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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

And today we're taking a look at how to open a can without a can opener. This is so easy anyone could do everything that we use on the blog. And today we're going to open this cap in different ways we're going to use a knife big. And small a butter knife a cleaver knife a spoon and sometimes we forget that a multi-tool knife has a can opener so you got that and you notice is not one of the cans with the pull tab don't worry. Today we're going to open this baby up so the first thing that we're going to use is a knife. Because this is something that can be mostly found in any kitchen or pocket but doesn't worry about the technique. What we're going to use is going to work with almost everything that has a point on it. Or a small surface area so the first thing that you want to do is get your utensil and place it on the outer line. Of the can always remember that safety is the number one thing because of the last thing. You want is to die before eating when using a big knife what we want to use is the technique where we hold the knife. At the bottom closest to the can having our fingers away from the sharp edges. And holding it on the flat side then the second thing that we want to do is make a hole in the can. And we do that by giving a medium tip on the handle of the knife remember.

If you have to use a little bit of strength for the tap you can go ahead. And do that remember they don't call you Hawk for no reason other than to finally open? The can what you want to use is a rocking motion and you can help the knife out by turning the can at the same time. Or just creating pressure going around the can as you rock the knife. On the handle of the knife and like that it's going to be safer where you don't have to hold the blade then you go ahead. And give it a tap and to open the can you use the same rocking motion if you’re using a cleaver knife. how to open a can without a can opener Then it can be a lot safe because you're only going to use the corner of the knife to open it. And basically, you’re going to use the same rocking motion but pressing down to make the initial hole. And the great thing about the cleaver knife the weight of the cleaver is going to help. You just by pushing the opening it's going to open more than the only thing. You have to do is just keep pushing the opening and it's going to get wider and wider until you finally. Have the can open but let's say you don’t feel like Rambo and you don't want to use a sharp knife. Then we can use a butter knife and basically it's the same technique we place the knife on the outer line hold. It from the handle and then give it a tap but let's say you don’t have a knife or you feel safer.

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Using a spoon than don't worry we got the answer for you and we're going to use again the rocking motion. We're going to move the spoon back and forth in one spot until we make an indentation. And that’s basically going to create a soft spot once we fill the indentation. We can go ahead and start pressing down and with force, it's going to go. how to open a can without a can opener Through so as you can see by using the same technique you basically can use any tool. And even a key if you're willing to use a little bit of force and an extra bit of time. But let's say you just remember you have a multi-tool knife or a Swiss Army knife. Remember there's a can opener on it as well and that's the hook style with the flat in the front. And basically is the same technique place it on the outer line creates some force downward. To make the initial hole and then rock yourself to tuna heaven now that you've mastered. The ancient technique of tuna can be opening here at the State box team.

Opening Food Cans Without A Can Opener

Now, we’re going to talk about opening food cans without a can opener have a couple of solutions. For you this is a real survival skill obviously if you're at home you're going to use your can opener. You don't want to use these methods or kind of a pain but when you need to get food out of a can for survival. These tricks are going to come in very handy come on let me show you. Okay, the first way we're going to try to open this can takes a little bit of work. We’re going to open it with a spoon I'm also going to wear a glove. I pulled out my rock climbing gloves it’s just a little more comfortable to hang on to the spoon. So when I glove up here it takes a little bit of probably your kids not going to be able to do this. But you can do it for them to get your glove on or you can wrap your hand in a towel because the screen spoons. Going to end up digging into your skin a little bit I’ve got a very inexpensive very cheap spoon. That bends very easily just to show that you can do it with any kind of spoon a tougher spoon or a bigger spoon might work.

Better for you but this is what we're going to use today I'm just going to hold it in my right hand of course. Opening food cans without a can opener. I’m a righty so I'm going to hang on to it just like this my pinkies going to sit inside the spoon. And then I can kind of control the spoon a little bit with my thumb with that pressure I'm going to start on the seam of the can. The material is very inexpensive of course can of beans is cheap so the material is not very expensive. And it's very thin so all we're going to do is just work on it just for a moment and I'm going to rub back. And forth to thin the metal out I can feel it feeling it getting it then eventually I’m going to breakthrough. Just like that once I breakthrough kind of the hard part is overall we need to do. Now is work the top with the spoon and kind of just slowly go around its the idea here whoops once again? This takes a little bit of physical effort however if you've ever tried to get a can open without a can opener. You know it's a hassle are almost there I do my best to leave this kin lid attached and there we go we have a clean opening. And you have access to your food the next trick I'm going to show you requires no tools. And we're going to go outside for that okay the next way we're going to try to open this can without a can opener.

As we just walked outside of the mission survivor shop and we're out in the parking lot. And I'm just going to use this kern as my example you can use any piece of concrete. I know once again the way that these cans are made is that they take this lid. And then they seal the top all we really want to do is just break the seal here so I'm going to take the can. I’m going to flip it over and once again this takes a little bit of physical effort. Opening food cans without a can opener. But the results are pretty impressive take it and you rub it along the concrete twist it. I’m going to check it and I can see that the can is starting to separate here I’ve got a few more areas that needed to work on. And I'm getting pretty close you can see that the can is starting to depress and there. We go able to take off the lid very cleanly and access the food inside all right. So there you go a couple of ways to open up a can without a can opener as I was finishing up. That last take out of the parking lot Montana and customer service saw me out the window. And said hey what if you’re out in the wilderness without concrete or a parking lot to rub you can against. Totally get it next time I'm out in the field we don't have time to do that today. I promise you that I'll open up one of these cans by doing that same technique of rubbing it on a large rock. Be able to open it up out and we'll have lunch out in the field. But until then we’ve got our yummy beans open if you ask me for some chips. And a margarita it’s got a perfect meal here.

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