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Halloween Toys

Hey, pups it's time to wake up just two more hours come on pups it's a nice day out too bright but pups. Today’s Halloween holy night oops are you okay I'm better than okay silly pups meet me downstairs. Halloween Toys. And we can try on your costumes I wonder what our costumes will be I don't know let's find out all right Robot. How about you try on the costume first all right I'll be right back I can't wait to see. What Robot is going to pick out to wear tad what I can climb up the wall pretty neat huh? Oh no, I am right back silly rubble hopefully you picked out something that's not so scary for him. Hey check me out I'm a scarecrow oh you look so adorable rubble yeah that’s perfect. Okay it's my turn go ahead Skye I read Skye's going to pick out something really cute. Tad look guys I’m a witch hmm a witch how about something more friendly. Okay be right back what do you guys think about a fairy princess that's great now. It's my turn excuse me I wonder what Chase is going to wear look at me I'm a pumpkin ah. So cute you but not scary enough try something else uh but nothing too scary. I want to eat your candy I'm a vampire right do scary don’t worry it's just me vampire chase. Huh Oh idiot, I feel I'm not afraid of you, my line is not a weird outfit, and we can go through a test or see anyone.

I doubt I think it's a little too bony oh wait for me I'll be right back I can’t wait to see what. Marshall picks for his costume Ernie scurvy scallywags a Pirate. Halloween Toys. That's Perfect Wow Amazing Clothes Loading the car. And fooling the security is important, so let me see you here first Chosen skies turn three. Okay before we start does everybody know how to go trick-or-treating mm can you tell us. Yeah how do we trick-or-treat we're going to go door-to-door visiting. Different people’s houses and when they answer you guys say cheat-or-cure and then. They will give you a wow tree but after you get your treatment you should always. Say yes now that we are ready to cheat yay all right now we got to find a house to visited look. At that one let's try it all right our first trigger tree Wow look at that pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition. That's really cool all right I'll knock on the door and you guys say trick-or-treat. Welcome bye-bye reaches up ups now let's try the next house all right now let me knock on the door. Thank you you're welcome when you say thank you welcome Wow. Thanks you're welcome awesome that's really good guys well thank you happy Halloween.

All right here we are in another house thank you you're welcome thanks you're welcome. Bye Halloween all right pups this is our last house to go trick-or-treating trick or treat echo. Wow a pirate like me thank you you're welcome you say marshal thank you they're welcome. Halloween Toys. All my favorite I know that's your favorite that was great guys but now it's time to go. Home all right guys are you ready to see the treats that you got for Halloween aah bring on the candy treasure. I can't wait all right sky here's yours oh wow so many great trees I even got a car. Hu hall right geez now it's your turn well I can't wait to dive in and look I have a neat light cool. Huh, all right rubble here's your treat basket oh wow that’s a great step I even got bubbles. OH What's Wrong rubble some of my candy has peanuts in it what's so bad. About that, I'm allergic to peanuts if I eat something I could get really sick. Let me see that rubble oh you're right they do have peanuts Rob you can't eat these.

But I have a theory I’ve been using my magic powers to fix rebels candy. Hey, that's a great idea Skye abracadabra Wow rubble what none of your candy has peanuts. Anymore hitting Skye now be able to eat my candy thanks for waiting so patiently Marshall. Now it's your turn earn looking on me treasure I need treats and check it out. I even have a cute pumpkin candy wait for a minute marshal some of these candies. Don't have wrapping on um now rapping what's wrong with that candy like this. That doesn't have any wrapping can be dirty even though it might taste good. It can make you really sick oh but don't worry you still have lots of great candy. You candy yay all right can we eat all our candy now not quite sky that's too much candy. But you can eat some and save the rest for Inscription Happy Halloween Day. Happy Halloween Books on Halloween Ideas. I believe you are a great person Great Halloween.

Halloween Toys

Angry Birds Halloween Toys

No hey, Sammy let's fish after a  good couple ring hungry birds hum Owen yeah can I see this. That’s Angry Birds Halloween toys in addition to game happy Halloween game. Yes, there are some you know hello in Lupton stuff yeah we actually opened this. Before you know some you wanted to play and I'm not surprised by it. So we are just reopening this stuff, yeah and here we have a back of the box. That's the game let's open this stuff Sonny, yeah we like to play you know kind of board games. You know and let's see what is inside first you see what we can find inside some stuff. Some pig, some birds, red bird big one launcher I like this one what is this fine. What is this for yes I'm not sure I mean let’s see someone's asking about those you know?

And I'm not sure but I think you can just if you have some cards you can kind of clip them together. Yeah okay, let’s see again what kind of birds and Peaks we have we have a pig too. Huh, actually pigs like that and pumpkin hat- yeah bug hat it’s cool and actually. We have three peaks because one is inside of this which is really cool. Actually, let’s see and see the dress goes kind of it’s nice and then we have a big bird red one. And we have a yellow bird normally in the game it's kind of getting big. Yeah okay, and of course the rules are if you have a card you know you’re supposed to build. Something like this and use to read birth to destroy the stuff then you have 300 points. Angry Birds Halloween toys Okay so Sam is building something so we built something like that and here is Sammy ready to shoot. Yeah okay so I mean you can shoot you need to hit stronger OH too strong Sammy okay. Let me try again so that the situation we have now and we need to shoot again let's try it. Yes here we go okay let's do it again okay now we actually build something like that and we try to show it. OH, Sammy nice shot v big shot yeah try to shoot this as well yeah you thread birth again. Make this yeah almost there okay yes nice shot Sami. You like this game, yeah and basically that’s all for today.

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