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How To Vape


how to vape

How to vape one zero one this is only going to take a couple of minutes. By the end of this article, you're going to know how to vape. If you don't already know how to do so first of all you got two different types of pull puffs or draws. One you got to mount along aka mall and amounted lung is where you pull the vapor into your mouth. Before you inhale it into your lungs as you would do off the cigarette and the vapors. That prefer to do their mouth lungs gravitate towards something like this. Like the jewel, you've heard of the jewel "the jewel pod system" okay. That's what this is except this is refillable called the laden. The best refillable pot system out there. So yeah devices like this have an automatic switch they got a pod filled with juice up top okay. You pop that sucker in there when you go to pull on it activates that automatic switch. And that's how you get your vapor and your nicotine to do a mouth alone. You got to pucker upend when you tighten those lips up you’re creating a suction. And that suction is what activates the switch. And all you're going to be doing with the mouth to lung is pulling vapor into your mouth. Before you inhale it into your lungs so yeah I’m going to go ahead and take my amounts along off this flat inner. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and kiss this mouthpiece go with me. I know it sounds sexual but I’m going to go ahead and give it an ice kiss pucker up get. That suction going and it'll activate it see how I pulled it into my mouth and then I inhaled it into my lungs. That's a mouth long here. I’ll do it again easy peas.

What a sleazy? Now the second hit called a lung hit and that’s where you're pulling the vapor straight into your lungs. And you can do that with a device like this. Let me show you you're going to get more vapor reduction. Because you're creating more pull which is going to activate this automatic switch. More also you could take longer hits because you got more momentum. You're not relying on that suction from your lips. You see what I’m saying now. Let me tell you another example of a lung hit this device right here. You got a big old box mod variable wattage with Canada. I’m not going to go into details but this is a more advanced setup meant for lung hits. Especially and how this setup works okay like I said it's a box mod. You got your rebuild able atomizer. That sits up top with the rebuild-able coil that you build and you pop it in there. And all that good stuff extreme and it's a good extreme. Because you're going to get the phenomenal flavor. The best flavor the most vapor the best airflow. So yeah big difference between this and a refillable pre-filled pod system.

You got way more power and it's got a manual switch. You hit this manual switch and it activates the coil hear that. But you do not want to hit this switch until the thing is in your mouth ready to go. Know that sounded bandit’s all sexual yeah so when I put this mouthpiece in my mouth. And I started to take a pull right before I started to take a pulse. When I hit this manual switch but let me show you what a next-level lung hit looks like. Also since the vapor's going straight into your lungs. When you're done taking a hit you blow it out don't hold it in that way you get more vapor production. I know it's like a fog machine but the flavor you get the vapor you get it's a much smoother vape. It's not as harsh and that’s because you're using lower mailgram juice in here. I’m not going to go into all those details. I want to tell you how to vape soya all you got to worry about from the get-go is two draws mouth-to-lung long head. And I showed you both of them so I hope you guys enjoyed this article. If you want all the newbie vapors to know about how to vape. Yeah, buddy, this is Aly, and remember smoking is dead vamping is the future the future is now.

how to vape and not get caught

How To Vape And Not Get Caught

If you’re in a situation where you're not allowed to they’ve been doors. This will hide the cloud this will not hide the smell. But if you want to pleasant-smelling room e.g. and you live with this situation where you can't vale. This is what you can do. It does involve having a rag now. How to vape and not get caught. I take this rag for a reason but you can always use a low-end device like a pen. And you can also use a box to tone down the wattage completely. But you don't give a flavorful and satisfying experience. Some people like a heavy throat and a hot date. I prefer hot date I have three months of the kanger tech skybox many have an Oryx 200s with the gun. I have a Mac Mastic legendary sub-zero two of those mods produce a lot of vapor.

Those are the ones that I use a sub-tank or the sub box of the tank as a backup. It's up yeah so let’s say you're using one of these mods and you need to vale indoors. You want to but you need to hide it so when I’m turning down the wattage to you. Because it will produce even less vapor but this is a way to inhale-exhale and produce less Vapor. So you need your little rag here standard whatever rag you can use a towel you know like it. But fold it in half fold and half get a little square. And what you’re going to do is you're going to now this is a point one five builds on a hundred forty watts. It's a hot build it releases a lot of vapor is going to hide it so it's my cloud chasing gold. You take the rag you inhale a little, not a huge queue or a half-second hit like your cloud chasing.

Because that's going to make it harder to hide you. Inhale for like a half-second second at most and then you keep letting go of the button. And you keep breathing let more air into your lungs. While they’re still vaporing in that and that's going to dilute it and when you blow into the rag. It’s going to notes much vapor and also if you haven’t already a.

When you fire it releases smoke for example and you don't want that or they can't call it smoke. You’re going to have still some smoke string up so if someone's coming down you know you need to hide it. So that’s why I breathe in after I hit the button. So for example yep now I did release that for my lungs a lot slower you can do it more will come through the rag. How to vape and not get caught. So if I do it a little bit came out is hard to see on the camera. And the reason I like having a rag is that when the smokes rods come up all you do is do that they dissipate as I said. This won’t get rid of the smell. There are some cons to this. When you're inhaling without holding the button the juice tends to spit back. Especially if you're using ad ripper some you're going to have to deal with or talk a lot less. You know or don't convey the north.

You know and it’s that if I get the same flavor you're not going to be blowing stink clouds. It's not as satisfying but think it's more injured if you're so accustomed to high-end devices. And you see one guy you get satisfied without tearing down the wattage. And feeling like you're inhaling nothing. You know this is the best way for you to still get that hot vapor that throws hits if you need it. And be able to hide it and the room looks completely clean. I did this me actually somebody came downstairs. No comments that I even notice the smell but there will be a slight smell difference.

There you go now a lot of people say well you can do that. Let go of the button and keep inhaling air and when you breathe out. It's going to hide the vapor there still will be some when you release that air or someone comes downstairs. What you need to release it you know you. You'll come downstairs and you're doing this. You’re going to wonder what the hell you ‘redoing that's why I take this rag. Because even if I do have to summon you can release it even quicker. You know wipe it away real quick and then set the rag down and make it look like. You're not doing anything if you're in a situation that requires that and the reason folded so many times. Then this vapor has Togo through a lot of layers. You're going through so many layers of fabric. If I for example Babes through one layer or my hoody vapor still comes out and I’m still talking. That's why I dilute the vapor and put it through more layers. You can also blow into your bed causes a big throw that hits. I start coughing actually vapors comes outside so this is the method I use. And yeah doesn't produce anything here not bothering anybody so there you go.

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