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How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today I'm going to tell you about How to Get Rid of Groundhogs. I'm going to run away huh what are you doing now this is my backyard. A big one sometimes you’ll find different kinds of animals. There's a deer that comes in here at night but they're not too bad in my backyard. That's my neighbor's backyard now. My husband mowed this yesterday. So here's urn makes you a far fit for a pit and that this morning orderly looked at that, my friend. Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you where's your home oh there's a home there you go it’s alright. That's our groundhog that's our outside pet. Yeah, my husband bought some sort of spray repellent. That I swear under neat this fence. Because it looks like that ‘show they're getting in but it's not working.

Because I could spray that thing and I'll see my friend in our yard like it's nothing and those bottles are not cheap. How to Get Rid Of Groundhogs. They're like $15 a bottle so I'm going to show you, my little garden that I started here. Here are my eggplants that are my rosemary my Tomatoes there's another eggplant. I have my cilantro oh I need to water them they're getting dry. Cilantro and mint and here are my basil they're also getting dried. Why this whoop in here it’s my husband's garage and is the Adirondack chair? That we got you to have to stain it though before we take it outside. Ah so got to find the keys for that one hope it's in the house. We moved into this house the second week of January this year. So we're doing a little bit of renovation and stuff. We did the roof we replace the whole roof including the garage in the shed. And let's visit our friend let's see if he came out on the other thing is in there for good so-so this is ours outside for now.

I love starlight guys this is my short blog of the outside trying to catch my own up catch him. But trying to see my outside friend my groundhog sometimes I see too. But I haven't seen the other one yet. So alright hopefully you guys are doing well stay safe make sure to take care of each other. Take care of yourself and each other by welcome to the why life in victors guys. How to Get Rid of Groundhogs. We’re doing a little groundhog in today for my client she's got a groundhog living up under one of her sheds. It’s doing a little damage to the foundation that’s what groundhogs really do. They burrow down into the ground and they cause problems. You know with foundations and different things like that. But their burrows can be pretty extensive underneath the ground. So in this situation, she just wants him out below this shed and she wants them removed. So you guys take a look I'll show you exactly how we're setting up the traps.

But we're using kind of how you get rid of one checkout as you can see here we got a cage setup. We have nice fruits and vegetables for them that's kind of what they like they’re very sensitive. So human scent is a very key factor in this. I have washed down my cages with scent-free soap I'm an avid hunter. You know being in the woods and hunting and tracking out animals. You got to remove all the human scent so in this case, I scrubbed my cage down of all human scents. And now we're just going to bait them up. They got the fruits and vegetables so we'll see here you know in a couple of days. What happens? The fruits and vegetables start disappearing and then it moves right into the cage. But check it out let me show you some of the damage that he's doing around this shed here right in. Here you can see the damage you see where he's going through here. How to Get Rid of Groundhogs. And right in here we’re tunneled under he's working his way all the way around digging holes. And these are the most active areas right here where I'm setting the cages. You can see the trough that he goes down under right in here so we have our cages set baits in place. Now time is what we need well like that by the end of the day we got the groundhog in the cage. Ready for transport guys it's not usually that easy sometimes it takes time so if you're trying it yourself. be patient give it a little time but if you guys need a professional. Give the wildlife and pictures a call will come out and let us and pick those wild animals for you.

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Do I Have Moles Or Groundhogs?

Now I’m going to tell you Do I Have Moles or groundhogs? Recently I noticed a bunch of piles of dirt popping up in my grass. Sub terranean pests have moved into our digging tunnels in my yard and doing a ton of damage. So I thought I'd start a new blog series reviewing different traps. For catching these unwanted animals that way we know which traps work best and how to use them now in my case. Where I'm going to show you how to identify which pests you have both by the physical characteristics. And the types of dirt they leave behind that way you know which traps to use and how to catch them.

Now, these animals will vary greatly in size depending on what region you're from. And what species you have this is the mole they pretty begin my area. They have soft fur their eyesore tiny you almost can't see the same with the ears. Because they live underground in the dark they don't need them and that way it keeps the dirt out of their eyes. And ears and they have this nose in front this is for smelling their prey moles are carnivores. They’re eating worm’s grubs they're digging for invertebrates to feast on now if you turn them over. You'll notice these moles have really big paws with these claws for digging these can do a ton of digging.

You'll notice these mounds popping up everywhere. Once they move in now what's interesting is the teeth the teeth on these are sharp for catching their prey. Do I Have Moles or groundhogs? They're not rodents like the Gophers voles squirrels these are insectivores. So these are similar to shrews and these can do a ton of damages. I'll show you how to catch these thesis a pocket gopher these are pretty big as well. They're called pocket gophers because along with their mouth here. They have two big pockets almost like a kangaroo two of these big incisors on top and bottom indicate. That they're rodents they have claws for digging. And these are great at digging extensive tunnels they’ll make the main run with side runs. And these can do a ton of damage as well so it's good to know how to catch the pocket gophers.

The third one is a vole with a V, not a mole of old they're not related because this is also rodent. These don't leave these big piles but they can still do a lot of digging and damage. So I'll show you how to identify bowls as well and how to catch them. So first we'll go start looking at the dirt piles and we'll start with the Gopher. Here's a big pile of dirt out intend looking at this I instantly know we have a problem with Gophers. The way I know that is the shape of this mound what we have is a low spot. Here is the hole where the animal dug the dirt out of their tunnels. And then we have a high crescent-shaped or semicircle ridge there’s no dirt on this side of the hole. Now Gophers when they dig their mouths they come up at an angle here and then they just kick or fleeing.

The dirt out now they don't throw it on this site because to do that they'd actually have to come out of the ground. And expose themselves to predators so if you see any dirt mound that has a hole. And then semicircle or crescent shape you know it’s a gopher here just like this guy. Do I Have Moles or groundhogs? You’ll also notice that these are bigger chunks in my area Gophers tend to do bigger chunks. The moles have really fine dirt almost like sand and that's going to be a perfect cinder cone. Almost like a little volcano so crescent-shaped dirt gopher. Now that you know what a gopher Mountain looks like here's a really good example of a molehill. It’s around a dome-shaped pile of dirt the dirt’s pretty fine and the highest spots in the center. Here that's where the hole is where the mole pushes the dirt out of its tunnel and it pushed it in all directions. These can pop up pretty quickly once amole moves into your yard.

They have these huge claws for digging and they dig an extensive network of tunnels. Looking for worms grubs and other foods if you see a bunch of dirt pop up in your yard. That's round dome shape almost like a little volcano you have a problem with moles. Do I Have Moles or groundhogs? Here's the third kind of damage that I've seen in my yard it's ahold about as big as a quarter. And it has runs going to it one going this way when going this way one going. This way there’s a huge network of pathways and holes. And these remain open which means the animals are living below ground but coming above ground to feed. And go through these pathways they like to eat grass and other plants can do a ton of damage. These, of course, are being caused by voles this is a really big vole predator like owls loves to eat these. But the populations can get huge so I'm going to be trapping voles as well. They don’t leave a mound-like the Gophers or the moles. If you see holes everywhere you may have a problem with voles hopefully.

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