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How To Open A Coconut?

Welcome to the Multipik and today we’re going to do some kind of crazy fun and somewhat dangerous. I’m going to tell you how to open a coconut. Looking stuff with coconuts and fresh coconuts and you’ve never really had coconuts. You’ve had fresh coconuts and what always stands between you. And fresh coconut is this problem the hard coconut. So I’m going to show you how to open the coconut you hear crazy stories about throwing them. Off the building put a saw to it run a car over it but it's a little bit wacky but one way to do it. Some people will in there are three little eyes in the bottom they'll poke up ice pick. Or a screwdriver there and drain the water out but then you have a hole in the bottom half. If you want to use it as a cup for a super salad so what I like to do is if you identify those two ends with the holes. At one end and where the stem comes off, you look at the equator around the other side and that’s where probably.

That shell is the weakest and if you hold it in your hand and now this part is very important. With the knife, not the sharp end that the dull end you just simply firmly tap that coconut. And you can rotate it around a little bit in your hand as you kind of whack the coconut. How to open a coconut. And it'll sound very hard as you go but you're hitting right in that. Little equator and that's where the coconut probably is the weakest. And you'll start to hear the sound change hear that sound now it's a little hollow dull sound. As you go around and you keep a kind of rotating it remembering not to race a knife too hard high. And hit yourself with the knife going back you just keep whacking it listen for that sound. To change hear it again and now it's going to start to crack sounds like a little dud of a drum-like.

How To Open A Coconut

You'd almost see that crack forming see the crack there along with that coconut once. She that happening it's almost like you can get in there you just keep working. That crack giving a firm hit and it’ll slowly start to break apart now always be cautious. When doing this if you don't want to miss and keep and hit your hand with the background either. How to open a coconut. So this one has almost broken apart now and soon the water will start to leak out. As you pull it a little bit give it a couple more whacks as I said a lot standing between you and fresh coconut. Up you could even insert the knife along that crack now so that's pretty open. And you’ll see the water now drain out as it goes and now we've kind of got it you see where we have it now it comes right.

Apart from the two halves and the water goes into strain out. And there's a beautiful fresh coconut inside so now is how to get the coconut out in a lot of ways you could do it with. The knife you could score it and pop it out some people use like a butter knife or a round dull knife or even a spoon and just kind of work it in along the edge of the coconuts. And you just kind of pry it away carefully offer the off of the shell you see you just kind of run it. Around and kind of push that that kind of dull knife even the oyster knife can work well just kind of slowly. It takes a little bit of patience to fly it away from the shell. You can get that in pieces if you cut it up some people pride themselves on getting the whole. Thing out in one piece gets to a certain point. Where they'll just start to pop out see it coming loose now they're finally kind of comes loose kind of work. That a little red knife underneath there and even it breaks apart associate. Going to slice it up anyway from the show and sometimes. How to open a coconut. They'll have a little bit of the fine sand this is very fine which is really okay. And you can take it then even and with the knife or like a potato peeler you can just go along. And just trim off those little pieces just kind of trim it up. So then you end up when it's kinda neat total fresh coconut meat and a nice little Bowl.

How Do You Know When A Coconut Is Ready To Open

Hello everyone I am your produce guy and today I want to talk to you about coconuts now coconuts are a fruit. Or actually, a nut that grows on a coconut palm tree coconuts can grow for up to a year. Before they are fully mature and on a coconut palm tree you'll have it set different groups of nuts on them. And so you can have ripe coconuts that are growing right next to mostly right coconuts. Which are growing next to the way in mature coconuts so if you’re harvesting coconuts off your tree. You need to know a little bit more about what you’re doing what we have here how do you know when a coconut is ready to open. Today are two examples of coconuts one is this young coconut right here now coconuts grow. With a green outer the skin of their husk is green the inside is this white fibrous husk. But what they do is when they harvest these young coconuts is they cut off the green portion of the house. You can even see here on this one there's a little remnant of the green outer skin of the husk. Inside of this is one of these are the mature coconuts they've been left on the tree longer. And are have that hard outer shell this even though there's one inside here the shell is not nearly. So hard now let's talk about how we pick these out of the store these generally come in a cellophane wrapper.

You'll find them they'll be labeled as young coconuts or often. They've grown in Thailand young Thai coconuts what you want to do is turn them overlook at the bottom. That's the first place to check you want to make sure there's no mold or any black or brown spots on the bottom. There and then the rest of it you just want to find us white a husk as possible that's how to tell are right now. They have they are filled with water on these you can shake them and hear the water inside. How do you know when a coconut is ready to open. You can't hear the water in these why because they’re jammed. Full of the water and that coconut water is highly prized its way nutritional. It is loaded with electrolytes it is like nature's sports drink. It is fantastic the difference between these two coconuts is this. One has developed more the flesh inside the white flesh is thicker and there's less water. This has a whole bunch more water but a very thin kind of gelatinous coconut flesh is inside. This one all right now let's take look at the mature coconuts and those are probably. The ones that most people are familiar with what you want to do is you want to pick. One up first of all shake it and hear that there is water inside of the coconut. If it is if there's no water that thing ‘sold dried out and it's not any good. Once you determine that there's water in it you want to check for cracks and make sure. There are cracks in the skin some providers actually score the nut here. So it makes it easier to crack open at home I don't think that's a very good idea.

You don't know how deep the scoring is gone and it may have compromised the insides on that. Take look at the eyes of the coconut you want to check for any mold growing right. There and the final test you can give it a smell and you should smell really nothing if you smell mold here. Because this is the thinnest part of the nut it could be down in the flesh itself. It does have kind of a little woody smell and that’s what you would like to have there. How do you know when a coconut is ready to open. It’s not going to smell like a coconut these are way nutritious are loaded with potassium again. The water has the electrolytes you can use on these young coconuts use the flesh. And a smoothie that goes great with these guys. Here you’re going to shred your coconut and where you can use these to make coconut milk. Which is different from the water that’s inside we'll dial that up in a future video open these up and show you. What we're working with but that's it for today how to pick one out at the store. Thanks so much for being with us I’m your produce guy look forward to seeing you next time. And reminding As always, the best is fresh. We will start with a small device called a mango extractor. And work directly with these mango dispensers. Now and you grab your mango you look at the axis where you see the seed goes through its. Got kind of a narrow side and a wide side you just want top-line your cutter up. With the seeding there and this is so slick just like that look at that.

Easiest Way To Open A Coconut At Home

Now, I’m going to tell you the easiest way to open a coconut at home with a few things. You have laying around the house alright so the first thing you're going to want is a bowl to put the coconut water in. And I’m going to use a Philips screwdriver and a hammer and we're just going to punch into the eye. Here one two three then we just want to Go the water out okay and we want to save the water. For later it's good to drink and it's good to cook with all right and once the coconut water is up. You’re going to want to take your hammer and tap it around the entire perimeter of the coconut. And you will start to see a hairline crack starting to form there you go and that is a simple way to crack open a coconut. We're just using a hammer screwdriver and a bowl to collect the coconut water. Pretty easy, right? But, do you know how to crack open a fresh one? In case you don't, let me tell you a few tricks that will make it really easy! The first thing we want to do is drain the coconut water.

That's in it don’t do that we place a kitchen towel underneath. A heavy cutting board, and then another towel that goes on top. This way the coconut won't slip around. Now using Phillip's head screwdriver, we puncture what are known as the & quote; eyes. Quote, do this one at a time, until all 3 are done. Depending on how strong we feel, we may need the help of a hammer. The easiest way to open a coconut at home once we've made the holes, we simply to empty the water into a bowl. Finally, we can use it in soups, sauces, and even drinks now the fastest way to open it. Is to hold the coconut firmly with one hand and whack the coconut. Firmly with a hammer. Making sure that we don't hit our hands. We do this several times, sort of rotating it until it cracks open. Now, just separate the meat with a spoon. Another option is to place a coconut on a baking sheet. After removing the water and bake it for 15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After it cracks in the oven, we let it cool for a bit before taping it to separate the meat from the shell. And to remove any of the brown skin before shredding or grating it. We simply use a vegetable peeler, or we can simply eat it as is and let me tell yam.

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