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How To Tie A Karate Belt?

How To Tie A Karate Belt

The hardest part about being a white belt is actually putting on your white belt. So in this article, we're going to cover the basics of how to tie a karate belt or your ghee. And then how to tie your belt two different ways depending on where you train. How To Tie A Karate Belt. This is your first time on the blog my name is Aly. On the karate playbook, we will do things anywhere from basic kata breakdowns to advanced kite drills & techniques. Sometimes like this blog we're going to break down some of the basics to help you get your start.

If you’re beginning your martial arts journey it's so jumping right into it. Those uniform bottoms are going to go on like a normal pair of pants. Some of them will have ties some of them will have elastic some will have both. But depending on which style of ghee you actually buy. It'll determine how you're going to tie it but either way, you want to set it nice and high on your hips. Now when you're tying the top we always want to have the left side onto the right. So you're going to take the right side of the string here and bring it over to the inside of your left side here. So the right side is going to go right up against your body.

I'm going to leave that for right now but you can tie it in a bow and not whatever you want. And then the same thing over on the other side and we're going to tie this to keep it closed. So we always want to have the left side over the top of the right side but with that out of the way let’s go ahead. And jump into the part that a lot of people get confused with which is tying your belt. Alright for the sake of the video I'm going to be using this red belt here because it'll be the easiest thing for you. But when we get started this first way we're going to talk about tying. This is going to create a crisscross in the middle of your back. Alright, so what we need to do find the middle of the belt. We can do that by matching up the ends sliding your hand down. You'll find the middle of the belt pretty now take that middle and put it right below your belly button right on your stomach.

We're going to crises cross these behind our back. How To Tie A Karate Belt. So I'm going to actually overlap the belt like that. I want to make sure I pull it nice and tight. So it's not gonadal over and I want to make sure there are no twists in the belt like this. Make sure it's nice and smooth all the way around now from here all Indeed to do is take one side put it out of my stomach. The other side goes right on top. Now the side that you brought on top is going to go underneath right against your stomach. We need to make sure it goes underneath both layers of the belt so it holds it nice and tight together.

Now from here if your belt is let's say it's uneven like this all you need to do is scoot the belt towards the shorter side. Then bring the ends back towards the middle like that and you'll notice that it evens it up pretty all right from here to the bottom of the belt. The side that’s coming off at the bottom is going to go underneath and then flip through the middle. And then you can tighten it down you can also bring the bottom side underneath. And then reach through and grab the other end it doesn’t matter which way you go about it the end result is the same. How To Tie A Karate Belt. Make sure that when we do this we don't bring the one that's coming off of the top underneath and flip that through. Because what will happen is your belt will wind up being tight like this.

And it kind of looks ridiculous and it'll come undone very all right. So we want to take the bottom side bring it underneath and flip it through pull it nice and tight. And we're good to go so let's move on the second way. Which is actually going to create instead of having that X in the middle of your back. It's going to create an ice smooth line around the middle of your back. So for this one instead of working with the middle. I'm going to work with the end of the belt. I'm gonna give it a little bit of slack. So I’m going to put a little bit of slack on the end of the belt put this on my stomach. Then the long side is actually going to wrap around my body two times. So it's going to go all the way around. I'm keeping it nice and even all the way around two times and then when you get around twice bring the side. That you brought it around your body underneath as we talked about before. Pull it nice and tight now you make sure that they're nice and even so you don't have a belt. That's kind of hanging down like this and looks a little bit sloppy. So from here bring it underneath flip it through like in the first explanation pullet tight. And you have a tidbit or belt much better alright.

How to Tie A Karate Belt Step By Step

Okay, I want to give a little bit of an introduction hair tie belt this is one of the most asked questions. That we get from brand new students and want to show you a simple way. That we can teach anybody even young children. How to do this as soon as children, in particular, become independent. And can do it themselves saves a lot of time in class and of course much like tying your shoes. It gives them a great sense of accomplishment. So here we go step by step. How to Tie A Karate Belt Step By Step. We'll start with one short end wrap the long end around right over the topaz around twice. Then we take the bottom to wrap it over the top and around the backcheck that the length is even. Before we do the last part get back across and loop it through. Let's take a little bit exactly the same thing from the top is that he'd see it. When you ‘redoing yourself you rip it up at the top the bottom one comes behind to hold it all together.

The other end loops back across and the bottom wind comes up and down through the hole. Here I want to show you a different way of getting to exactly the same end result. It's long we start with the middle of the belt in front-end parties exactly the same. How to Tie A Karate Belt Step By Step. I'll talk you through it once again. Let's go to the middle of the built-in front and wrap one end around so it comes underneath. And from this point on it’s exactly the same as the other method. The bottom one comes upholds all together the other end comes across. And the bottom one comes up lips through the hole once again. I said right the starts a great way to show children. When you’re helping children learn how to tie their own belts well suggest is don't do it for them. Instead, hold one end and let them do all the work. When you get to this point you swap ends so they’ll take the other end. Give them a little bit of a hand to even links uptake yet one in back across. They take it up down through the hole and why need to get my hand to get it nice and tight that's it.

How to Tie The Martial Art Belt

How to Tie The Martial Art Belt

This is how you tie a bell rook solo on so we're going to start on the right side like this wrap it around. Right over top again this. So there are three straps okay then he's going to hold with his right hand pulled all three straps on his left hand. How to Tie The Martial Art Belt. He's going to tuck this one underneath like that. Then he’s going to find the other one and pulled out a good job. Then you match up the ends can you hold the ends together. Then you pulled away from you as far as you can that makes them match up. Now the one that already goes under and is on top now. What's the same thing going to other way goes up through this way. Then you pull it out insides grab it pull it out to the sides to tighten them. Let me tell you, Wow and that’ll make it look like that so it should look like that. When you're done okay face the camera, yeah Wow that's an all right good job. I'm going to show you how to tie acid’s belt for martial arts. Start by putting one side of the belt on your child’s hip. Wrap it all the way around their body twice take the end and tuck it underneath. Everything pulling up takes the other end of the belt holds it and then pulls the first end through here's the story. How to Tie The Martial Art Belt. I came up with something to help kids remember how to tie their belts imagine a rabbit gets into your garden. He’s so excited he runs around the garden. Once runs around the garden twice and then you come out and you spot him. He sees you so he ducks under the fence. But you're smarter than the rabbit so you dig a hole next to that fence. And wait for the rabbit to fall in. And then you can reach in and pull them out the finished knot should look like a little fortune cookie to you.

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