ump don't know what is happening all, right guys. I’m going to give it a try good luck Peyton I don't know what's the matter with you guys. Great you got to show me, yeah whoa you okay yeah alexander's better than you guys. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me today, uh oh um guys think have figured something out. What well there's a good chance that Ninja Toys unwell spit it out when I scanned. My Machine has transformed your ninja skills into your action figures. What are you sure why else would Peyton have ninja skills and you guys be drained.

What does it mean if you are not considering a ninja robot? Your ninja skills are gone get the figures stronger already now. You're going to get it yeah don't let him get away. Come on guys we got to get that ninja ball back oh this guy's good I can't let him get away with my ninja ball packs of paint. You can stop it like this. You don't want us to succeed. But we have Ninja Toys for you. Yes, give me back my ninja ball. Do you still accept it? And who are you for once why can't it be easy everybody got their ninja action figures. Let’s do this you got to get the ninja ball back what's the matter action did you drop your action figure. No, this guy's tough oh no he got it we have to get it back. Guys, he doesn’t waste that time, but ninjas are guys in these little things in your hands. Our abilities are still connected to the sorry guys it was an accident. It’s okay ash and I will get them back I don't know Bryson are you sure about. Those ninjas we need your help to get the ninja action figures backbeat we're counting on you to keep. Pay attention to the ninja balls and Peyton will stay here, let's do it,
Ashley. Ninja Ball can be found in Walmarttar Get on Amazon Good luck we need all the help we can get to the ninjas.

Ninja Toys

All Ninja Turtles Toys Ever Made

Hey guys this is rose I am going to unbox these three zero teenage mutant ninja turtles from Thermo. The view has got all four of them so let’s start with Leonardo over here and see what we've got inside. Okay so we've got his very cool swords I’ve got All Ninja Turtles Toys Ever Made some different hands for him with his three fingers. Good detail on there and here he is he weighed like a thousand pounds got some cool. Makes it makeshift shoes, OH and there's where his swords go let's see. If I pick the right one to go in nice there's Leonardo all right next. Let's do Raphael okay see what we've got here all right he's got some sunglasses.

 There and they have like a little break in them on purpose that's a very cool detail. Let’s put them back on the guy, oh his foot fell off to see if I can get it back on okay. All right here we go he has got another set of hands ones that don’t have his. When he doesn't have his little weapon in his hands so we've got one nice. One there and the same one right here All Ninja Turtles Toys Ever Made okay very nice detail good fabric and he also weighs a ton of pounds cool next. We have Michelangelo let’s see if he comes with any pizza okay Michelangelo comes with a pair of cool glasses. And a couple different necklace choices which you can see.

There on the box and cool polka shells very awesome he's got his nunchuck which are super cool. They look like they’ve been used quite a lot and he also has some different sets of hands that came there. He's got a sweatshirt tied around his waist it’s real dirty got. Some duct tape on his pants there and he also has oh it's a skateboard nice. There you go or but you ride a skateboard very cool that's pretty awesome. All right there's Michelangelo and All Ninja Turtles Toys Ever Made let's see what Donatello hasher all right. He has got his little weapons of some kind here good sticks to hit you with you know another nice stick for hitting. He’s got some different-looking hands than the other guys interesting. But he also comes with some extra sets of hands based on what kind of position.

 You want him to be in here is his stereotypical headset that he’s always got and his glasses can't forget. The good old glasses that he has repaired himself he’s got All Ninja Turtles Toys Ever Made quite the gear going on here. He’s got his tablet a lot of tablets nice little backpack with a keyboard. He is all set up to do some techie-type things he is outfitted ready to go. So there they are the teenage mutant ninja turtles from 3-0 and based on the movie. That we've all known from nickelodeon the latest movie anyway. All right guys there they are with the turtle brothers.

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