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How to Repair A Trident?

What's up guys Jason here in this video I’m going to be teaching. You how to make super easy and efficient automatic mine craft. Bedrock tries them farm this should work on all versions of Mince raft bedrock. Put on a phone tablet Nintendo switch or PC. You guys can see here this farm is superefficient. You should be able to get tridents every couple of minutes for this farm. You will need is one chest one-hopper. When minecart with the hopper for ladders one rail two water buckets that way. You can be infinite water source 30solid blocks. Your choice one cobweb seven torches one button for. The last blocks one slab three pieces of Redstone. One arsis torch one lever one arrest repeater one regular piston. Finally went riding if you guys don’t have a trident. It's fine because you guys can use this trident farm to get your first trident. Before finishing it and then once you get your first starting. You can finish it off the first step is to find a zombie spawn.

 You guys can easily find these while you’re exploring caves alright. You found one like this and it is a little spot opened all. You have to do just close this part up then open the chest take. Whatever you want How to Repair A Trident break it after doing that you're going to want to take. Some torches place them all around the zombie spawned or just to temporarily disable. In this way, you’ll be able to easily kill all the zombies. While you're and so you can make your farm without being disturbed. After you have placed torches all around the zombie spawned. You've killed all the zombies the next step is to dig two blocks down and do this. All across the entire floor of the dungeon. After you ‘refinished digging out the floor two blocks deep. You're going to pick any corner. You want and take banister walker you want in place for just like. This then you're going to place three over here and place one over here. One over here this should create a little shape like this. Now you’re going to take a water bucket and place it right over here. The water should flow all around just before hitting.

This block in the opposite corner well. This will do is when iambi spawn the dropdown. They’re all get pushed over there and then later on. We're going to build a kill chamber down there the next step is to come over here. This block should be the block where the water isn't touching and go down eight blocks then. You're going to do two blocks this way then go to the opposite side. They are two blocks and break these boxes as well. Now to do four blocks in this direction after that you want to do one block up over here. Now you're going to clear this entire area out until. You have made five by four little square blocks. After you guys have finished digging out with a five by four square box with a three-block high ceiling. You're going to come over here to this hole then come up. Now every which counts four blocks down so one lock here that's one two three four and on this How To Repair A Trident fourth block. You're going to place a cobweb then after that you want to come under it and place it on a button. It can mean any button that you want the bun is just going to prevent the water.

How to Repair A Trident

They’re going to place from spilling through so then come up and place the water bucket on the cobweb. This water bucket should be right just like this it should be waterlogging the cobweb. Now you're going to place two more water buckets one here and one here just like. This so at this point you should have an empty block here. Then you have to our box then the waterlogged cobweb and the button right just like. This Cabot and water system will convert zombies into drones. Now you’re going to come down here and place three solid blocks over. Here three softbox veer here and do that once more then. You’re going to want to place a glass block over here and place the slab over here. This will allow you to click backspace now you're going to break. These two blocks and then place two lost blocks like that this way. You'll be able to watch the zombie's eyes are getting turned into drowns. The next step is to come over here and dig down for blocks. Now, are you going to one to dig forward three blocks then over here? You will want to go to want to dig up two blocks and check to make sure.

It's aligned with the kill chamber then you can replace this walk over here. Now you're going to want to come over here place down aches. Then crouch down and place the hopper on top. Now you're going to break this block and then crouch down and place a rail. Place it in my part with the offer then you can place a block over here. Just to prevent it from moving what this system will do is. It will allow you to collect all the loot now come back over here just use some ladders. So you can use the access the collections area. Now you're going to want to take a couple of torches plus one over here and one over here. Now for this next step, you will need to try it in. If you guys don't have one already an easy way to get one would be to break the torches. Let me put it on the spawned and that way it drowns will start coming through. They can come by hand do you get to try it in once you guys have one tried it then. You're ready for the next step so you're going to come over here break. These two blocks then break this block and place a pry bar piston.

Now you’re going to take How to Repair A Trident your one Trident and throw it directly at the piston. Then you want to place to walk like this and suggest. You also do a layer just like this to prevent any mobs from latching through. Now you're going to want to come over here and take down little to block the deep trench. Now if you’re going to you want to take a solid block place one right over here and play standard. Redstone torch and place down another block right over here. Place down a lever and place down a register repeater facing that way. You’re going to place down a piece of Redstone. Then place down a solid block they should start toggling on and off. You have now created a bright stone clock just flip the lever to make it to. Now you're going to take a glass block place it over here then place it be surprised stone then. You could place a solid block over here and place it another Redstone over here. This should activate the piston now let me flip the lever it should start doing this. This is it means you've created a trident killer now for the final step.

You’re going to want to dig up just like this and try to find where the dungeons once. You get there come inside and then break the torches. You have placed around the spawned this tool allows armies to start spawning. Now what you're going to want to do is you want to come over. Here plug it back up and come down you can plug whatever hole. You dug and wait here as you can see what will happen is zombies will start getting stuck over there. How to Repair A Trident They'll start drowning and once they get turned into drowns they'll come over here. They’ll get killed by the Trident killer to kill in the tri McCullers make sure. You just turn it on as you guys can see here this farm is efficient. It is fully functional on all the grounds to get killed automatically. So you want to get expel come over here and then. You want to click the loop you can come over here as. You can see we already got two tried it, by the way, guys. Baby drowns won't get killed by the trotting killer but if that happens. you can easily just kill them me and you like just like. I hope you all enjoyed learning. How to make this super easy and efficient automatic mine craft bedrock try and farm.

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