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How To Delete A YouTube Video?

Today my topic is how to delete a YouTube video? Because it's embarrassing you or for some other reason. Well, you can leave me that in the comments down below. But today I will teach you how to delete a YouTube video in 2021. In this blog post, I'm going to be teaching you guys how to delete your YouTube videos in 2021. This is going to be a very simple and easy method. That you can do within a minute. Now you can delete your YouTube videos within a minute. If we could that would be awesome and have a question for you guys why do you want to do it. Join YouTube videos well leave me that in the comments down below. With that being said let's get right into this blog so the first obvious step is to go on to youtube.com. Now once you're on youtube.com you want to press on your avatar slash icon which is on the top right corner of your screen. Now you have to just press on it and then you have to go on to creator studio. Now once you have loaded up creator studio it will show you your dashboard. Now in your dashboard, you can see the video you have uploaded. But we aren’t going to go here we're going to go to the movie owner.

So just click on the video, click on the videos. And the videos posted on your YouTube channel will appear here. So now you want to press on this check box which is right here so just press on that checkbox. if you want to delete every single one of your videos you can put the check box. But at the moment only one video has been uploaded to this channel. When you are done, press this action button. When you press this action button, you will see several options. Now here you can see there is an option called delete you want to press on that. Then it will say permanently delete your video. You cannot undo this and you want to click on delete if you want to permanently delete this video. So just press on delete for in our case and as you can see it will say videos delete it. You'll also see a checkmark indicating that the video has been removed from the channel. And guys that's how you delete your YouTube videos in 2021 using the new YouTube layout.

How To Delete A YouTube Video

How Do I Clear All YouTube Recommendations?

Today I wanted to tell you how to actually fix irrelevant. YouTube recommendations on your home page now we have already done a video on this. We published it last year I think now I got to be honest I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that video. Because I personally have never done that and my YouTube homepage is great and judging. By the comments on the video, it didn't really work for you too so today I wanted to add my input. On that and tell you how I make my homepage actually really great so let me put my money. Where my mouth is I'm going to show you my YouTube homepage, not the corporate account. That we have my actual personal account I'm going to show you what’s on there and that it's full of videos. I actually want to watch and how can you do that, so take a quick look at my page. Which is second on the list: Sky News Live, because every time goes to YouTube homepage chances. Are it's because I want to watch Sky News live so you tubers learned to put that at the top. He's probably going to click on that and yes they're right then I see a load of videos from channels. I am actually subscribed to and those are things that I would probably want to watch. Now you could say it's a little pointless having those on a home page. Since that's accessible from the subscription page but if you can't watch everything. New then YouTube is going to pick up on a few of those that it especially thinks. You should see and show you those now I also see some channels I'm not subscribed to. So most of it is about Lego or War hammer there’s some terrain building stuff some self-sufficiency.

Home farming that sort of thing there's a little virtual reality going down. On the page, I can't really find anything that sort of screams why is on my home. Page everything here is something Google knows I have an interest in. I've engaged with related to something I've watched previously. Now let me show something completely different I want to show you our corporate account. Where the history is disabled so here is a completely stark contrast. And no offense to these creators but it’s mostly irrelevant populist nonsense. And it would be the same thing if I was logged out and bred anonymously the only thing is ours is a tech channel. Of course, so we get a lot of tech-related videos on our home page. But the thing is it doesn't know anything about me here the history is turned off. It doesn't know what I’ve watched so obviously it's going to base things off what's popular and what my IP address is. So at the moment, I'm running on a Romanian VPN which means my IP address. Looks like it's in Romania so scrolling through on this account that knows nothing about me. Really improbably going to see some based on location.

I mean I assume these are Romanian videos I don't actually speak Romanian. So I don't know but that’s probably a safe assumption to make see the secret to having a good YouTube homepage. With good recommendations on it that you want to interact with is to let YouTube. Know what you want to see shocking I know to keep your watch history turned on. And make sure that if someone else is going to use the computer log out of your account. So their videos aren’t recorded into your history like the videos. That you enjoy and subscribe to the channels that you want to see more from a comment on a video. If you have something to say by interacting with YouTube by giving it these little subtle hints. About what you enjoy what you’re going to interact with what keeps you engaged. You will have a much better homepage yes I know in theory clicking on the box. That says don't show me anymore from this channel should actually. Not show you any more from that channel but if YouTube doesn't know enough about you. To begin with, then it's always going to be pulling something from the bottom of the barrel to show you. Which you probably have no interest in so you’ll be endlessly clicking. No, I'm not interested in that no don't show me that again instead take a more proactive approach.

Tell YouTube what it is that you want to see now despite what the comments say on our original make your homepage. Better video YouTube is don’t try to accidentally push from left to right. Because of who you're campaigning for, it's not the agenda you'll see. YouTube wants you to do is to watch videos and therefore ads it wants to make money. And the only way it does that is to keep you engaged it's not that YouTube has degraded into some endless pit. Of mindless stupid videos, it's just that it doesn’t know what else to show you if you’re not comfortable with Google. Knowing everything about what you like to watch as videos. Then I'm afraid you’re just going to have to put up with a home page. That shows you irrelevant nonsense now that's your choice to make and perhaps. We do indeed give up too much of our privacy nowadays however know that not giving that information. Overdoes have consequences for algorithms that are based around knowing as much.

How Do I Delete A YouTube Video I Uploaded

So I've uploaded the wrong version of my video here I want to get rid of it. What’s the easiest way to delete YouTube videos in 2021 well that's fine now? So looking at the easiest way to delete a video on YouTube currently and the easiest way. Is to go to your YouTube studio so we click on that and then find the video that you want to delete. Just click on videos on the left-hand side and I can see I've done space videos again and space invaders. So I don’t want these two I just wanted the space invaders' space mate is again. Needs to be deleted it's the wrong version and so the easiest way is to click the button. And then go to more actions and delete forever there is another way you can just tap delete in the button. You just want to delete this file then you can just click here. And also delete forever now let's just do that delete forever and it does give you this warning. Because you do lose everything you may want to download the video first but if you understand. You do want to delete it you know you don't need it again click delete forever. And now that’s gone just say for example though you wanted to delete. More than one video then again the easiest way to do this now is there's been a recent update. Where you can click on the videos that you want to delete forever is now possible to be done. Through tick boxes as well delete forever you now got three videos to be deleted. I understand delete forever and they're gone too so that’s the easiest way to delete videos on YouTube in 2021.

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