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Baby Tiger

There's one there and then there’s another one right there. So two babies and then there are Heidi's feet. I'm mama feet abate the bottle carrier feet and that’s you know. So many people envy Heidi for like cats. Looking at her as mom and mom and my mom love and all that stuff. But for the first little bit so much of it is just she's just a glorified bottle carrier. She is just an accessory my gosh and then there's and then there are bluebells. Some bluebells have become quiet. The young mother bubbles have become quite the young mamma even. He's been taking care of the babies he’s been socializing theme has been stimulating them. Because that’s the big thing like at this age they need to get stimulated in order tube able to go to the bathroom. Oh now what he coming pops has been grooming them. He's been socializing them which is super important teaching them. He's been teaching them good things like right from wrong that’s right. How to properly behave in civilized society OH a little milk on your head. We do she did it was seven zero miss Gibson over here. Then a little boy is becoming so much more mobile. He’s becoming so much more mobile he was able to get up on the couch all by himself. LF today which was a first oh hi little obeah Bob elves oh this bubbles game Baby Tiger wait. Because he has he gained any mother wait oh he's like oh my goodness. It’s this it's the stress of newfound motherhood oh my gosh little one.

Where are you trying to go where are you trying to go okay? What lasts a really interesting thing that Heidi was doing earlier. She was putting together the parts for all of the like the milk. The bottles and stuff like that and for one week supply hone. How much was that three hundred and sixty-six dollars two weeks formula for two weeks? These two little ones these two teeny tiny little ones these seven-pound babies so oh my gosh. Then some but that’s one of those kinds of things. When we talk about you know the need for fundraising. if you're trying total to people about the actual shear costs. What it takes to properly care for little ones like. This it becomes hopefully becomes more of as that ad incentivize. People trying to seek these little ones out at night seagoing to check teeth well. They're both in the midst during teething which ones. Which I can't work that's boy-girl hi little care hello look at you. You’re so the team we have the naming auction that's happening right. Now or the name of raffles on auction. So if you’re interested in that you can always go to your know care rescue. Texas calm for more information about those things by the way technology in the compound. We got the naming raffle that’s going on right now. When we first got the little ones I had texted Heidi. I like the name cinder for girl and then she texted back that her. Destiny had been talking and that they like the names bandit and tequila. 

Baby Tiger

I thought well wouldn't that be great so I think their unofficial names bob bandit in cinder tequila. Just me though I'm sure that we'll have official names this is my idea. He's like are you talking about this right now gosh. Those where's her Baby Tiger was more of an uh yeah hasn't been the biggest fan of the little boy. Tiger plays with them but feeding them and then weighing them and then having them with animals. Then having them around people and socializing them. A really important element to just their psychological development and stuff like that. This is an important component to their ability to just kind of exist long-term. In this facility around people around animals. Bubbles still can't get over his snuffle reaction. He always made it to the bottles is sabot Heidi and destiny Heidi. Destiny has been working continuous ships. Hi, Baby Tiger continuously shifts to take care of these little ones and feed games and stuff like that.  Then Asteroid possibly200 Gibson yeah you found you found the third dimension. You found you discovered you discovered the direction of up like yeah. Bob's has this weird thing about snuffling like when people stuff well. He kind of has a little freaked out he’s a little miniature meltdown she hasn't figured it out.

Oh my gosh yeah you got extra food, oh he skidding what about second breakfast. Well, but what we had one direct you see yes but what about seeking breakfast Shrek. Pippin yeah it's kind of well yeah well there's that but it's yeah dales. I think Shrek was they had a Scottish accent as well as bill as well as Billy Boyd so yeah you are correct. I don't know if he did I think that I did a pretty good Hobbit pressing each oh he sorry. I couldn't seem ambidextrous to see what she's doing right there she's holding the side of the mouths. Sometimes what’ll happen is if you don't do that and like little air will get in. Then get some gassy so you have to kind of do it is it the suction okay. I screwed that up thought it was bigger. I mean like I do it I thought it wasn't everything. I thought it helped with their stuff OH they have like little things in. The thing okay no air in the bellies and then who is on all your boots. This is boots well it's Parker yeah Richard Parker has boycotted the little ones hey movie. I'm just saying I'm mister yeah you're a good boy. Europe yeah babyish baby yeah baby good boy so I hope that you folks are okay with webcast happening. You know just inside the day we talked about doing a webcast. I said we were going to do one when like the next time we took the babies out like at the noontime well. You're you know you're an integral part of the little ones' care. Their care plan and everything so people wants to hear about. But I not to hear from you they'd only hear from me see I didn't even know that holding the side of their nose.

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