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How To Cut A Watermelon

Hey, friend’s watermelon season is definitely upon us so I want you to grab your knife and your cutting board. And I want to show you how to cut a watermelon make it into those little cubes. That way you don't have to have that ginormous slice of watermelon unless. You want to and I want to show you how easy it is to do so stick around. And I'll show you just that so before we start slicing our watermelon. I want you to thoroughly be hit with warm water and soap or whatever you use to clean. You want your vegetables and fruits we this is going to be moving around on the board. So you want to make sure you have a clean surface that you're starting with now a little tip for you is that. Whenever you’re looking for watermelon at the store I've always heard to look for ones. That has a little yellow spot where it’s been sitting in the field. I’ve always heard that those are the best ones to find so check for those next time. You're in the store alright so we’re going to start out and we're just going to put it. On its side, we're gonna click off one end straight down now like to use a serrated edge knife. Just because it's most comfortable to me you can use.

Whatever you want whatever you have on hand it feels comfortable to you. Okay so once we slice off this one side we’re going to go and slice off. The other side little ways in and you're going to see some pink on the end. Don't worry about that if you want to scoop it out later you can no worries and then we're going to flip it. On his top okay and then here we go we're just going to take our knife around the edge. And just curve it around the shape of the watermelon okay see. How to cut a watermelon. I've left a little bit of pink on there and that's okay we're just going to keep going around. The watermelon making sure you get all of that yellow off of there. Now once you've gotten all that off the green off you might have a little bit of white.

That you have to still get like this right there you don't want to leave that. On their cause, it doesn't taste very good so make sure. You just get all that white off okay so the next step I want you to do is. Take your knife probably about an inch down and just slice it vertically. And then you're gonna take that and then you're just going to make it. Into those little cubes and then we're just going to keep doing that. All the way down in the watermelon now you can do two slices at one time. I have tried to do the whole thing at one time and I don't recommend that because it was a big mess. Yeah, just you want to do two slices at the most at a time.

How To Cut A Watermelon

I’ll show you the two slices you can definitely do this for the larger watermelons - works. Just the same no matter what size the watermelon is all right there you have it make sure. You have a ginormous bowl because that is what you're going to need. I want you to grab your knife grab your watermelon and get in the kitchen and start slicing this stuff is so yummy. How to cut a watermelon. I mean now that I've done this for seven or eight years on the show. I get asked a lot of watermelon questions so the number one question. I get now is what’s the easiest way to cut a watermelon. You know it's big you bring it home from the grocery store throw it on the sidewalk. Really hard yeah that or I get really mad when people buy it already chopped.

Because they up the price so much on it and like you can get one of these in the summer on sale. Like very cheap so the easiest way to cut a watermelon is. What I like to call watermelon fries so you cut the watermelon. Just straight down the middle and then we're actually going to kind of hack at it. The way that you chop an onion so just cross the top and then we’re going to cut. How to cut a watermelon. Okay you just cut one direction a few strips and then you turn it and you cut it. The other direction is so simple and easy it is kind of when you chop an onion. All right when you’re jacking squares, yeah and then you kind of just hand these out, and the kids kind of munch on.

How Can You Tell When A Watermelon Is Ready To Cut

If you have recently eaten watermelon and it was a good opportunity from South Georgia. South Georgia is known as the watermelon capital of the world. We've been growing watermelons all our lives. Now the ones I grow in my garden is a Crimson Sweet and I'm going to tell you how can you tell when a watermelon is ready to cut. Today how we know when a watermelon is ripe to pick out of your garden. Over time I’ve heard a lot of different things about telling how watermelons are ripe -- talking. About the green in here, how green it is or how pale it is, the belly if it's yellow, thumping it, and all kinds of things. There are all kinds of fairy tales. But we're going to show you the way we know when the watermelon is ripe. It's been in the upper 90s the last few days and this watermelon has got a little sun -- got a little blister there.

This watermelon would be culled in a commercial market situation. Here, but there's nothing wrong with it to eat. When you see a little sun on there, that’s a good indication that watermelon is ripe, but this is the sure-fire way to find out. There’s what we call a curly Q that's attached to where the stem meets the vine right there. And you can see that curly Q right there has to be dried up all the way back to the main stem. If it's dried all the way back to the main stem, we'll clip it and we know we’ve got a good ripe watermelon. Alright, here’s an example of one that's getting there but it’s not quite ripe. We follow back the stem and we find that curly Q and we look at it. How can you tell when a watermelon is ready to cut. And it's dried up about halfway and you can see it has some green in it from halfway back. So this particular one is a few days off. This one here is probably a couple weeks off. The little side is a bit. And you can see there where the stem connects to the vine there, that curly Q is green all the way out. It starts at the end of the ride where the hills are dry. This particular one is probably a couple weeks out. These are two that the curly Q was dried all the way back, so we're pretty sure they're ripe. Now, this is a Crimson Sweet. It's a little larger than some of the varieties they grow nowadays.

Some of the varieties they grow now are smaller, so you can get them in the refrigerator. These older varieties tend to be about 20 to 25lbs -- it's a seeded variety. How can you tell when a watermelon is ready to cut. The flesh in it is a little bit sweeter to me and a little bit firmer than the newer varieties. But there again you have the seeds to deal with. So we’re going to cut this one right here and see what it looks like. It could have probably stood to wait a couple more days, but it’s pretty ripe in there. And look at that heart right there. A lot of good watermelons right there. When they start getting ready, we’ll pick them and put them. Underneath a big shade tree where they'll stay cool -- the sun stays off of them. Go out there and we'll eat -- I’ll eat one or two a day. I love watermelons. Watermelon can remove kidney stones during the day.

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