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How To Cut Vinyl Siding

Hello! This is Aly at MultiPik and today we're going to tell you how to cut vinyl siding. This has got some weird-shaped hole in it. how to cut vinyl siding. No matter what the case is we've got to get it fixed. What we're going to do is we’re going to pull this piece off and put a new piece on. Now, this is a double four and a half Dutch lap. The Dutch lapis the little fancy bevel there. You also may have straight. There are a couple of different kinds of siding. The best thing to do is to take a sample down to your local building supply. Most places do sell individual pieces. They can match up your color and style. So we're ready to take the siding off. We have a handy dandy little zipper siding tool. We're going to find the closest seam which looks like it's right here. It's the one right below it and we’re going to slip the zipper tool right upon behind the siding. Once the tools in there, zip it down. Now that we've got that one free, we're going to need to pull the one above it also.

Zip it off of there. I managed to find this siding on the back. There are no electrical lines, no boxes, no gas lines, and no phone lines running through it. So this seems like an easy one to pull off the house. Now, this particular style of siding had been discontinued. So we found the closest match to the size and color that we can. You can see on the new siding that the lap doesn't line up exactly. So what we’re going to do is we're going to pull the piece off the back of the house. We have our piece off of the back. how to cut vinyl siding. Now we're going to take it to upend we're going to match it up. Run it inside of the J channel so we can get an accurate cut on our new piece. Set it up here so we can get a mark on it and that's where we want to cut our piece off of the siding. We should always try to replace full pieces. If you can to avoid it looking tacky, but, sometimes in a pinch, you have to do the best you can. So we take our mark up. That's where our new finish side of that piece is going to lie and we want that piece to overlap this one somewhat. So we’re going to make another mark, let it hangover about an inch or an inch and a half. Anything less is unacceptable.

How To Cut Vinyl Siding

Next, we’ll take a speed square so we can get a nice straight line for the cut. That’s looking nice. Now we take our shears and cut on our line. Now that it's cut, we can take our cut piece off the wall. Use your pry bar to pull any nails that you might have missed that didn't come off while pulling the siding. how to cut vinyl siding. We take our zipper tool and we zip in this piece that we loosened up. Push it in and you can walk it all the way down to clip it in. Therese goes. Next, we take our replacement piece, slide it into the J Channel and clip it in. We won't need the zipper tool to do this one. Now we have a nice finished edge on this side. Now you pull back the top siding. We're going to put a few nails in it. You don't want to hammer these too tight. You're going to want to leave about a quarter-inch of play because the siding likes to flex. Now we use our zipper tool to zip the last piece into place and there you have it.

An awesome repair, looks like it never happened and none will be the wiser. Now we're going to use our holy piece to mark the new piece that we bought so we can put it back on the back of the house. Snips to cut and we're ready to put this one in. We take our cut piece. We're going to put it on the bottom of the house. The reason we did this is that the laps didn't lineup. We’re not going to be able to line up two pieces of siding. So we want the exact siding off the back of the housetop to fix something. That you can see and then down here you're not even going to notice it. After we got it clipped into the bottom, we're going to tack a few nails in it. Trusty zipper tool. That one went in awesome. So we got our siding repair made. It's looking awesome and this house is ready for sale.

Can You Cut Vinyl Siding With A Miter Saw

Now, I am talking all about miter saws. A couple of weeks ago I told you all the woodworking tools for baking their needs. If you caught that article. can you cut vinyl siding with a miter saw. You know that a miter saw is one of my favorite sauces it was the first power tool I got. And it was the only saw I had for a long time. So today, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about using a miter saw. Now let’s talk about miter saws so first things first what is a miter saw this is a saw that can cut across boards. It can cut across the board at a 90degree angle at a 45-degree angle and a bunch of other angles. That we will get to in a few minutes. But what it cannot do is rip a board that is it cannot go across the board like this it's not safe. Now let's take a closer look at the miter saw and all its parts there is a blade and a guard.

The guard protects the blade of course and when you lower the saw to make a cut the guard moves upend out of the way. Next, you have a fence the fence is where you hold your board against. And it helps you keep the board's table and steady and straight as you make your context. You have the miter gauge it's the angle gauge on the table it helps make angled cuts across the board. There is alive or a knob to loosen and turn the table to set to the angle. You want almost all sauce to come with built-in angle stops to make common angles to help you. can you cut vinyl siding with a miter saw. Now the beveled gauge is under or behind the blade and it helps you measure the tilt of your blade. Of course, then you have your handle and your trigger. When you operate the saw you hold the handle and press the trigger to operate the saw. Now let's talk about the different types of miter saws that come in different sizes and have different capabilities. And the pricing of the miter saw depends on all those factors as well.

Can You Cut Vinyl Siding With A Miter Saw

The first thing is the miter saw blade size that comes starting at seven. And a half inches to almost twelve or fourteen inches apart from that. You have a few other options for the miter saw itself. You can get a single beveled saw which means that the blade tilts in only one direction. Which is what I have or you can get a double bevel compound saw. Which means that the blade tilts in both directions. You canals get a sliding compound miter saw which means that the blade slides outgiving you the capability to cut wider boards. So let's talk about the different types of cuts the first cut is across cut. Which is a simple 90degree cut across the board. The next type of cut is and a miter cut which is an angled cut across the board. For example, a 45 degrees is a very common angle cut. Next, is a beveled cut which is an angled cut across the thickness of the board?

This is achieved by tilting the saw blade using the bevel gauge. Then you have the compound cut which is a combination of the miter and the beveled cut. Now that you know all about the parts of the miter saw and all the different kinds of cuts. It’s time to tell you how to use it. But before that let's talk about safety like with any power tool be sure to read the manual. Follow all the safety instructions you want. I protected hearing protection and dust protection. Also, make sure you don’t have any loose clothing or hair, or jewelry, and keep your hands at least six inches away from the blade of the miter saw. There is one more thing you need to understand before we actually start making cuts. And that is the curve the curve is a very important concept to understand. So you are able to make accurate cuts using a miter saw now the curve is the width of your blade or rather the part of your board. That turns into sawdust when you go through it with your blade. So if I were to take a piece of wood and cut through it you would end up with this you see this picnic right here. That is a curve you have to account for it when you make cuts.

So let's take an example if you have a ten-inch board well this is not ten inches. But let’s assume this is ten inches if you have an 8-inch board and you wanted to make two boards of exactly 5 inches each. You can't do that because one of the boards would be missing the equal of the curve. So my saw has a curve of an 8th of an inch which means to get to equal boards of five inches each. can you cut vinyl siding with a miter saw. I need to start with a board that is 10 and an 8th of an inch. I know it's a bit of a complicated concept to grasp. So if you have any questions about it or about anything else. Be sure to leave it in the comments and I will definitely answer them. So finally now let's use the miter saw once you measure and mark your board. Draw a straight line where you want to cut use a speed square if you need to.

Then you push the workpiece against the fence and hold it with one hand away from the blade without pushing the trigger. Lower the blade to make sure that the curve is on the other side of the piece you want to keep. Once you’re satisfied with it lift it back up. Press the trigger and wait for the saw to reach full speed then lower the blade very slow through the board at the end of the cut. Let go of the trigger and let the blade come to a complete stop before lifting the blade. Back up now if you are using a sliding miter saw. Always bring the saw out and then cut toward the fence and that is how you use a miter saw. but before you leave a  necessary tip always cut off the ends of the boards that you get from the lumber yard. They are never square so cutting about an inch to a half an inch off of the ends will give you perfect boards with perfect ends to start with. And that's it I hope you have fun using your miter saw it indefinitely one of my favorite saws. 

How Best To Cut Vinyl Siding

I've finished replacing the soffit around my house with a new vented soffit like this. how best to cut vinyl siding. These come in 12ft lengths. And you have to cut them to size over and over and over again. I took some of the scrap wood I had lying around. And this is more or less a jig that you can slide your soffit in. Like that and you run your circular saw down here and it rides against this lip. So the only thing you need to do when you use something like this on your circular saw. Flip the blade around flip it around backward. So to start pulling your soffit and you push it up against this. This bottom part here makes sure it’s nice and square. I've made a little mark on my board so that I can line it up every time. Because I know they're all the same length. Make sure you're wearing safety glasses hearing protection and safety leather gloves. Because these tend to kind of spit-up some aluminum chunks.

While you're cutting its try it and you can see how that cuts so this is the edge. That we cut and you can see that it's straight and very little distortion. This is the other side of what we cut and you can see we cut through the actual perforated holes. how best to cut vinyl siding. Which will happen over and over again luckily these things are valuable. You can push them down with your fingers building one of these yourself is straightforward. You don't need a whole lot of material to do it. All you’ll need is a piece of plywood.

Doesn’t matter what size you can see this one's bigger than I need it to be this soffit is only about 16inches wide. And as long as you’d like it to be this piece going across here is an old piece of wood paneling. That was in my basement and I actually glued this piece of wood to it as my straight edge. That the sock and right up against one of the easiest parts about building. how best to cut vinyl siding. This jig is putting on this part here and you can make it aside as you want. Because the first time you run your saw through you're going to cut off the excess wood anyway. So this edge here is always where your blade will be the only crucial part of this. Is that the piece of wood that you ride your saw up against needs to be square with this bottom piece of wood here? And that will give you a square cut it saved me a ton of time. And if this helps you out as always feel free to leave any questions or comments and I'll do my best to answer.

If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments. I will definitely answer them if you don't have any questions. I would still love to see your comments.

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