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How to Clip On Twitch

What's up, guys? Welcome back to multipik. In today's blog, we’re going to be looking at the brand new updates. Twitch highlighter that has just been released, today. They have announced back at Twitch Cobnut the features. become live today and it makes. It so much better if you're creating highlights. your twitch streams for offline content to help you grow whilst you're not alive to stream. Now the Twitch highlighter has been out for a while, but previously. You’ve only been able to create highlights as one single segment of your live stream. With this new update tithe Twitch highlighter. You can now combine several different segments. Your live stream into one highlight effectively editing highlights. From a stream together into one combined clip. We’re going to be diving into the full feature overview, how you can use it. Why you should be using it, after a quick message from our sponsor. The Legato allows anyone to easily record and stream up to 1080P, 60 Fusiform a. One, or Nintendo Switch. Simply connect to a console by Homeland you're PC or Mac by USB3 and you're good to go. Find out more using the link in the description.

Now you might be thinking, why would I want to be spending time editing together highlights of my stream? Am I not doing enough by streaming three or four days a week already? Well, the truth of the matter is, you need to be spending time after your stream editing together. The highlights of your stream because they, these blogs, work for you whilst you are offline. The way this works is that if somebody arrives at your stream. When you aren’t live to stream, they see your offline image. You can let that blog be a How to Clip On Twitch highlight reel of your last stream, effectively showing. This person that's arrived at your stream all of the best bits. They missed the last time you were live streaming. And that greatly increases the chances. They're going to follow and look out for your stream next time you're life. You can also, of course, share these highlights on your social media. Places like Twitter andante gram are incredible places to share highlights. Your gaming moments, your live stream moments, and every single like and rewet. You get there is effectively opening up your network and your potential audience. More people seeing the best bits of your live stream. To make your life even easier and to prevent. You from potentially having to sift through hours.

Your live stream footage, Twitch has a feature. They introduced it last year called Stream Markers. When you are living in your Twitch live dashboard. You will see a section called Stream Markers. When a specific moment happens in your stream that you want to remember. You want to add Stream Marker. You can simply click the add marker button and it will add a marker at the current timestamp. After you've added these Stream Markers. They will be visible in the highlighter tool that we're going to get to in just a second which makes it much easier. You’re not going to have to sift through all of that footage. You can see specifically the highlights or the Stream Markers. You created whilst you were live streaming. There are a few different ways. You can create markers that don’t all have to be done from the Twitch dashboard. You or your editors can type in a slash marker and then a description if you want toad that will also add a marker. Another way of doing it if you are using your mobile phone to monitor. Your stream is you can add Stream Markers through the Twitch app. Finally, if you have invested in a Stream Decor a Stream Deck Mini. 

How to Clip On Twitch

They of the course have an integration to adding markers. The current live timestamp whenever you press it. Which makes it super easy 'cause. You can just press the button on your Stream Deck whilst you're life. You know that moment is then marked when you get to the highlighters you can easily find your highlights. So, actually, How to Clip On Twitch you use the new Twitch highlighter is, if you go to your Twitch dashboard. you come down to Video Producer, you should see a list of all of the videos. You've produced and all of your last live streams. If you come to the live stream that you want to create highlights. You come across and click the highlight button, it’ll take you into the new highlighter. Now let's quickly go through the interface herein the top left you to have the Highlight Queue. This is kind of like the render queue of traditional editing software. It’s basically where all of the separate highlights that you want to produce go. before you publish them. This is the full VOD of your live stream. So however many hours you were live streaming for, this is the full amount. You can see this live stream that I did was 2 hours 51 minutes. This is where you're going to be previewing exactly. You want to set your in and out points and watching back the edit that you have. And then down at the bottom, you have your timeline.

This is specifically where you’re going to be setting in and out points for the individual segments. You want to highlight and put it together. You also have some controls for zooming in and out and displaying any markers that were made on the stream. So to use the new Twitch highlighter, you just need to scrub through and find a point roughly. Where you want to start your first segment. So, just any moment that you remember, or if you have Stream Markers in your timeline. You can skip straight to those. I’m going to look around this section a little bit earlier, around about here, yeah. And then hit the play button and watch through this. Now, I don't want this whole thing segmented. I just want to get the points where, you know, you get a kill or some sort of highlight. How to Clip On Twitch And in this example, I’m just going to create highlights from a match that I won in Apex Legends. So, I don’t want to get the bits in where I'm missing shots. 

I want to start this clip just after this person dies and shoot across at this person. So what I've done now, is I click the start segment at the play head button. You can also use the hotkey, Alt, and less than sign and that has moved the start of the segment to the point of the play head. I now want to end this segment there. So you can see I have a nice little yellow section hereof a timeline. Which is then pointed and the endpoint that I have just set and to do that all. I've done it been clicking these buttons, start the segment at the player dandy end segment at play. And if you want to, you can come in here, zoom in actually drag change the ins and endpoints. You want, but that is effectively how you create a segment. And the idea is, with this new update. You can create multiple segments from one leister amend stitch. They all together into one highlight. To find the next segment that you want to start the highlight at.

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