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Baby Snake

It's really short like this I'm waiting now this baby snake is short now the question I had one snake clutch already. We got one that we would call a snake pied but unfortunately, the baby Snake pied was pretty much all black and hormones no white we added one more gene to make it actually have the white to come over. The top now the question is can that one gene do it and will we hit the odds. Because it the other day this is an odds game too because we only have like one in 16 chance to get. That one tied that we're looking for and it might be one in 32 I'm not sure it'd have to do. This punch it squares but really I just sit down and do my math. Because I just know learn it myself pretty much so what I see right here is pied. But I can tell it’s not a snake pied because it's not black and so settle down there bro. So this is platinum pied and it's nice up now seeing I don't know what that pot is exactly. But it's beautiful but it's not a baby snake but it's got high white so that's doing kind of what we wanted to do.

It’s It doesn’t go far, he’s a platinum blog boy, maybe a few things. Here’s the white no sticking out right here and this is a pretty big deal for us. Like I say we've been working a long time we only have a couple females that can even do it. Yeah, you see all those blood vessels so she's just he or she yeah that's another high white pied. So that’s a golden child here that came out but it's just a golden child 100%hat pride. So the reason why I say is 100% hat pied because the father was pied so every baby is going to be now. This one here looks to be a golden child so I would say that's probably a golden child pied. And we got over the top of it which is a good sign if that's what we're we think we're trying to do. And so the question is well the odds work for us or not because we're going to need them. To work for us because if it's 1 in 32 then we only have we don't even have a shot at it.

If it's one in 16 then we have oh look at that's over the top and it’s over the top great. But it's not the snake pot, Wow look at that I don't think it’s a pant Wow look at that snake darn. It looks very sweet, but I don't think it's a snake because it's not so dark, but the color of the baby snake looks absolutely nice. So it's so white here so I'll try to get it high white to work for us so we're going to let that. Snake sits in there this one seems to think it's ready to come out and it may be because one of them already came out. And it Ready to leave, nothing left, who can follow, and now the team is having trouble coming. Help me out Tim here Tim has been in charge of breeding here for how many years 19 19 years.

We hatched him here are you sure that's not over with that no it's gorgeous but no I’m pretty confident. We haven't got what we’re looking for you yeah so we'll see what we got here. So oh this here is that’s what we're looking, for now, we’ve come on everybody seems. You need to hurry up and make this rose gold guy look like he is ready to go out. It is rose gold. We’re going to make to get something to put these in so that’s what we're looking for now. We're looking for that to have the white girl at the top really these are really we're going to take this one out of here too. Because he's been trying to bite me I don’t come on getting bitten but this is so important. I got to pay attention so this gets me a little nervous this egg looks like. We should have maybe cut it a little bit ago but we're well known about one second so oh my gosh okay. So everybody wonders why we cut eggs look what we lost a baby snake pied not only a snake pied.

We lost a snake pied that's it right it has no pattern it's oh man that's brutal so whenever you're wondering. Why cut eggs this is why cut egg so I postponed this clutch a few hours the eggs look for him. But I could tell that egg was looking a little questionable just now. We just literally lost a snake that we're trying to get the good news is it's just one egg. So in real life this happens every day in the wild that's why we incubate the eggs. Just to increase the odds if you ever wonder why I use a razor blade to cut these eggs. It’s because everything I cut does not die and so that wouldn't have happened. If I to cut it probably a few hours ago possibly because that baby snake was really ready to come out. But unfortunately, we’re going to move on and we're going to hopefully get what we're looking for here. So the good news is if that's the only egg that looks in trouble. And so we’ll just keep going here wow that is an incredible snake so there is that looks to be well.

Baby Snake

A Black Baby Snake

We got there Tim I think it's a motley golden maybe oh that's it platinum motley golden maybe a pied. But I don't think so I hope not Wow I’m hoping we can get into only that there’s a gorgeous snake. But it's not quite what we’re looking for but it's still a gorgeous pied with a gorgeous bed. Let's see yeah ah man that is just brutal this to have fine a black baby snake that you’re looking for a look. And have it be something that you maybe could have saved by cutting the eggs earlier. But we’re learning just sometimes you sneak up on you because it only takes a few minutes to go from. You know need to be out and not out so there we go that’s golden. So half the eggs should be pipes oh man I'm just getting antsy wanting to see another one of those. There’s another part of Golding possibly tomorrow going wow this one this. One looks interesting and look at that guy it’s looking good so this Perhaps. A factor in why they aren't so good at it. But this is what we're looking for I’m pretty sure. I got to see if I can get them out a little bit more blue that’s you guys so that is really. What we're looking for it's not as black as I was hoping because it's got platinum. But you know what we're not done we still got a chance we might get some we already see what we could have had one looks.

Like we got a live version of it there's a Motley know this one’s already out I keep forgetting that one’s already out. We've still got a good chance here just because we got a few more eggs there's always a chance. Until there’s tile it's over so oh look at that it’s pretty so that's it with platinum. I think that's the same staple platinum after that's this is the dream of a black baby snake, everybody. This is what we call living the dream right here that is crazy that’s just a high white pine. I don’t think so here's no that one yeah that’s golden I think they're bad. I think it’s this as same as that and that's a plant I think it's not platinum coo that’s the black baby snake we Fanta size. We didn't know if we’d get there right now because we’d already tried and didn't make it. But OH the cool part is we made it so there are now panda pipes that are mind-blowing in existence one of them. So let's see maybe you know what we might get another one yeah that a black baby snake is no question it has no platinum on it. It's absolutely incredible and it’s a world's first so no look at this you. Guys that is our fantasy right there that's just what we fantasize. We could get and Oh get its head to untangle oh look at that is that Oh, my kindness. The insane or extraordinary work of many years, but the love you bestow never give up.

You know I mean you should have seen the first one we hatched it literally looks just like a mutt like a motley golden. Well, just a white belly like oh my gosh this is even nice its a golden child and we got it over the top with the extra. Genes right absolutely so that's we’re using a couple extra sit hidden genes to play with. So these are carrying another gene citron oh no way look at that. Oh my gosh, the reptile world is gonna read talking for a while look. At that so we got a white man that is insane so this is literally like we didn't start this project early. But we got lucky with just perseverance just surely by perseverance and blessings.

But what the heck what is that platinum Montana golden pride I don't know Wow. It’s hat tied to the whites yeah good the question is whether. You think it’s possible to do that again for all the Instagram and YouTube users waiting for. You are pretty cool without Sivan gull doesn't have that golden look at that. Wow maybe that's not a no I don't think it's a tiger so here we go last one. But we got two absolutely incredible ones three I mean one’s golden. Wow, that's great oh I guess we got three this one-two-three, and that one oh my gosh. Here we go the grand finale oh my gosh oh sweet ask this one first we'd be jumping up and down. Non-Tiger technology right that's a motley golden so this is a motley golden citron that's. What it is a motley Gulden’s hitless. I'm hoping for a surprise well we didn’t get to look at that so this is a little bit like the first. So we hatched except it’s got one more gene so it tried to come up with two sides. So that's a motley golden and now I don't think it has any crossovers but be cut but we got it up. The side and Tiger took it over the top so anyway living the dream guys. I'm glad you guys are here to watch I hope you had fun with it and we have some visitors here. And we're glad they’re here and anyway we're living the dream.

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