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Horse Toys

Hey, there today I have a review. I'm just super happy to have this because this is one I've been wanting for a little. While I can I definitely like these older briar dolls more than the new ones personally. And so I'm just kind of trying to get as many of them. As I can because I don't know I'm kind of collecting the adults now I guess they’re just pretty cool. I think so this is a farrier doll But really cool he comes with horseshoes and likes is all farrier tools it just pretty neat. So I am very excited about that and the person who sold it to me is actually also a friend of mine on Facebook. And she also included this super-duper cute little cantering Welsh Pony super adorable. I love these palomino color runners really pretty so I just wanted to add those two. To this even though they're not actually a part of the next part I'm going to be unboxing here. Which we will do now we also had a couple like other little items with this I hope they're included in. Here but they should be anyway let's go in and do I’m so excited right now this is like Christmas morning. 

They once thought about waiting till Christmas to get wine I was like now let's just get one now. Especially because it might be helpful when it comes time for filming oh it's so huge this is a huge box by the way. I'm not going to like try to tell you how big it is but it's a pretty big-sized box. Oh my goodness here you go wow I didn't know it was that heavy oh this is so exciting. Big truck oh my goodness and actually the doll I ordered two is in here this is part of the trailer. You can't see there’s part of the trailer alright they pulled a doll out of the huge Badal she's missing an arm. But that’s okay like customizing dolls and stuff kind of haven't really done too much. But I do like doing it a little bit I have done so I thought I couldn't figure out something right there. I can fix her arm somehow later or something so that’s really cool though. Another little briar dolt and to my little growing briar doll collection. I'll just set her aside she's actually really cool and then I also have another little item. I don't know how y'all gonna find it in here but it's just like a little saddlebag. Oh look at this big old truck like I knew this was big but I didn't know it was this big it’s huge and it is so heavy. 

Like oh is much heavier than I imagined it’s got the little game that moves open closes. On you oh I can't even get it into Frank this is ginormous I’ll try to move this big box maybe. Out of the way and then I'll I'm set this down on my little filming area here but this is the red truck. Oh, that didn't sound bad whatever was rolling around in their hearing. Stuff rolling around I don't want to slow down but it needs a little bit of cleaning but otherwise. It looks amazing I love little horse toys on there too little like Ruff and mold horses on it. Even says model horses and briar on the tires super cool the tie the front tires seem to move. This is amazing so cool I like those re like just all excited it's got some spider webs cloth to clean. It for sure I'm good oh it's super cool it's not like the trailer hitch on the back oh I’m so excited right now let me set this down so we can pull out the trailer. 

OH no my light just went off make everything look weird so let's get this trailer out. I don't know how I'm gonna find Hilbert's in the trailer the little silo fat I got otherwise enough to dig. Through the slider that goes on really, I don’t know hard to tell anything and bow wrap. Oh my goodness a trailer oh it's so big I knew in my head it had to be big to fit traditional. But like I still I don’t know why I came for some reason like acting like I've never seen like these in person. Before because I have but I just feel like I've always seen them in a box I never really gotten a good idea of just. That we chiang-nanthisalright I'm not seeing myself bad I know it’s got to be in here. So I don't know where oh it's so cool I’m so cool oh here let me grab horse toys just stick in there. Just for the heck of it oh my goodness it's got the little uh yeah I'm not going to even attempt. To say words right now but these little guys this is so cool and I know these trucks and trailers. 

Come and I call there’s like at least four different colors I’ve seen of them oh It’s nice and roomy for him any way that is so cool oh I am loving this. This is just amazing this is like a childhood dream come true OH this is super-duper supercool. Alright so now I'm going to try and lay them out so you can actually see them both together in the frame. Or something oh I still can't even get this in frame with this setup I have right now and I don't want to change. That completely so that's why I'm not getting it all in the frame but oh it’s so just like it's so weird. I don’t know why I thought it'd be smaller or something cuz I have this like. I said I’ve seen these in person before I don’t know what when I was thinking. That oh I wanted to tell you these cool little graphics on the side. Here they have the little Arabian crowd raving full tell jumping warm. Blood Smarty ones and then the two ruffian molds on they’re really cool. And like the little Sun like the Brayer logo and this kind of need like pin striping looking design on it. So cool this does need a little tender loving care because it is a little dirty kind of ants. Got like a few parts where just needs a little scrubbing no worries that all this is so cool. I love the little door that opens up here this is just so exciting to me for some reason. I'm like I can't believe I have one of these I do not have room for these at home. But I absolutely love it like this is so cool it has the little like trailer hitch thing over here. 

Which this part actually turns up and down really cool so I can't really set it up with. The truck I mean maybe I'll try to in a minute but I don't know if that's going to work or not. Here it is uh scaled up to my foundation stallion so it is I think it’s like a pretty good size. Overall adjust awesomely I know not every horse toy is going to be able to fit in this. But well let’s go try to experiment a little bit and see what horses can and cannot fit in this trailer. Also, I found the saddle pad I bought it too which I think is pretty like got a little Western. I styled saddle pad so that's that I did notice that this trailer because this one is used. I bought it second but I did also notice that it is missing one of the little this thing the little thing. That comes down and closes the gate so off to see it about in making. One or something or double-check that it wasn’t in the box somewhere but anyhow no worries. As long as anyone it's good with me so I'm going to try now I'm just kind of tired do a little experiment. 

And see what sources ever get to fit in here obviously the foundations' stallion fit in there pretty much. No problem let’s trace somebody else though how about this guy who's not going to fit in here. I do not think what your song will fit but I can certainly try right we can try to see. What happens so far so good he might actually fit guys oh it’s okay. I'm blown away now this I'm loving this like ten times more so I was already thinking. Oh no I’m probably talking about aren't they any horses in here for like Brayer movies. Or whatever nope he fits in there actually perfectly like do you see him he is all snug as a bug in a rug in there. He’s Avery happy little well big horse I mean really happy big horse. I love the little ramp cools so clearly winter song fits in there. Um I'm doubting Wixom will fit I do have a wick some over here. I really would want to think she's going to fit in fact I would bet money on the fact. That she won't fit girl she’s like lean against stuff cuz she doesn’t stand super well.

Horse Toys

Antique Horse Toys

Honey Antique Horse Toys it is day 13 mini fans are you ready to see what we're going to open upon. Today he's the advent calendar I can’t wait to see and the animals are back well here's Melinda. She's opening up the gate she's going to be bringing in the animals all right here. They cameo she's happy to have her baby back on the cat is back with her kittens. Here comes the tiny little full huh close everything up oh there we go ah perfect. We go the animals are not going to escape again hey Melinda what about I well. You have to climb over the fence Jennifer okay and look Melinda we got a sheep ah yeah in yesterday's video. We found this awesome adorable little Play Mobil sheep but day number 13. What are we going to find today well right here next to Santa whoa? What do we have her little baby lambs oh that is so cute. 

Let's reunite them right now with their mom oh the baby little lambs and they even came with a little bit of some food. Too some grass they’re all eating together alright what's going on the slide calendar? Like calendar day number 13 right here next to this little foal oh it's a little win. Oh, this is like the smallest little tour oh look at how small this Dora's who two big bunches of apples. Okay, all the animals must be really hungry for being outside of the barn look at how cool. These are they look so realistic big giant clusters of apples young Antique Horse Toys clock calendar day. Number 13 right here what do we have little blink in case anybody gets cold oh wait a minute. Anna came with a halter - all right come here you little foal okay that bull needs some serious handling. Who she's going to be a wild one when she gets bigger yeah you don't mind huh come on. 

Let's get you all halter top there we go you got your halter on yeah we'll put on the foals blanket. Oh looks like it's a little bit big for a pole oh I wonder if it means this is for an Antique Horse Toys. There may be some Schleicher horses inside the advent calendars oh I'm so excited. Okay cuz this is definitely for a full-grown-sized Schleicher okay you guys are so so-so sweet. To send blind bags in oh look at the little doggie wrapping paper on these what do. We have oh I see Antique Horse Toys but I see a customized Pinto horse okay this blanket is definitely too big. For this little horse okay what about this little blind bag and it's so cute so meaty okay. 

Still a little bit too small to wear the blanket and then this one okay this one is the biggest. Out of these surprise horses, this is so cool OH she’s so pretty look at her little prance that. She has she's gorgeous these are so cute oh and look at that they’re all kind of lifting one leg and the other leg is. Just kind of like bent down do you see that that's kind of cool all right? I'm so happy that the animals are back on the farm everybody’s back to being happy. We’ve got two adorable little twin lambs so thank you so much for joining me in today’s video. You guys I hope you guys are enjoying these hey you never know what random fun is going to happen next. So I will see you in tomorrow's video for day number 14 by mates oh that Antique Horse Toys. Sure was hungry which apples was she nibbling on the green or the red yummy.

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