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How To Read Manga?

Hey guys WhatsUp! So today I made a tutorial on how to read Manga. You know like how did this a read some of the stuff in this blog isn't going to be like a hundred percent correct. Most of it will be like you have your basic rules like you know read from right to left. And this way you know but there are some things when greeting manga. That is good to know or are that some of the things that you read in mother. Sometimes those aren't always conversations. Sometimes those can be of the character’s thoughts or those can be a narration. So along with telling you guys how to navigate through the manga panels. I'll also show you guys how to know what a thought is and like what's a narration and what's a conversation. So I’m going to use both of these to tell you guys some differences. But first I'm going to start off with citrus. So here we are it's the first page of the manga. And so whenever you read my book you start off from the right side. So this would be the first thing you read and then you would read this and then you would read this. You're going down the page you would jump down to the second panel. But should go back to the right don't go like this and then jump here and begin reading. You have to go all the way back to the right whenever you jump to an in the panel. So then you would read this and then you will read this right here. And then you would read this and then you come all the way back to the right. You would read this text and then this text right here so like how I was stating earlier. There are differences between conversation ticks narration text and thought text in the most manga.

The narration text will be in a square box. And as you know all your conversation text will be in like this some kind of like chat bubble like this. And then this text right here what I call floating text is the thought text which is what the characters thinking at that moment. So in this panel right here yuzu and Mei. Mei is the main character and right now these thought texts are users' thoughts not based and as you can like see. She likes she's not saying anything but there's text around her and it’ll off it on it looks like she’s thinking. So this is how you know to read this as thought text. Then you have some more conversation bubbles so this is a good panel to show you how to read Manga. Because Manga reading especially if you're new to it can get very confusing. When you have more than one chat level in like one little fog of panel thing bring this page you would read this first. And then you will go up and read this and then you will go down and read this and then you will go over and read this. So let me do it again so this will be first second third and fourth and some people may ask well. Why don’t you read this first this person in this but if you do it like that?

Then you’re going to see that like whenever you read it it's not going to make sense. But along with reading left to right you also need to read like top to bottom and then left to right and then right to live. Sorry so there once again the rules, in general, you read right to left. But if there’s more than one chat bubble and a little panel like this and they're all bunched pit’s right to lift. But you got to start at the top and then you go down and then you go to the left like that don't start at the bottom. And then go up and then go look start at topic always. Okay here’s another good page you had sometimes have things like this and what these do. There are also thoughts they're floating tips they’re also thoughts. But as you can see it’s kind of in this as an expressive line. It's like things bubble looking thing. What you want to do is it's a thought but you can read this as like she shocked to see here. She’s finished it already like I look at her face she's like I found that. She finished whatever it was she was eating. But these are also thoughts and sometimes like they'll have artwork like this. To exaggerate how the character was thinking um oh here’s another good panel sometimes. Whenever you’re reading and you have many conversation bubbles in one panel. Sometimes they'll be connected which makes it easier for you to read. So it's it makes history this first and then comes down to read these three. This person comes down through this so the conversation bubbles being connected sometimes. Help, when there are many conversation bubbles in one panel.

How To Read Manga?

So finally, we have some narration bubbles. So as you can see these are in a square box and I read these as narration so our major characters are use OMA and in citrus. Most of this is told from Mays's perspective. So all the narration that you read is most likely. But you can read that as in like baseball so or you can read it as if she’s narrating the story. So anything in these square boxes to be like a narration throughout the Manga. How To Read Manga. Okay, so then the track on Titan and I'm telling you guys. I've gone over all the basic stuff. But I'm telling you guys in a different mother to tell you that most of the time. Like it's always very similar so I didn't see one of these in the citrus mommy. But as you can see this is still a chat bubble but it’s like it's not smooth like a basic round bubble. And so whenever you're reading chat bubbles that look like this. This can be an indicator like they’re reading it with light in. They're like angry or there's like some hard and muck harsh like some strong emotions are going flowing like with the words. That they're saying so this person is reading is saying this okay. So here are some narration boxes as you can see like in citrus the narration boxes are in square boxes.

They’re not round or anything they’re some plain square boxes and this is what I would read as a narration. Here you go you have some connected chat bubbles so you've read in this little Pat channel section. You'd read this first and then this and then this same here you would read this first. And then this and then that so yeah that is my tutorial for how to read the manga. If you’ll be reading manga for a long time then none of this applies to you and looks like you. I told you something that you didn't realize but those are like the basics. How To Read Manga. When it comes to reading manga it's pretty much the same across all. Manga round bubbles are conversation bubbles floating tics is the thought of the character. It’s what the character's things that bubbles that look like this are still there. Still, chat bubbles but there’s the emotion with the words so it can be anger or sadness. Usually, its anger and rectangles mean narration. So I hope this helped you guys if you have any comments or questions please ask me in the comments down below.

Can You Read Manga On Kindle?

The Kindle paperwhite for having both an LTE variant and a 32 gig variant and having the engine. Borrowed from the manga model Kindle paperwhite 3 on here makes this a great manga reader. Let’s check out what it can do with the manga so this is the front page. It is right-to-left in Japan when it comes to the manga so we'll tap on the left. You can swipe as well and the greatest thing about this is that like I said it borrows the engine from the manga model. So all you have to do is type tap on the side and you get a percentage speed bar. Can You Read Manga On Kindle. How fast you want to progress through the book you can whip to the end whip to the other end in a splash. And it has aphid a 2 mode applied to it or you can actually go very slow a little bit. You know lower of a percentage so you get a good idea of how fast you're flipping through the book. And this is great because I mean they didn't have to release the Kindle paperwhite 4 and then over. Here release a manga model Kindle paperwhite 4 and charge more money. And restrict the countries in which it’s available and only have it available in the States. Or whatever the case may be so it's very nice that they’ve done this let's check out some features. Now so we're going to tap on the top and you see we don't have a whole lot of features right out of the gates. We have viewed in-store and we have a page display this allows us to crop margins page refresh. Virtual panel and then preview double-page spread and my personal opinion. Double page spread doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense because I mean look at my hand. And look how tiny the e-reader is it's very zoomed out so although you can do it double page.

Can You Read Manga On Kindle

Spread seems to be something that’s really catered or suited towards. Something that's like 10 inches or above because I'm not having the greatest time reading. This panel virtual panel is also something that really doesn't do too well on a six-inch reader. Can You Read Manga On Kindle. You think it would do well if it actually worked properly. So on mixology and stuff like that, they have something called guided view. I can click on this panel and it is the same size as my screen it should isolate the panel but on the Kindle. It doesn't it actually just quadrants the Paige quadrants on the page sorry. I should say quarters the page so you see on we’re on the bottom right. And now we’re on the bottom left we're back on the bottom right to left. And top right so doesn’t actually go panel by panel a tall so when you do that you actually have a lot of clipping. So it's not the greatest feature to turn that on lastly we’re going to do pinch. And zoom so we're going to pinch and zoom like that and unlike on PDFs.

You actually don't get a scaled-down version of the comic itself. When you're navigating around you just get a plain box and it tells. You were on the page you are although that being said look how smooth. That is and this is a book from the Amazon Kindles store so this is actually pretty not a side-loaded comic. This is a Narrator manga from the store so it's very fluid and it's a little geeky thing. But I like the fact how you can navigate around lift your finger and what it's called it's called grabbing. You will basically re-grab it a lot of the time when you lift your finger. Can You Read Manga On Kindle. It loads like that and you’re not able to continue without it rendering. But the Kindle allows you to actually lift your finger off the page jump to another. Section and continue moving around that is something that will not a lot of people notice. But it’s pretty big so this is basically the manga experience on the Kindle paper. White 4 is 32 gigs at least the one we have. It’s got LTE. So it works anywhere for us to download content. It's actually a really high-quality package and it's a flush screening bezel. So watch our full review if you want us to go over everything else for the good e-reader.

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