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How To Get Ash Greninja

Well hello everyone, welcome back to more Pokémon Ultra Sun &amp. I'm here to tell you guys well. Point out at the party I have the Lunular that I have evolved via a Cosmo. The experienced grinding method works for getting Chaney does work. How To Get Ash Greninja. Today I thought I'd tell you guys how to get Ash-Greening. I have noticed that looking in my analytics. I see that most people find me by searching for how to get Ash-Greening and I have yet to write an article on it. I have a getting Greening via the Island Scans and that's where people find me a lot. So I figured I better show you guys how to do that. So you get one by downloading the special demo for Pokémon Sun &amp. Moon and going through that it takes a good 20 minutes to finish it. Play it all the way through and then when you're done playing it all the way through you could transfer Pokémon. I have yet to transfer the Pokémon because I thought it was only one. I have recently learned that you could put it in not only Sun and Moon. But you should be able to put it in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. We're going to try to put it in Ultra Moon right now. I'm going to try the other three. My other two games and my other two versions after that and then will show off Ash-Greening and how he works. So but first we got to launch a special demo and get to transferring. I've already done the special demo. I have made a play-through of that when it first came out a couple of years ago. But yeah I don't know why I held off on putting Ash-Greening it into my game. He's overpowered so that's I guess that's a good excuse. Anywho but yeah I should have one so I can have it. Okay, it's interesting that it made me save my adventure but yeah. Go into any Pokémon Center. There's only one Kuku that should be right here and you can transfer. Yes, I want to send a full version please, thank you much.

 Hmmm, that's an interesting warning. Okay, that's saying the cartridge will have priority over the save game. Like the digital download that's what it's trying to say. How To Get Ash Greninja.  So if you have a digital download and a cartridge of the same title. Like you have Moon, Ultra Moon or Ultra Sun, our Sun, it's a digital copy and it’ll go to ultra-moon because it's a cartridge. Okay, that's what are we sending let's send over Greening. We're going to send a Greening yes we will. Go for it yes of course we have to have two grand trials for Greening to listen to us. We're already in the post-game all right. So okay that makes sense so what we have to do is to anyone. Who doesn't have Pokémon Moon or Sun? You have to transfer it to her first to Sun or Moon first and then you could trade it to Ultra Moon. That or use Pokémon Bank to transfer it afterward. All right well, in that case, I could pop out the game put in a copy of Sun. Changing cartridges right now. Okay a little bit of a roundabout way of doing it but okay let's do it. Now I have Pokémon Sun inserted into my system. We've done these warnings already yes thank you for telling us. Alright sending presents sent let’s goes ahead and sends the other pieces of things I got why not. Okay with all those things transfer let’s go and collect our Ash-Greening. You know I forgot to mention if you haven't done the demo version of Sun and Moon. You can still yet download it from the shop. All right so here’s our friend who loves to distribute things we got to make sure that I have a spare party member let’s see. Okay, spare pair member achieved let's go collect our Ash-Greening, and yes. I did play as a lady in my first run-through of Pokémon Sun doesn’t judge me. I mean um... Yes let's take Greening and we'll collect the items later right now too. Good thing it gives us all items take them together cut it's so much simpler than sending. One at a time like the demo did oh my goodness it was a bit of a pain in the booty.

How To Get Ash Greninja

Alright, let's have a look at this article real quick before we send it over to Ultra Moon. So pretty sure that's the only way to do it I will double-check though. It's got battle-bound ability so that means that. When after defeating an opponent/opposing Pokémon or when it defeats a Pokémon rather. It will become Ash-Greening and Water Shuriken becomes more powerful. And of course, Water Shuriken only does 15 damage and that's why we want an Ash-Greening. Okay so let's get to trading it and let’s show it off in Pokemon Ultra Moon pretty sure that's the only way to get it. I should check the nature of this guy one sec. Cruz that was the whole point of doing that let’s check its nature. It's got a Brave Nature okay. I would sooner have Adamant but you know that's okay and a Brave Nature one is okay as well. I don't, I’m not too familiar with my natures though so... All right we'll put Sun in my other game and put ultra-Sun here in the in my capture DS and we'll get to trading in a moment. Okay, time for us to start trading, so Quick Link time. There we go we're connected. Let's do a Link Trade, all right of course we are going to trade for our Ash-Greening and we're going to give her one of these Lullaby’s that I breaded a long time ago to get a bunch of... Well for that egg breeding episode I told you guys how to do it a long while back. Bye-bye Lullaby and hello Ash-Greninja.All right, we got ourselves a Greening.

 We're going to take good care of it and we're going to show off its ability. Okay now we're on our PC, let's go pick up Greening move them over there. How To Get Ash Greninja.  Let's swap them at the top of the party and let's go fight something. Now to anyone who doesn't have Sun or Moon to transfer the demo. Greening/Ash-Greening to you will have to find someone willing to part with one on the internet. I sure there are reedit pages that allow people to fast find people. Let's try this area in route 16. Let's go up here and see if we can find something that Greening can defeat. I don't know what this area is good for a water-type to be fighting. Let’s see anyway, we're already here let's trying it. Okay, a bug-type that isn’t too bad. Bug and Fairy-type to be precise. You know what aw for crying out loud. yeah this is I'm realizing this now. Unless this thing does a... here. I need to fight a trainer that's what I need to do. I need a fight trainer because even if I do defeat something. It won't transform unless there's another Pokemon there to fight. Dang, it and I fought pretty darn near all the trainers you could fight in this game Shoot. Yeah huh yeah, and everyone's pretty much battled unless. I go up against the Elite Four again or unless I go up against one of the trial peoples again. I've re-challenged every one of those. Let's go re-challenge Alma or should I make it its separate article. Oh, decisions, let's go here we will find Illma. I want to go after the Kahuna. No, we're already here let's go here. Let's go see Alma is that how you say his name I don't know. Hey, buddy yeah I am one of Alma’s friends come on yeah, come on thank you. One thing though, I’d like to hear what you think my boy, is he doing a good job as captain? Well, I'm not sure, ah kidding yes of course is a good captain. Sorry, I probably shouldn't have asked you something like that out of the blue... Our Alma has always with Pokemon battling ever since he was a boy. When he fights he looks like someone else - you can see him in his face! Always been a little worried about whether he would do all right as Captain. Sorry to hold you up. If you're looking for Alma, he's in this room. Right, let's re-challenge Alma. Hopefully, I haven't done it already but judging from that cut scene I haven't yet I think that Zelda's room (wait Zelda's room?).

Yep, there is unless he wants me to do some kind of weird side quests first I hope not. Let's get to battling dude. Thank you for coming Dennis. And you've arrived in such exquisite timing! I spent a lot of time planning a war and finally, my simulation was over! Would you be so kind about test it with me Dennis? Why of course I want to test something out myself here we go. You have my gratitude. Very well then. To the Trainer's School! Oh, we’ve got a journey there first. Oh okay, quick travel. We’re going to have a battlefield I guess. Before I begin, let me explain ... this is not the result of a war that interests me. Instead, it’s a well-thought-out strategy or a new strategy used by coaches. How those plans affect one's opponents and influence. The outcome of battles-that is where my interests lie! Now give me everything you've got Dennis! Okay here we go, I hope you have low-level Pokemon but you have for level 40 people dang it. Not be able to defeat anything. Gumshoes okay... go for it Greening, yeah he's level 60 of course he is Hahira oh no, okay. We are going to have to train this Greening before we can do anything else. Sorry guys, because Greening has to defeat something not someone else. Defeats something for it to see Ash-Greening happen. So without further ado.

I'm going to step to say this is the end of the article unless there's someone out there that. I need to that is lower than Level 36. But that's the case in the post-game guys. So that this is the end of the article. I guess so much for tuning in next time. We should go up against Alma again but with a Greening/Ash-Greening that is comparable to his level. All right, thank you so much for tuning in and we will see you next time bye for now.

How To Get Ash Greninja In Pokémon Ultra Sun

hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel god damn. So today guys Pokémon bank has been out for more than two years. I have no idea but we are going to be abusing it. I bought a Pokémon ship for Pokémon moon cut like this is the only Pokémon game. I have that has to do with Sun and Moon ultra-so if you have been playing the demo. Right here this demo and you wanted the greening but you have ultraist’s super easy to do. How to get ash greninja in pokemon ultra sun.  So you can enter this and you have to be able to do the thing. So do whatever the characters tell you until it shows it rolls the credits. So you also have to go through the whole thing 15 20 minutes. And then you'll be all set it's easy to do. And then yeah so for my thesis a big problem and you do have to own people will say this is clickbait.

 But you do have to own at the Pokémon Sun or moon the original game see going. Here once you're inside and I walk overdo Professor Fucoid comes in alright hope. I'm saying right you got to send a full volume. Yes no, remember you should be at the second and finish the second trial front a brand trail JavaScript. All right yes yeah it's pretty easy now if you want your trainer thing to be yourself. It's not possible it is this is Ashley Ana, so it's 100% selected to ash so super easy. You're done here I don't know if you want to save. how to get ash greninja in pokemon ultra sun.  You can't save okay so you go out to thank you here you go here and you're in it’s simple from there. I’m already in a Pokémon Center in here so there's a bunch of different methods to trade this to your triple. But I’m going to use Pokémon things so here wear there we go. You’re going to walk over to this guy and here it is this is the granites.

 Now haven't you picking on a moon or something. Now gentlemen picking on Sun or moon the original game easy go into your box and I'll show you how to do it. So got it your finger take the greninja a little bit. I'm sorry Lou there you go all the way over to box one or whatever box you think is good for trading. I don't know so then once you’re a ninja in you're all set to battle bond so you're all set. Let's go back now from here it might get a little hard you have to save the game. But sorry it’s not going to get hurt. It's going to get run weirdly because you have to go into Pokémon banks and do some good stuff. So what do you like to save your venture software? Yes, it's not exactly weird so you want to save don't enjoy him go to a Pokémon bank. Yes once you are saved you to be a hundred percent sure. You saved or the greninja could be forever deleted or lost and you can get it back on the studious. So that would suck big time.

 So guys I got out of school for summer. Yeah, so that's a quick thing.  So now that we're doing this my mom is here guys and recording of these go into here its super simple furious. Guys if this happens kind of sex so my mom's buying me Starbucksyay. Yeah, so I'm going to cut once I get Wi-Fi, and then from there, I will show you use Pokémon bank. Oh wait a minute, I'm sorry I messed up you’re welcome you want to put in. Oh no, you do want to put in this one I'm geniuses this game sorry have a bunch of Pokémon and trying to transfer from this. Guy’s HQ so once it's loading let's skip to it so once you're in Pokémon bank. You want to hit over down here and you want to grab your greening or whatever Pokémon. You won't do what you want okay and once it's in the box transport box. 300 bucks 1million bucks to leave exponent doesn’t matter any box and all your stuff is ready. You want to click this button right here, which is X squares X I can’t see.

 How X I should know this X is this one okay weird like to say the point yes so I will skip to the next part. Once we are using this chip right here so I'll show you when we're in Pokémon bank with this chick let's go. So we have this in the case and we're off us now Pokémon moon inside of there. So you put them on there and I'm gonna make your ultra-game ultra-Pokémon. Song your ultra-come on moon yeah I know thesis a long article shoot our people but I’m sneezing do it. So loading in so we’re here all the Pokémon is mu Peso. I'm going to name this so you can name it per se have to be in the game. But you can name so all you have to do it’s simple. You click select thesis the bottom button right here. It's the bottom button select again tilt the area green. Then you want to click them and everything that you touch now.

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