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Goat Toys

How we keep our goats healthy on the farm you know there’s all sorts of recycled material pieces of PVC. Culvert and pipe and old legs and pieces of wood and stuff. And we found this stuff to be excellent for keeping good goat health. One of the things Goat Toys that we see are that goats are very curious and unique individuals. And if they're not mentally stimulated they get into trouble they get into places. They shouldn’t they escape fencing and everybody knows that but also if they’re not mentally sharp. They also don’t seem to thrive and do as well their coats don't look as good their attitude doesn’t mean. It's maintained as well which has a bearing on their health. So you know having your kids you know take some old PVC legs that you know have slots in them for a different purpose. These white covers that are on top of these have drain holes in the cutting up. An old piece of culvert that you had laying around so that you can you know make two legs out of that.

And building yourself you know some goat activity areas seems to. Benefit these animals now we've got you to know Rock areas built out of concrete excess of the concrete pad. That we not needed we’ve got tires in the ground that are like a jungle gym. For these guys, we got tired in the ground that are laying therein circles with crushed gravel in them. That they can climb upon and it’s all these different things that help the goats and you know folks. It’s not hard to build Goat Toys one of these I cut this culvert in half I grabbed these couple extra pieces. My kids here are kind of setting them out trying to figure out what they want to build. They've decided I guess it’s going to be a zeg we're going to put some green treated two by eights on top of them. That way it'll last little longer because it's going to be out in the elements and goats. You know they rub up on these things they’re going to jump up on these things. They’re going to play on them you know and if you say well you built.

Something like this they don't plan as much as you want folks. Go take odors to brush from Fleet Farm screw it to a couple of these things. You'd be amazed how much they'll play with it take a like a green ballad tether it. To it and they'll like that too you know you can do all sorts of things to attract them to these devices. I don't have to do much of that because it seems that goats enjoy them and I put them out. I'm gonna cut a couple pieces of green treat here that are going to fit inside these white tubes and that's. How I'm going to attach it to the white Goat Toys tubes the board on top that is that's the part. That I’m doing and then the rest is pretty much going to be the kids here doing it once. They get this thing out the goats will come right up to it and start enjoying it. It's one of the best ways I find to keep goats you know healthy you know cattle are big comfortable animals. They like being in their group they like eating and drinking every day and kind of being left alone. The horses are very social creatures they like to come up to you and see you the goats. They like us but they also like to have activity when we’re not there. And I find that the more stimulated they are the more active they are the healthier.

Goat Toys

So I'm going to take this white cap I'm going to draw a hole in it right through on the wood. And I’m going to bolt it to it could take leg screws and do the same thing. I’m not going to use like screws because I want to make sure that the caps stay on. And we've got some goats that you know do rub up against the wood and I’m worried. They pop off the screws the other thing is the bolts don't have sharp edges autumn. This is what I like so Hannah's Goat Toys going to tighten these things down we kind of got them arranged. We made this board here with a couple blocks on each end screwed together. Which fits in the center of this and Wallach we've got this kind of zeg jungle-gym thing. And these goats can go on so now the next thing will be is to haul this stuff out into their pasture. You know dig a couple holes and set it up as an easy project. To build the board took me about 15 minutes for an adult and together was another 15 minutes. And it took me 15 minutes to find the scrap material so we're out about 45 minutes of time byte time. We dig the holes of filling back in around another hour. So less than two hours build activities up so I'm gonna grab the skid steer here.

We're gonna head out and we're going to put this thing in place quick now. You can dig these holes by hand but we'll grab the 26 G and make quick work of that - every time. You do something like this your goats you know well we'll enjoy it even. If they don’t play with it every day sometimes in the middle of winter and this thing's full of snow. They won't touch it. But then spring comes they'll find it to be a great toy again. So we're gonna get these things quick dug Goat Toys out here and placed in the ground. For sake of argument I'm going to put these about the green ones about six inches out of the ground. And the big ones about two feet I want plenty of pipe in the ground in case. They start horsing on them plus when there's little orchids out there those little goat kids. They can jump don't get me wrong I don't want them hurting themselves and having it lower. And kind of a step by step to get up and play on it makes it safer for them and that's.

What I want again things you can add to this you can add brushes you can add texture items to it. That they can rub up against different types of plastic materials and stuff. I wouldn't recommend putting carpet on this thing I've seen some people do that. Our goats tend to chew on that too much and I don't want to eaten it okay laughs. There the Per herons Goat Toys're being ridden in the background sometimes in the middle of our day. All sorts of things are happening here on the farm horses need exercise too. So the other couple of girls are taking them out and getting them to work today. While we're trying to get this in another thing that. Helps for goat activity is different locations that they can get to a lot of people tend. To put all the goat toys right up by the barn heck we're six seven hundred feet from the barn. Where we're putting this in if the goats want to play on it they have to go out to. It doesn't put it so close you know these goats are curious animals. They'll walk around your pasture they’ll figure it out this happens to be a paddock. That's a little ways away from the main bar so you know if we need to we can shut this area off. I'll up the grass girl then open it up and when you open it up they’re like wow cool another toy.

We get to go back on and that's great for good health. So we're going to fill these a little bit in my hand to make sure they stay in place and as level. As we can once we've got them filled in we'll push the rest in with the skidder. The excavator and Wallach this will be done we'll get these goats on it the PVC tubes. Last a long time all the goats can do is rub on them and crack up. I've not had them crackup so they've been good for us the board’s on top. I find after about Goat Toys 10 12 years kind of rot out. Replace some folks it's not that hard Green tree like this ace CS two's. You know they're supposed to go a good 10 years. So if they don't because they’re horizontal and they're getting a lot of snow and water and I'm replacing folks. It's not that hard well some people ask if we put drain holes and these things. We don't let the water drain right into the ground now putting in the little legs. I don’t have to dig quite as deep as those it’s a scoop and we're almost done. The kids are riding near the background the horses want to come up and say.

HI weather sure turning nice around here which is good for us we're able to get more things done. Alright, that’s about the end of the holes that we need to be dug. So at this point we need to get the last of those kind of turquoise ones in well quick level. Make sure that it’s looking decent and straight off to the races we go to. We'll start filling these now these notches weren't put in on this in-purpose folks. These pieces of PVC drain pipe had a different purpose in their day. They were used in an area we were draining for horses and I'm not sure why Goat Toys I kept them. But it seemed like too good a material to throw away that's the farmer in me. Sometimes tend to save things and you know one thing. I try to do it even if I saved it was if I can repurpose them and recycle them. It's good for the environment it's good for my farm. It's good for my pocketbook it's I'm not buying more materials to make things out of. So if you can find you know a tire laying around or you change your tires or you know. You've got an old car rim laying around or somebody's got some old wood or metal each to work with.

I'm sure you can make some great go-to activity places like this and keep these goats. You know fresh and mentally acute and then again the health of your goats will do much better. All right so now we're going to pushing the last of the material here you can see over the background. How far we are away from the bigger barn there again. This is not you know the closest object to them we've got to walk out. Here if they want to see it thanks sir they can use the Goat Toys skin to do this too. But sometimes it's kind of fun to use the blade on the 26 g and get it done. She'll get this all raked level here and we'll be set to go you see in the background. There I've got a pile of tires and I've got some rocks off to the far right in the screen. They’re the stuff the goats like to play onto and again. I don't keep them all real close together don't want to go too long they've got plenty of room to do it. Sure you get good space for your goats this is what it looks like folks. Once finished two big white PVC in the ground with a board across the top three little turquoises. Once the board's on them the little ones the little goats can get up onto it. Makes the step to the big one easier big goat can sure jump.

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