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How To Draw Braids

Hey, guys so in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to draw braids. And I figured out a really easy way to do it because I was looking at a braid. One day and I noticed there's sort of a zigzag pattern right down the center because I know some people. Just go in and draw these lines and they'll draw this one and this one and that. One but that’s just a little bit too tricky for me sometimes in my braid ends up looking all wonky. But if you draw in this zigzag first it actually turns out quite well. So I’ll show you how I do that so I guess to start off with a zigzag and I do my lines roughly at a 90-degree angle. Right here but if you increase that angle the braid will look a bit looser because mine tends to look quite tight. The way I draw them and these lines are getting shorter and shorter.

As you get to the bottom because the braid tapers at the end not going to get too long. Because it'll take a while to write this article and if you want you can add in some guidelines for the thickness of the braid. You might not need these but if you want to plan it out ahead of time you can draw in some lines just like this. And then to draw the rest of the braid you just start at the bottom of one of these lines. And just extend it upwards just like that same thing on this site and then you have the general shape of your braid. And then you want to make it actually look like a braid so we're going to add in some round edges right here. The same thing on this site and at the bottom, I just draw a little bubble like this and another one on this site. And then I draw in the hair elastic

I’m just going to do simple elastic for this one. And then at the bottom, because of the elastic squeeze, the hair is going to puff. Out a little bit, it can be a lot or just a little bit up to you but it's going to puff out. Some and then it'll taper and it could just taper into one point it could have a little curl at the end. I'm going to make mine have a couple different sections. How to draw braids. Just something like that and then it still looks pretty stiff not a whole lot like a nice braid. So what I do after that is I round out this bottom piece here so this is very square at the bottom. So I just color in the corners to make it a rounder shape and I also like to fix the top too. Because a lot of the times where this curl right here meets this straight line it's kind of a pointy corner. So I like to round that out too and I'm just going to speed this part up. Because it can be a little bit tedious to watch me do that for the entire braid.

You all right so now most of the grade is done and you might be wondering. How you connect it to the head well what I do is I just sort of extending these two top lines. And it depends exactly what kind of braid if you only have one or two braids on the head this might have to bulge. Out a lot because you're going to make to eventually link that to the entire head. But if it's just a longer but skinnier braid you might not even make it stick out that much. It just might sort of fade into the rest of the hair but it pretty much. Just extend it like this and extend lines in every direction you can see.

I sort of kept this line so this piece of hair still in front and then. It just all fades into the rest of the hair and it helps if you draw strands. And that's another thing Like to do is draw some strands on this part and some of the strands. Just sit sort of in the middle some go on the end and only make their way partially across. I don't like to draw very many that goals the way across if I'm drawing a smaller braid. How to draw braids. I definitely do that a lot but when it's a close-up like this. I try to make it a more random item again. I’m not going to show you the entire thing because that would take too long and I do that on the bottom as well. And you want to make sure these lines are curved to the shape of the braid. So it's a 3d object I know you're drawing it 2d but you have to think of it as its 3d shape. And sort of follow the curve of the actual object. So now I'm just going to show you again how you connect into the head using this as an example. So you can see I kept this chunk right here it looks just like this chunk. But without the end, it just sorts of fades into the rest of the hair and I added a couple lines.

So that's the way you cannot connect it to the head so this braid here is a lot like. The one I just did in the tutorial has very round edges and it’s quite uniform. It's not very messy looking and it's okay to do that for cartoony drawings. Because the cartooning doesn’t have to be perfect and then for this one here. I have sort of pointy err edges to the braid. Just to make it look a bit cartoony and even this bottom part here has sharper. Corners it's just a stylistic choice and I have this big one right here. It's sort of a fatter braid that doesn't have to be fat like this but I just showed. How you can get a bit more realistic detail while still making it cartoony. I just added little chunks of hair that stick out at certain sections and you can see this is a very crooked line. It's not just a smooth line like on this one. So it makes it look a little bit more realistic and messy while still being a cartoon style.

I guess and then I just added a bit more detail on the ends too. And then I have this little one here this is really good for simple braids. Or really small braids you know how some characters have their hair down. But they just have skinny long braids in their hair. How to draw braids. That's really good because when something small it's hard to draw a lot of detail in it. So a lot of people just do their braids like this and all it is a bunch of little sort of like. A half of a heart you just draw this one then that one then this one and that one and just make your way down. It's pretty simple so yeah those are just different braid styles. And I hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys I think I’m just going to end it here.

How To Draw Braids

Because that’s all I have to say and thanks for watching alright. So now I'm going to get to the winners of my giveaway thanks to everyone who entered. I had 630 comments by the time I ended the giveaway so that is insane. So thanks to everyone who commented yeah everyone had an equal chance of winning. Because I just used a random number generator and there were three winners. So I’ll just quickly go over the prizes again there are all eight of my bookmarks. How to draw braids. They're all double-sided so there are different characters on the back. And then there are these six buttons there’s a Kotare and Sukkah from Avatar Harry Ron. And Hermione from Harry Potter and you also get this prism color colorless blender. Pencil alright so the first winner was stuffers one the second winner was k 9 puppy dog. And the third winner was the diva three one two one so congratulations guys. And by the time you see this I’ve probably already messaged you asking for your mailing address. And it'd be awesome if you guys could get back to me as soon as possible. Because I'm going to mail them out altogether so have to wait for all. Three of you to get back to me before I’ll mail them so yeah congratulations again and thanks, everyone.

Easy How To Draw Braids 

Now I’m going to tell you easy how to draw braids. So first up ideally have had nothing no ideas what-to-do for my first round. So I'm just going to go with a braid so when you ‘redrawing braids generally and I start off with a zigzag to shape. And it should get a bit smaller near the end just so that because of braids. Just wane off at the end you know not really they're going to get smaller. So the next thing you do you just kind of extend these sides. And give them a bit more length still getting shorter as you go down. And it's doesn’t have to be perfect because braids aren’t perfect sorry this isn't focused woof. But then you just want to round off the edges and give them you know surround them offend.

The rounder you make these edges the fatter the braid is going to seem. So usually give it a little bump at the bottom and then you can draw on your hair tie sorry. Tilting the paper which usually you'll just have two or three loops so I'm just going to give it three right here. And then you can draw the end of the hair which usually will just. Easy how to draw braids. You can help fly out a little bit right there and you can just give it a rounded out. And remember that's how I like to do it just like that and then up here. You can see this looks a little stiff and Scratchy in some places like right. There so after that, you can just I like to go over the edges and just make them look like make it. Look like this piece is going into that one and this can also you can do this scheduling. A little kind of add a shading effect to it and then afterward you can erase the shading. Because of course hair isn't this blocky so you just go through and make it look like. It's going into the next one and you can add a little dark spot in here. So that it really makes it look like it’s going into it and changes the shape of each piece.

So I'm just going to keep on rounding them out and I'm going to add in some dark spots. Now there we go now I'm going to raise this up here now when you are doing a top of the braid. You generally well when you think about how braids come to their three pieces of hair. Easy how to draw braids. So you want to draw it like this braid is coming from three pieces of hair. So play it out and this how much you splay it depends on. How much of your character’s hair is in the braid if it’s like if they only have one or two braids. On their whole head, you're going to want to make the lines more like that. But if they have many braids or if thesis just a thin braid.

You should make the lines going more up and so you just change the angle depending on. How many how much of their hair is in it how many sorry. And so then you just make it look like there are three pieces of hair going into it. And darken it up down here and kind of ease. That out with some lines and if you're going for a more realistic look. Then you can also put some bumps along the edges but for this one. I’m just going kind of simple make and put a few bumps. And lines through it because think about it when you’re making a braid. Or at least when I do it never turns out perfect. And so that is how you draw a braid thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it bye.

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