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How To Make Gold Paint?

Today I’m going to tell you that how to make gold paint. A closer look at all the colors they all seem tuberous know almost identical. I’d say the lemon juice has got a slightly darker shade of gold but apart from that, they’re almost identical. So coverage and color they've all done well. Now the only visual difference that I can see formal four of Themis with the vegetable oil. So it seems like the vegetable oil has come off. You know a bit smoother than the other three so the vegetable oil seems to have. You know kind of covered up the little holes in my buttercream.

Whereas the vanilla essence lemon juice and water appear to kind of not have covered up those holes. But if you do smooth out your buttercream then you shouldn’t have holes in it like that. But it is still interesting though. That you know it still appears that the vegetable oil covers up those little holes in my buttercream. Now what I’m going to do next is I’m going to let these sit for about half an hour. Just to give them some time to dry out. And then we're going to come back and see whether there's any kind of changes in the color or anything like that. how to make gold paint. So our gold paint has been sitting for about half an hour and they still look really good. So all of them still have really good coverage.

How To Make Gold Paint

Now the only thing i would say is that the vanilla essence appears to not have dried as well as the others. So the others have still this really nice metallic shine coming through. But they don’t look wet whereas the vanilla essence kind of has this um wet shine to it. And you know if we give it little touch years as you can see it's still very wet it hasn’t dried very well. how to make gold paint. That’s maybe the only downfall when it comes to the vanilla essence. Now the other three like i said the museum to have dried really well. They’re not going to be dry kind of to the touching the essence that you know.

It's not going to kind of stick to the buttercream but dry in the essence. That you know it doesn't look wet and it doesn't seem like it's going to go anywhere. The lemon juice still has the deepest color to it although the lemon juice and the water are quite similar. But I would recommend it. You know all these three as potential you know non-alcoholic alternatives to using with them you know luster dust. When making gold paint so yeah that's basically my little experiment for today. I hope you guys learned something valuable from it.

Easy Way To Make Gold Paint

Today I'm going to tell you how is the easy way to make gold paint without using alcohol in it. Now in this article. I’m going to be experimenting with four non-alcoholic alternatives. To see whether they're great substitutes. When it comes to making edible gold paint and when painting on buttercream. Now do keep in mind this article is looking at painting on buttercream and not fondant. And the reason why I say that is because all the trials that I’m going to do are on buttercream, not fondant. And you know fondant does act differently when being painted on than buttercreams. You know some of these might work for fondant. But I just can't say for sure so just keep that in mind also. Now when it comes to a non-alcoholic alternative to making edible gold paint using luster dust. There are many different options out there that people suggest. And after doing a lot of research i came up with what I consider to be the top four based on people's different reviews. Now those four which I have chosen are water lemon juice vegetable oil and vanilla essence. Now when it comes to the water lemon juice and vanilla essence. They seem like pretty tangible options with you know not too much difference their consistency.

But the one that is kind of you know more of an out-there option. easy way to make gold paint . And I do have you know a few doubts about is the vegetable oil. Now the reason why I still wanted to try out the vegetable oil is ethereally beautiful results. So you know when it comes out smooth and you get a nice shine from it. What I’m going to do next is I’m going to go ahead and start making the gold paint out of these four different liquids. And to do that I’m using a go-bake pearl luster dust now. While I’m mixing you know luster dust with the liquid together with the key thing. What I’m looking for is an icing consistency so the consistency should be like a thin paste. So it shouldn’t be too thin that you know it’s watery but it shouldn't be toothpick either that you know. It's like this thick paste that you're not able to you know smoothly paint with.

So now I’m just going to go ahead and make my four gold paints. So I’ve just mixed the gold dust with some water now this consistency here at the moment is quite liquid. So I’m going to go ahead and add a bit more of the gold luster dust. And this one is the lemon juice so this one's actually gotten too thick. Because I’ve added too much luster dust to it. I’m going to add a little bit more lemon juice this is the vegetable oil. So far out of the water lemon juice and this oil. That I’m now doing the oil definitely feels nice and smooth. So I can understand why people would want to use vegetable oil when using you know luster dust to make gold paint. And last up is our vanilla essences. easy way to make gold paint .I finished mixing my four different gold paints. Now some of them did need a little bit more liquid. So I just topped it up as I was mixing them and now the last thing to do is test them out. And see how they come out so what I’ve got here is some American buttercream. Which I have put on some parchment paper and I’ve let that firm up in the fridge. So make sure that whenever you‘re using any kind of edible gold paint.

That your buttercream or whatever you‘re using them. You know as your icing is nice and firm. Otherwise, the icing is going to stick to your paintbrush and it's not going to come out very nice. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start off with the water. Then I’m going to work all the way to the vanilla essence. And then we're going to see how they come out so the luster dust with the water has come out very nice. And it has given perfect coverage as well. So you know you’re not kind of getting parts of the buttercream showing through. Which is really cool now next up is the lemon juice so the lemon juice has come out really like the water. And it's given a really beautiful coverage as well. And next is our vegetable oil so the vegetable oil has come out really nice and smooth and it's definitely. You know a lot smoother to paint with which is nice. And last up is our vanilla essence and the vanilla essence has appeared to come out really nice as well. It’s given a really beautiful coverage.

How To Make Antique Gold Paint?

Now, I'm going to tell you how to make antique gold paint. A simpler way to refresh a piece like this. This is made of plastic and it is a very shiny almost platinum finish on it. Belongs to a friend and they wanted to see it develop into something with a little richer and more gold to it. So I'm beginning the transformation process by applying liquid wax in jet black. And this is applied over the entire surface making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. how to make antique gold paint. Without allowing the wax to set up Aim coming back in with a microfiber rag. And wiping away the black liquid wax from the upper surfaces of the piece super simple. You don't have to be finicky at all just dab and wipe it away until the black left only in the declivity x'. I grabbed a heat tool to speed up the drawing process and on this flatter surface. I allow the liquid wax to set up a bit longer than on all the ornate carving. And that results in a tougher to remove the finish.

How To Make Antique Gold Paint

But a few spritzes of water help solve that problem once the surface is dry. I'm coming back with Gilders paste in antique gold toward up and intensify the gold tones in this piece. how to make antique gold paint. I'm reaching for a baby wipe and using that as an applicator pad. It works nicely this is making a difference to that almost silvery finish and bringing more warmth and depth to the surface. Gilders paste will bond perfectly well to this slick plastic surface. It just needs to be given a couple of hours to cure and once the surface has thoroughly cured. It’s taken on more depth and a richer feeling couple of coats of a good quality clear spray sealer. The piece has taken one difference.

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