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What were you saying again dude I'm at the toys we are us right down the road. And I saw a giant elbow like life-size like you're not joking though you actually saw it. Yeah, it was right here. I ran a bit but he was right in front of me like the toys down the road. That's fine we'll wait at a different store or something. And we'll meet you when we're there. Let's do it. Its crazy bro giant Elmo Toys imagine how legit that is. Why would that be at toys r us now right now like these things normally come out at night. But we're getting lucky guys so have you ever seen a giant Elmo never. Well it looks like today we're gonna be hunting for one let's do it. I bet you guys right now that nick is just pranking us. And there's not gonna be any giant Elmo Toys anywhere. And he's using us to get a ride all right. So we're here with toys. It is where the hell these giant Elmo Toys that’s talking about. I don't know I don't see anything right now look around. You see anything bro. What you think he was pranking us I feel like. He wants to ride that guy. I don't see oh what is that red thing over there is that no it kind of looks like it’s got eyes dude yeah that's funny. You think that's the Elmo. 

He’s talking about it because there’s no way to imagine he's pranking us. Is there anything no not even close okay well? Let’s park let's fly the drone. Let’s see around first let's not get too. Let's see if we can maybe find it in the back or something outside him on the floor. I’m so excited man I really hope he wasn’t lying man. If he did I’ll be mad at him. I’ll be really mad I told him to wait at that store right there. So benny and go is that him no. I know all right he's always right imagine this whole time. He's just sitting there think we'll be good with this being here. I told nick to wait there so we’ll go pick him up after and then let’s fly this baby let's do it. Okay guys so we set up the drone outside. Now I have the controller right here. You ready dude let's do it man it’s getting kind of dark. So I feel like we gotta hurry up here last time. I’ve tried doing this in the dark it never works out well so we’ll take off now. We'll fly above there and hopefully we find our boy Elmo Toys

We got flight okay will this be one of my days where I’m a good flyer or one of my days. Where I’m an awful flyer let’s find out one way to find out let's check it out. So here I’m flying right now. I almost hit a post nice good job Jesse okay so you guys can see there are people. And there is toys r us right there we saw this we drove by it. Let's go around why don't we because we didn’t see anything in the front and we only haven't checked the back. So you need to look here and let me know if you see Elmo Toys. Okay because I’m really bad at seeing things my eyes are awful apparently. So take a look actually I don't see anything so far do you think he could possibly be on the roof. He could be on the roof check the room can’t even see the drone right now. I see it was hiding behind the pole. I can't even don't know I feel like if it’s possible it's on the roof. Then I really could also be in the store but that's true like. Why else would Elmo be there right maybe he’s a like a toy. Toy that's walking around but I feel like he wouldn't be in the store like he'd be on the shelf. Like if that was the case but nick said he saw him like moving around and like outside. He probably escaped the store or maybe he's trying to get in yeah maybe I don't know I don't see anything here. Let me get up higher I feel like we're not high enough can I see the drone.

Elmo Toys


It's nice to be able to see the drone because I know that I’m not going to crash into a pole. If there's no pole there okay let's see do we see our car let’s see there we are right there all the way down. There far away it's pretty cool okay so now wait there's something right there something red right. There you see it what the hell is that dude you think that's him there's no way that’s him. Already there’s no way that he's that's him OH dude it is Elmo. Wait a minute why was he was hiding in the bushes. What is he doing back there? I don't know dude. I honestly thought that oh my god. It's glitching okay there honestly thought that look there's two red things there. I know I think I saw the other that one thing is like unlike an umbrella or some sort. I think so here let me that is definitely not an umbrella that’s Elmo that right. That has to be let me get closer hopefully he doesn't see the drone. No doesn’t bro look how high I am there’s no way I could get a little bit closer pretty loud gotta admit. Oh god it's so laggy I’m losing I think I’m losing interference so I need to stick kind of close to that building. It’s also possible that like the all the toys and batteries in this store is like really. Wait a minute what is he doing dude he’s trying to break in dude he just tried opening that door. 

He is he's trying to break in wait let me get closer. He definitely just tried to open that door it's very laggy here come on what? Bro that is so weird oh god what are you trying to enter the baby’s section. He's not going to the other one he's trying to go in the baby's resection. Do you think he's trying to save the other Elmo’s could be you? That is possible dude that is possible that is very well possible look dude let me see. Let me go up dude oh god it's very laggy oh god no please. He’s definitely trying the doors guys he’s definitely trying them. I don't think he's seen the drone yet so we should be okay. I’m losing connection here do you want to fly it. I’m trying so this is to go up this is to move forward just be careful. I’m going to get closer yeah with the car so that we can try as get and minimize all this like the legendary. All this interference yeah try to get closer let me get a little bit closer let's just see how it is? It is getting better just taller a little bit better. Yeah just following I see him though he's trying every back door right. Is he's at the third like backdoor right? Come on I think I don’t want to get like two too close. You know there how's that is good it's a little better. Yeah a little better maybe I could get a little bit closer. But its glitching bad like isn’t it bad. Let me get closer oh god I don't like this man I don't like this at all. Guys I’m freaking out please just don't lose him. 

We have to make sure that we see exactly where he is doing no image transmission. What just get closer I think I lost him for a second wait he's got to be here somewhere. It's dude there's no there is no one here. I’m like we're literally oh there's like a building. He's making a run for it. I think he noticed what you mean. He is kind of running here let me get closer. He's tried he's trying to know. He's trying to hide in the trucks oh what the heck so yeah he knows we're there he's tried every door and he can't get in. So okay well we know he's here now yeah like we're gonna have to confront him at some point. I don't know what he's doing but we need to make sure that we have eyes on him. This is really bad though let me get closer oh god I just wanna make sure I lose him. Because I have to make sure he doesn’t come after us obviously. But has he seen the drone yet. I don’t think he's seen it because I feel like we haven't been close enough right there. I’m getting a lot better connection now that I’m closer to us. I can even kind of hear the drone actually here let me get lower. You see him through now let me get lower I feel like I’m a little bit too high in the sky. That’s probably why it's doing this come on where is he? I mean he's gonna be right in front of us behind this building. So I just need to angle myself oh god I’m really bad at flying. The connection's making it, it’s like really hard to fly. I’m not kidding oh dude he's right there he's no he’s looking at he's looking right at it. 

What is he seeing why is so sauce? He's super suspicious yeah he really is let me get him. He’s up to no good this almost up to no good. Whoa that is so creepy dude he's got like shoes on. What the hell? Oh my god it's so laggy bro he's doing some weird stuff. I’m freaking out why is he acting so weird what the heck? He's looking at us he just did something did he swing at the camera. I think he did holy crap. I gotta watch out man he could be crazy. He's just swinging he's looking at the camera. He's telling us to leave. He's holding us. He does not like that. I’m flying the drone right there. Let me get closer to the car maybe we'll get some better connection clearly. He's going in similar direction oh my god I can't believe that he's actually here. Man Nick has to come to the car. I don't know no joke he actually needs to come see this is so good. I can't believe we're getting this he's at toys. You see and he's trying to break trying to actually break into. So he must not be part of them or something like he must be part of something completely different. I think so he's like really searching dude. Yeah I can I have a lot better connection now. The car is literally like right here look this is us right here. We need to be careful it doesn't come back like right around the corner like we're literally right there. That's awesome I can literally see that's us and he is on his way. He's coming into the bear should we leave? It's kind of pushing it. I don't know guys what do you think? We should do please comment down below but I honestly.

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