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Daltons Farm Toys

Well, you remember the time that you got that old 1200 stuck by the time. They retired from their farm near central butte Saskatchewan in 2008. Larry small and Mal Swanson had built 116 scale models of quite a few of their farm implements. They used to run both come from farm backgrounds and Larry admits that farming was in their blood. Especially after they bought some land in the early 1970s. We kind of come up with the idea one evening that perhaps we should make a model of these machines. That we used to have or we did have. You know that we were farming with just to have for to remember them later on down the road for many years. Daltons farm toys. Their main farm tractor was a four-wheel-drive 1200 case from the mid-1960s. They have a lot of fond memories of this tractor. So they built this model version with many of the same features including doors. That open and close it's remote-controlled in the aspect that it’ll go forwards and backward and the lights work on it see the batteries. Almost have it small says installing lights on the tractor wasn't overly difficult but with all the small items involved. It turned out to be quite time-consuming well the bulbs are from model train track lights like street lights. They use them in there and I made them think these are little frost plugs out of some small engine. I drilled them out and put the bulbs in there and then wired it all together.

The tractor used to pull two 15-foot coil disks for seating so small and Swanson built a pair of 116 scale models for their collection. The tiny concave disk blades were punched out for them by a friend who works at a machine shop. The steering system operates as the one on the full-size disks. A piece of brake line goes down through here. And there's a little welding rod that fits down inside of it. It's hooked up to the linkage here and it goes back to here and it's a small piece of very stiff wire there. Well, this was built so that when you turn the corner that the wheels. Daltons farm toys. The back wheel turns the wheel up here turns and this one steers the disc around the corner. This combine is modeled after the 960co-op pull-type combine. They used to run on the farm. The unloading auger can move back and forth from transport position to field position. The elastic bands are just on it to show where the belts will be positioned. There's an electric motor inside of here. And if they had the proper belts on everything would turn the combined body was made from pieces of galvanized tin soldered together.

Other parts of the combine came from a variety of sources well the pickup here. We built it out of maybe a 3 8 brake line and finishing nails for teeth. The wind guard is a welding rod and the auger was made out of half-inch copper pipe and the flighting. I just made it out of a piece of tin and some of the gears down there. Daltons farm toys. They were made out of old clock parts from the universal joints up here. They were built out of scrap pieces of tin. These rods were made out of like the guards for the handrails and stuff. They were made out of welding rod this model of a west field grain auger is a reminder of one memorable fall on the farm. Well there's one year at harvest time we had an old grain auger and it broke down. We couldn't find a used one anywhere so now it went over to the creek and there was a dealer over there. And he picked up a Westfield dog or a brand new one brought it home.

The mechanism for raising and lowering the auger was made out of old clock parts. The mainframe of the auger is steel tubing and this tube here is three quarter inch copper pipe. These gears are out of no clock and the motor is out of the eight-track player. 110-volt heat track player. You hook a nine little battery up here and there's a push-button switch momentary switch down here. That you just push it to the auger and it will actually auger wax up the tube there. And it’s not fast but it does actually all there small and Swanson used a 1975 ken worth to do. Daltons farm toys. Most of their grain hauling on the farm so they decided to build this model of it as a reminder. And it was a cab over the cab lifts up and put a toolbox on the back like our existing truck head. And the trailer was very off at 36 feet. I think and it’s built to 1 16 scales too Swanson’s wife Ann helps out with the model building projects including sewing. The tarp for the semi-trailer small says several people have inquired about buying their models. They always tell them the same thing they’re handmade one of a kind and not for sale.

Daltons Farm Toys

Daltons Farm Toys And Games

All right we got the Daltons farm toys and games place that guys ready open this. What do we need to cut I can do the cutting all right let's turn around seats at the back. Hit those things all right hold the box all right. I'll touch down here let’s cut up top watch your hand. Okay and let’s lay it on him here and I'll cut those things right now. Okay, all right okay here now go for these hold the box. You got it okay one watch your hands this eight-note wait to wait for six three and four. Okay now you can pull the one thing sorry let's turn it around let’s take it out now. All right so what do they got in here that’s the shed both to build the shed put this on right here. You guys open that at yourselves pretty good okay so you take all the tractors. I won't cut those up what do we got lay them out. Hey, ladies I'm I gotta drop friends OH horse wagon that’s Apollo nice.

I'll just fill tracker that rubber wheels okay that big one are the same. No one's bigger oh I need this one well thanks for hey flash is on. We ask we have a TV we have a tractor that carries away no see. Yeah, I love this funny thing just great oh that guy three pesticides. This guy Hey look the ETD fits in the back of the truck the horse fit in the trailer fight one horse on that nope. Does a cow fit in kinda these are the census look you guys can just do it? Daltons farm toys and games. Look they just slide right out okay so we finish the horse area. We have the cow area now it's for the giant machine. You guys ready yeah okay well here's the instructions get the roof the side door. So who's going to do the roof alright who's doing the sides all right? So it'll take part of that roof and then that will slide on there see what you're doing. Here is the final shed built to the doors open. They slide open nice don't take it out all the way. Your little flimsy I would say it you seem to pop out easy but they also go in easy too. So that's pretty neat. There are all your tractors what do you want to do now? On the tractors fit in there open both sides nice oh there they are open the other side upset. So I can see in there did you enjoy that the cows are those not going to house.

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