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How To Thicken Soup?

I'm just going to show you a really simple easy recipe. I’m going to show you how to thicken soup. Today I've got what is quite a watery cauliflower soup here. And that was just made by and frying off some onion and garlic some cauliflower florets. Covering it with stock bring it out to the boil cooking the cauliflower. I'm blitzing it up the basic template for a soup you can put whatever veggie like in here.

Now, this pan is already very hot it's just so that we can hit the ground running. Okay, that bus is melting away nicely if just show you a quick close-up of that you can see the bus. So I'm going to put about a teaspoon full of flour in there now just give it a good old whisk together. Because what we're going to get is a sort of thickening chase could maybe just cook that down a little bit more. But this is really what's going to thicken the soup out.

I'm just going to tube a little bit more gung-ho and add a little bit more flour. But that should be more than enough we've got a reasonably thick I mean you can get it very thick. But I've just gone something which is going to thicken it out there. We go that's actually, funnily enough, the perfect rue so now that we’ve got our roof. What we can do is we can add our very watery soup to that. how to thicken soup. And if you just combine the two you do need to it won't thicken out immediately. But what I will do is start to just cook that roof and the soup together. And already you can see the texture has gone from being quite watery.

How To Thicken Soup

It’s already thickened down a little bit more if you come back in about 30 seconds. That will really thick them down nicely so just to demonstrate the texture. If we look at the back of the spoon still quite watery. And if I pour that in here I'm hoping that you can see that it's quite a sort of insipid. And thin whereas if we now take the suit that we thickened outlook. It coats the back of the spoon nicely and as you can see the texture is completely changed. So it’s much thicker now and that is the perfect way to thicken toothy guys. It's Warren here and here is my 60-second video showing you two methods. On how to pick and see let's go start by bringing your watery soup up to a simmering point.

Now the method 1 we’re going to make a roux so for each serving of soup in a separate saucepan melt 15 grams of butter. Then pour in 15 grams of plain flour then whisk over low heat till you form a paste. When your soup is simmering pour it into the saucepan with the roux whisk it to simmer. Briefly over low heat and then serve your soup now for Method number two a healthier option. how to thicken soup. Take one small peeled potato cut it up into equal sizes and then boil in a separate saucepan for 20 minutes. When the potatoes tender drain from the water placing a jug and then blitz with a hand blender. Until nice and smooth when the watery soup stops the simmering point at the potato to the soup whisk. Briefly simmer down and then serve your soup.

Can I Thicken Soup With Xanthan Gum?

Good afternoon welcome to another edition of cooking at multipik. And how to show you can I thicken soup with xanthan gum. So here I’ve got my braising liquor this is the medium. We're going to use it to explain the xanthan thickening it’s finished and now. We just have to click this there are two passes to get anybody's own right. So my finished weight is one to seven so that's 12 kilos in undergrounds. This is our way here we're going to round it up to 13 kilograms and the amount. We need is 0.25 grams of xanthan gum 100 mils of liquid. So there are 130 mils of 130 100 mils so we're going to times 130 plus 0.25 so 0.25 times 1/3 0 equals 32 point 5. Show that again zero point 0.25 times 1/3 code equals 32 point fives. Now you should have microscopes together lay these out on.

But ours broke recently so I'm going to weigh them out on the regular scales, not a good habit to do. I’m only doing this because I have to just leave it they do. After all, we rounded up a little batiste clean. The liquid before I'd resent you okay still few logs. I'll get rid of those later then there are the processes you just need now to strain it. Now that is being second and leave it to gothic guys this is Yin from crafty VT today. And doing some combination at home but I was thinking okay while I'm doing it.

I might as well share with you some tips on how to mix sanctum gum over here. I have my exam some gum. I've already waited out this is the scale that I ‘musing I love the scale when taking out thinking done. I love using these spoons because when you pick them up it's so easy these powdered spoons. They come in sets of three I love this cannot formulate without these spoons. Because the other spoons are very thick and these ones are they come really thin and nice. can I thicken soup with xanthan gum? And topic up powder it's really cool now over here as you can see that's liquid. Here this is glycerin I’ve already measured it out at 8 percent or 8 grams and what happens is.

If you mix xantham gum and xanthan gum as a thickener it's a natural thickener. That is used to taken lotions creams serums formulations that need thickness. You cause them from gum but the tricky thing about xanthan gum is that. When you mix it with water it tends to clump up very fast and then it causes fish eyes. Which are balls of xanthan gum so what do you want to create a slurry first a slurry of xanthan gum. Mixed with glycerin and this will help disperse the deck Sanctum gum. So that it doesn’t clump up before adding your water. So right here I'm going to add my xanthan gum to my glycerin. You could use glycerin you could use propylene glycol. So that's it and I want to get those exact measurements I'm using a muffin people cup. But it works I also have those glass dishes for powder.

They come very handily and they don't hold onto anything wrong at all. can I thicken soup with xanthan gum? I do is I mix it in this is called a slurry and it helps to disperse the sang am-dong. You can see it’s still clumping up but slowly with the abet of agitation. You will get to really smooth gum now if you use a spatula like this silicon spatula. You can really break it down and you can press it down so that’s that's a question. That lots of people asked why is my sanctum I'm not dispersing well. Why is it clumping up in the water when you mix sent them down? When it touches water it's supposed to swell up and it's supposed to take on your formulations. But if you don't get rid of the fish eyes or the little crumbs. That’s going to be a huge problem at you’re in your end product. This is amazing some gum so I'm just going to slow it down so here you can see it's all mixed well. You get a homogeneous slurry and now you’re good to add water so I hope you learned something today. On how to make xanthan gum and meet tricky if you don’t use this slurry technique. So try this at home and let me know how it works for you remember glycerin and xanthan gum mix into a slurry. Before you add your water thank you guys happy crafting.

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