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Homies Toys

In the United States, the image of the Mexican man has always been complicated. One coming from mixed Anglo and indigenous bloodlines English men and North Americans. Understood Mexicans to be mongrels primitive even bloodthirsty men driven by instinct. When they weren't busy being the villainous banned evil in the American imaginary. Mexicans are treated as background characters they were an anonymous mass. Of workers, not leaders and not decision-makers the stereotype of the sleepy. Nondescript of Mexican evolved as they entered the United States professor Francisca. Realize wrote he loses his picturesque and harmless ways and becomes sinister. He is now a proud and hot-blooded offended jealous drinker a brawler. While these images may have been more common in 1800. They've persisted a long time I am the Frito Bandito in 1968. Judge George Murphy of California stated that Mexicans were suited. To farm labor because they were built lower to the ground this history has created. A battle of cultural politics were Mexicans and the United States. Have long struggled with issues of self-identity and cruel stereotypes. In a world where your country tells you who you are how do you tell? The world otherwise enters the Homies Toys the story of the two-inch plastic phenomenon begins. With David Gonzales who would draw a comic strip in high school he called. 

The Adventures of Chico local characters were based on stereotypes of the people he knew I
n his hood. There was smiley Malone Bobby local and Hollywood based on Gonzales himself Gonzales. Was well aware of the limited representation Chicanos got in the media. The intricacies of struggle and perseverance of people in the hood were flattened by 1990. Hype against inner-city gangs this doesn't look like a neighborhood under siege. By criminal gangs, kids play in the streets neighbors visit. In front yards but San Jose police say Rock Springs Harvard. Until recently a nest of gang members would turn these streets into a drug. Supermarket and so he took the opportunity to draw his characters. With empathy and sympathy not seen anywhere else low-rider. The magazine picked up the strip and after it proved popular he began selling March. The t-shirts and art sold well so when Gonzales was approached with the opportunity. To start selling made in China plastic figurines he jumped at the chance in 1998. He released the first setoff homes they were only available in little. Capsule vending machines and Chicano communities and found instant success. In four months they had sold 1 million figurines see theories are a group of Chicanos. 

Who grew up in the barrio of queen sable in East LA quick note the figures? You're seeing right now aren't homes they're actually mojos which are the kid's line. But I didn’t read the eBay listing so oh well according to Gonzales. The homes deal with the violence poverty and drugs in their community by forming. A strong support system helped them overcome the negativity of Gonzalez's friends. Would approach him to get drawn as characters wanting to get immortalized as a Homies Toys. Most of the characters represented areal-life Chicano counterparts but unfortunately for Gomez. Not everyone positively saw homes while popular in Latino. Neighborhoods early critics accused theories of glorifying gangs and reinforcing negative stereotypes. It’s scary that kids are playing with this set a member of the LAPD who was trying to convince retailers. To stop carrying the toys we're trying to fight and teach kids to stay away from gangs. And we have to contend with this as well according to the department the use of baggy clothes. Beanies flannels with only the top button being buttoned and teardrop tattoos. Met the toys were glamorizing gang life a District Attorney went so far. About say we're thinking of putting them up in court and saying if you ‘readdressed like. These guys you’re violating probation and so the LAP D tried its hardest to get stores to stop selling the toys. 

But it wasn't only law enforcement that targeted Homies Toys some Latino activist groups. And parents took issue with the toys as well imagine foundation objected to the homeys. The portrayal of Chicanos as gang members undocumented or drug dealers. Many found the toys to be exploitative as a way for businessmen to profit. Off of their lived experiences, the backlash against the toys was fierce. So fierce that mega-chains like Wal-Mart Target and others pulled them all together. So then went on the defensive Gonzalez says. No these are regular folks some were inspired by his childhood in Richmond. And nearby San Pablo I liken it sometimes to UM Norman Rockwell and if you think about it. He painted the Heartland Mid America the people he saw in his everyday life. I’m drawing what I see up there he spoke out against the narrative. That the toys glamorize gang life and pointed out but toy had a biography. That promoted good behavior some homies were trying to get their life together. Or stay out of trouble and go to school one such homie was Willie G annex-gangster who ended up. 

Paralyzed from the waist down today he works as a counselor warning young homies. About the possible consequences of Lucca Gonzalez's counter PR campaign. Worked and stores brought them back as the years went on the antagonism towards. The toys ended up dying down a total of 175 characters. Were created and 150 million toys were sold the toys pushed the cultural boundary. What was acceptable take big dopey as an example meet my homie big dopey. He may look dopey but he isn’t the kind of observes things and then speaks up he doesn't say much. But what he says makes a lot of sense it's kind of like two zombies. After about it and that's right that doesn't make sense big dopey don’t trip. Because homies call him that he figures it's con Kirin Tarawa is with love. Besides it's not awesome they can come to get some big dopey reminds me. Of my Promo’s actor would k you at Tara knows Albuquerque. No, she does that show winning 64 Impala if I told him I made him a homey toy. And called it big dopey he might come to Cali looking for me and that could be dangerous. Definitely one of my favorites with a special place in my heart to show your love for big dopey. 

The homies had personalities with individual traits flaws that struggles the characters. Gave a level of depth to a people that didn’t exist as autonomous beings in the American imaginary. While they were cartoony stereotypes it was something that Chicano community. Had never had the privilege of experiencing a popular media presentation. That was homegrown in a lot of ways. They resemble the toys of the little green soldiers of cowboys and Indians GI Joe Barbie and Ken. These plastic-wrapped figurines allowed kids to play with the images of their idealized. Anglo hero’s Homies Toys were also created to promote images of heroes for kids to play with. But the reason they were so contentious was that they elevated people. Who deemed controversial by white society. The Chicano subculture had been accused of promoting vice and depravity in elevating the hood something more than violence. Gonzales directly challenged polite society. Sara Bird notes that Gonzales has been able to the homies a redemptive voice crafting complete mythology. Homies gave the various sweeter kinder dimension that had long been ignored and in doing. So they contributed to the building of a new America. Homies became sold purchased and consumed. In the same way spar bees and GI Joes do. You can't imagine Earl’s to thousands of Americans without homies. 

Today homies remain controversial for as many Latinos out there. Who like it there are as many who don't I got super into them as a kid. Since my family was more you know from adventure than inner-city people you know. But that’s the beauty of homies they represent a very specific subculture in the United States. That has been villain zed for decades but there is one question. I keep coming back to our homies exploited it well Gonzalez sold his lived experiences as an act of rebellion. The creation of each character was an act of community as he based most of them on people. He knew he elevated Chicano people to the status of visible humans. And we don't see that same level of fear and agonist towards them today. This is in large part due to this movement's two distinct eyes brownness to make these bodies palatable to polite society. If you see Homies Toys as a marginalized individual's version of self-expressionist’s a beautiful rebellious act. But that’s all it can be really. 

Homies Toys

Gonzalez is an entrepreneur a brown businessman. While homeys gave millions of kids a toy they might see themselves or their family members in. And they reshape the way America views Chicanos. It diversified the status quo poor brown people could see themselves in new media. But they remained for this is the fundamental issue with brown capitalism. The success of one individual doesn’t help anybody else. The success of that brown capitalist comes from them capitalizing off a popular iconography. That belongs to the entire class. I can see why some people would call this exploitative. Because when you reduce it to its constituent parts this is just a case of a businessman seeing. And capitalizing on an open space in the market. There's nothing rebellious about that but what do you think? I’m struggling with the question myself and well. If you couldn't tell my favorite homie is a Lolita the woke gold activist.

Clown Homies Toys

something that I got many years ago back. When I was like 19 years old to play with my action figures by Insane Clown Posse. Yes, this is the action their mom from what I know their first action figures. They got released to the public I think there was a set of them before that. You can see this is the great Malenkov era violin Jay and Shaggy 2 dope looks like Clown Homies Toys. Some Dick Tracy Slash. Ninja Turtle-style action figures come complete with a voodoo staff and an ex these sold in the stores. I got this as a present warning choking hazard small parts, not for children under three years. If your kid is under three years old and you're buying them this because he's gonna choke off the toys. You're crazy. So you can see here it says Shaggy 2 dope on the side. If you did not know that this was shaggy and right here you got J Della vial. What does it say J tune in love it waits hold on hold on violent J for those of you. That don't know that's violent J. It's the play with me action figure set for ages 18 and up.

 That means 8-year-olds can't play with this. But yet not recommended for children under the age of three. Let's flip this on the back got some heavy reading to do for some toys. I mean gosh damn we want to open them up and play with it. We don't want to do all this reading the authentic ICP. Play with me action figures are finally here. The world's most hated band is all yours. Now your two favorite serial killers are yours to enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Careful snuggle with the ax murder in violin jay cuddle with the stalking strangler Shaggy 2 dope Clown Homies Toys. You can tell them your darkest secrets but can you keep a secret. Take them in the shower with you Let them sleep by your neck at night. I don't I wouldn't trust that make them stab. That lame stuffed animal your grandma made for you when you get home. Hold on when you get them home and private you can even fill on their little plastic butts if you want. I don't know you got some free to be doing that. We know you want to be a little hell.

We all do hey Juggles do you know this cool stuff about ICP and then as you can see on the back. It's got some crazy little facts about violin Jay here. Rap name violin jay real name Harry Wayne Plummer favorite movie Clash of the ninja starring Mr. X favorite CD most tasteless by twisted. Biggest thrown wife wrestling giant gorillas I like. I like sneaking in the zoo late at night and into the ape cage. I didn't sneak up on sleeping gorillas and slap its face until it's pissed. You can read the rest if you want to a little bio on Shaggy 2 dope. His real name is Larry laying little nip favorite movie Clown Homies Toys. Is a ninja in action and I ain't ninjas in action? We would be these I like cheese on my cereal. Please starring Thomas tang favorite CD misery album by misery. And you can just read the rest. Am I gonna read that to you guys join the ICP fan club. It's free and doesn't worry about trying to join that. It does not exist anymore that's been discontinued for years now. But there it is right there thought to take a second to show you. I don't know how much they go for on eBay but here's my set and had it for some years now.

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