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How To Wash A Weighted Blanket?

So weighted blankets are big trendy items right now supposed to relieve stress anxiety and sleepless nights it seems like every few weeks a new one pops up in one of our client's homes. It started with one home and now it's like ten of our clients that own one but like anything else. After a while, it's going to start to get stinky nasty and it's going to need to be washed. That’s why I’m writing the blog “how to wash a weighted blanket?” But how in the world do you watch the 20-dollar blanket well my friends. I've got you covered because, in today's article, I'm going to teach you how to clean your way to blanket with confidence. Now I just want to clarify this blog is not about how to wash a duvet cover if your way to blowing it came with a duvet. Cover you simply pull it off and you wash it like you would any other cover that comes with a blanket right. Or a bedspread this blog is all about how to wash the actual weighted blanket itself.

First off you need to know what is inside your way to blanket what gives it its weight. What does it filled with the good news is the blankets that are filled with the glass microbeads. And the poly plastic pelts are machine washable and the majority of the blankets. You purchased from the store will be filled with those fillings some of the other fillings. How to wash a weighted blanket? Not as common is the steel show beats if your blanket contains the steel shop beats you can't machine watch them. Because those beads are very heavy and if you're too rough with the blanket. And I realized washers have gentle cycles but still those beads are very heavy. And if you too rough with the blanket they can very easily rip the fabric which in that case.

The only option you have would be to hand wash your blanket. Some other fillings and if your blanket contains these. Then just forget about washing it altogether organic materials. So things like sand corn rice if your bucket contains those things. You can't wash it you run the risk of mold yeast bacteria insect infestation right. These are UDI wires and they do this stuff to keep the cost of love and they’re the ultimate DIY errs mind. You can imagine having a blanked but I get filled with rice so if you have a corn blanket or a rice blanket.

Just I guess enjoy the all-natural another feeling you might come across. That you can't wash smooth small pebbles which begs the question. Do you really want to sleep under rocks once you've determined? What's inside your way to the blanket assuming it is machine washable? You need to check how much of a load your washing machine can take. This is referred to as your washing machine's washing capacity if you have atop load washer. How to wash a weighted blanket? It's typically around 12 dollars if you have a front load washer. They’re typically around 15 to 18 dollars even if your washer can take 15 dollars. That’s its max so if you have a 15-dollar blanket and you're having to max out your machine's capacity.

I would recommend taking it to a Laundromat in Washington in a commercial size. Washing machine to spare your home machine from the wear and tear if you have an 18-dollar capacity. And like a 10-dollar blanket then you're good to go ahead and wash it at home when it comes to washing the blanket. It's pretty simple you going to wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water. And a mild detergent avoids bleach avoid fabric softeners and avoid harsh chemicals. If there are any stains in the blanket you can pretreat those beforehand. Just spray a bleach-free stain remover on the stain and then scrub it with your fingers or a toothbrush. If it's a really greasy stain maybe you've been eating some pepperoni pizza in the bedroom. Instead of using the stain remover just pre-treat it with some Dawn dish soap. And then scrub it with your toothbrush before we move onto the actual drying process.

I will say that for the in-between maintenance I recommend using the duvet cover. If for whatever reason your blanket didn't come with one. I will leave one listed and linked down below for you a good high-quality cover. How to wash a weighted blanket? That you can count on and you can check it out along with the duvet cover. I would say just spot cleans needed with your dish soap toothbrush solution. You should be good to go drying so drying is not that hard since glass and plastic pelts. Don't really absorb the water you have two options number one you can put it in the dryer. And dry it on a low heat cycle or number two dry it on a large clean flat surface. Just spread your blanket outlay it down and then just flip it every 30 minutes. Or so as needed you never want to try to dry it vertically like you would regular blankets. Or clothes because what can happen is the beads can bunch up inside and then mess up.

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket

Can Weighted Blankets Be Washed In The Washing Machine?

Can weighted blankets be washed in the washing machine? With glass beads blankets with glass beads. Dry well and don’t clump up meaning that after washing your weighted blanket. It will come out in perfect condition however since these beads are very heavy. You should avoid washing a blanket made with them in a washing machine are glass beads in weighted blankets dangerous. They are non-toxic. They have not been recycled or used before. So you don't have to worry about other kinds of things. They were exposed to they do have a texture like tiny pebbles. So if the texture of tiny pebbles inside your blanket is something that would really bother you. I recommend the glass beads what happens if you wash a weighted blanket. it is always recommended that weighted blankets be washed in a load by themselves. Having too many cotton items in the washing machine can agitate. The fabric causing it to wear out faster use gentle chlorine-free detergent with one-half cup of vinegar to preserve the color of the blanket. Why can't you wash a weighted blanket hand wash and hang or lay flat to dry? Weighted blankets filled with plastic beads or poly-pellets should not be washed in high temperatures. Machine dried as the plastic inside could melt. Avoid machine washing and drying a blanket made from wool as the fabric is delicate and prone to shrinking. How do you clean a 25-pound weighted blanket wash the blanket alone in warm or Coldwater? Do not use the gentle cycle for heavier blankets than top-loading washer’s blankets. Over 20 pounds should be washed and dried in commercial washers. And dryers tumble dry on low medium heat or line dry. What is inside a weighted blanket in a nutshell? Weighted blankets consist of three components. The blanket cover and fillings or stuffers weigh the blanket down. Most weighted blankets come with some sort of fabric padding to provide cushioning. Between the filling and the user’s body.

Can I wash A Weighted Blanket At Home?

Take our lead so let’s help you make your mark our goal is your satisfaction. Let us show you the way we generally recommend machine washing in cold or warm water. Take the severity of the stains into account avoid using detergents with bleach. Hand washes heavier blankets you can hang the cover to dry or tumble-dry it on low. If you really have to tumble dry at all take our lead. If your blanket clocks in at under 20 pounds. 

Can I wash A Weighted Blanket At Home? Wash it at home on the gentle cycle using cold water and protective blankets with a small glass. Plastic wrap should be safe inside the machine, but an inspection service is recommended tag. And your blanket just to be sure she says make your mark take our lead. They are non-toxic hypoallergenic and do not damage the fabric or thread of the blanket glass beads wild glass beads. Which are typically used in the abrasives industry. To restore automobiles and to remove burrs from metals. 
Can I wash A Weighted Blanket At Home? One has become more common in weighted blankets. They have several drawbacks to take our lead. There are very few risks to using a weighted blanket. According to manufacturers weighted blankets shouldn't be used for toddlers under 2 years. As it may increase the risk of suffocation. Always consult your pediatrician before trying a weighted blanket. Make your mark take our lead. While we did have a few. The smell of heavy plastic film on our blankets is not that severe. You should do this before using plastic film to increase its weight. now we use glass beads in all of our weighted blankets.

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