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How To Make Cake In Minecraft?

Hey guys welcome back to another how-to tutorial and today I'm going to be showing you. How to make cake in Minecraft? That you can see right in front of me so guys stay tuned and I’m going to show you how you can make it right. Guys to make this really awesome birthday cake. You're going to need all the blocks that you can see right in front of me. We are going to need a cake now layers Red stone blocks any kind of building block. And a command block now sadly that means it's only available on mine craft PC edition. But I thought this was so cool I had to show you guys anyway so once you get all these blocks guys. You need to find a place where you want to build your birthday cake. Now the first step to building this cake we need to just punch a hole in the ground anywhere. We want just like that then we need to get our snow layers and we need to put eight snow layers in this hole. That we just punched out so one two three four five six seven eight.

Now, something you may be asking why don’t you just use a regular snow block. But we must use snow layers instead of a snow block. Then what we need to do guys get any kind of building block. You want and just build like a platform where you want your cake to be. So this is going to be like my side unit right here and I'm going to put my cake right here. But you must put your cake where you put your snow block. How to make cake in Minecraft? So remember where you put your snow book. So my snow blocks are there my cake is going to go right here then we need to get our regular cake. And place it on top of that block right there like that so the next thing we need to do now guys gives ourselves. A command block now to-do that we need to type this command I Chat and that is /give then your mine craft name. And then type comma press tab press enter and that will give you a command block. Now with this command bar what we need to do is place it on top of the cake like that. And then we need to right-click on the command block and then paste in this command right here now.

How to make cake in minecraft

This command is summoned armor stand and we've got three squiggly lines and minus 1.9. Now all this is a very important command all you need to do is copy and paste. Now once you have done that you to press done then you need to get your Red stone block and power this command block. How to make cake in Minecraft? So if power this command block you can see an armor stand fell from the command blocking to the cake. So that's perfect exactly what we want so what we can do now is destroy this. Then we need to place our command block down once again now. Once you place your command block down again. You then need to paste the second command inside of your command block. And that is this long command right here. Now this command will also be the description.

They will be labeled command number one and command number two now this command. Here is command number two once you have copied and pasted that into your command block. You need to press done and you need to power the second command block right here. And that will give you a cake head then we need to go over to our cake over here. Right-click on the armor stand and as you can see. We have a really cool-looking birthday cake and wedding cake. How to make cake in Minecraft? Whatever you want to call it looks like a real cake and I think the thesis absolutely awesome. But there we go guys a really cool-looking cake that you can use in any of your Mine craft worlds. but guys if you enjoyed this tutorial today.

How Do You Make Minecraft Cake In Real Life?

How do you make Minecraft cake in real life? Let’s play Minecraft Obviously. The ingredients in the game can't make a real cake. So we decided to treat you all to a modified version. 4 layers of delicious red velvetiness. To make this cake, you will need 2 and a half cups of all-purpose flour, 3 teaspoons of Cocoa Powder, red food coloring. 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar, 2 eggs. 1 stick of melted butter, 1 cup of buttermilk, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Extract and finally, a few tubs of cream cheese frosting. Compliments of Betty Crocker. (Curse you, Batter witch! We will foil your buttery plans someday) Combine the flour, baking soda, and sugar in a bowl.

Mix together inning a separate bowl, combine the cocoa powder and red food coloring. Whisk until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Pour the flour and sugar mixture and melted butter into a large mixing bowl. Beat on medium to high until combined Next adds in the eggs. Then the buttermilk vanilla extract, and the red Cocoa Powder paste. Add in as much as you want until your batter is just the right amount of red. For this cake, we got 2 8x8 inch square pans. To make sure the cake doesn't stick, add in a little bit of oil and coat the sides with a napkin. Then, pour a little bit of flour and spread it around evenly. No pick ax necessary but helpful nonetheless. Pour the cake batter in and even it outré-heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the cakes for 30 minutes. How do you make Minecraft cake in real life? You can test to see if they're done by using a toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean, then you're ready to Minecraft.

How Do You Make Minecraft Cake In Real Life

Mine craft! To maximize the height of the cake, you should cut them in half with a cake leveler. OH my gosh! This is...That was easily the most satisfying thing I ever have done in my life. Next, coat each level with a thick layer of frosting. The best tool to use for this is a spatula. When you get to the top make sure all the sides of the cake are covered too. Now we're ready to decorate. Yay! You’ll need A box of fondant, gel food coloring in Crisco, or shortening.

First things first, cover the surface of your workspace and your hands with Crisco. So the fondant doesn't stick. Begin kneading the fondant until it's soft. What? For real? For this cake, we need it colored brown and red to add the gel coloring to get your desired shade. And keep kneading it until it's evenly spread. Repeat for each color. If there do too much chatter and not enough work in the kitchen? Don't worry; saran wraps got your back. A baton as well.

Yeah, Guys...Cooking is fun. Very fun Okay Roll out the fondant to about the size of the cake, leaving a few inches on all sides. To ensure the fondant makes it safely to the cake. Wrap it back up on the rolling pins so you don't rip it next. Cover the cake with the fondant and delicately flatten the sides. Cut off the excess with a pizza cutter. From here on out, it's all about decoration. Carefully cut out the white edges using dabs of water glue them around the sides. Then top it off with a big white square piece. Cut out a bunch of various-sized red squares and decorate them to your heart's desire. Feel free to finish it off with a border of icing. How do you make Minecraft cake in real life? It'll help hide any imperfections VoilĂ ; you've created your very own 4 layers of Red Velvet Mine craft Cake. Be sure to cut it into six and fill up on those hearts. There’s a bit of fate ....of fiction.

How Do You Craft A Cake In Minecraft In Xbox One?

Welcome back to another article and today we are back in the rich world with the rocket sound alone. Now the topic is how do you craft a cake in Minecraft in Xbox One. I broke my game so here's another one so you just going into first. You need to give you the mouse bondages. Um to the future why did we will be three pieces of at least 12 in City Planning normal packages. But all of them all coming talk like that are you doing nothing here.

Oh and I bet we still and put them on the side. And then let me just Carboy you put that in the middle of pictures. Any people eating funneling bottom and when you take the case the milk turns. Actually, you are bucket because all those games are held out here and you turn your old bucket. Don't worry Jess and then he went kind that's how do you craft a cake in Minecraft in Xbox one. Like you guys the white kid man you guys next time goodbye hey everybody so today in this little article.

I'll be teaching you how to make awake and a cake is like a portion of food on Minecraft. And you basically place it on the ground and it um it gives you like a certain amount of food. But it only raises one little corn dog but it's and you can't is they're not stackable. So if you have a lot of cakes in your inventory cakes on cake okay if you have cakes in your inventory. Then you can’t really do it so it's not really practical to bring more than one on like mining trip. But you can place it in the mine will be fine.

I just stepped on my wheat, okay and there are five ingredients you need and it is sugar cane or sugar wheat. You need three buckets of milk from cows and egg and yep that's it alright okay. So to harvest wheat you just hit it and then you get wheat usually. But I can't really harvest it cut I'm in creative mode to make sugar. You're going to get sugarcane and then you go to the crafting table. You just place it on the crafting table and then you get sugar to plant sugarcane. You just needed to be on a regular train you just have water near it. And we just need to be on like a hold like a train. And I don't think you need water near it to get the three buckets of milk.

We just right-click on avow with a bucket in our hand. If it doesn’t stop moving you get three buckets of milk. And then eggs just chickens randomly drop eggs everywhere. So pick that up alright so this is going to make the cake. Now you're going to put the three wheat on the bottom you’re going to put the three milk on the top row. The two sugars on the sides of the middle and the egg in the middle. And that makes a cake and it takes up one little thing of like spot. And then you can just click on it and it doesn't take any time to eat it. Or not-nom-nom-no you just click on it. You right-click omit but you can't create it with and you eat it. Okay, that's my tutorial on how do you craft a cake in Minecraft in Xbox one, and hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you next time bye.

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