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Baby Parrot

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You got to work it in there okay all right just by pulling down and moving the pliers in a circular motional right. We got three downzone to go a little differently. Then what down to the last one make sure. We put that in that's not how the instruction said this is the way. I do it just the way JC does it yeah because. I don’t count that much. I really don't want to take you to know ten years figured. We're doing it this way the worst that could happen is you may have to replace them more often. But I haven’t had to replace them it and it's been over. I’m good I have to buy a set every two years least ahold is already their yeoman. Herewith my man that installs the rubber baby parrot for my Honda Goldwing 1800. We got to go link put back together with new and installs the rubber baby parrot. He's showing me how to properly close my trunk okay want to put some pressure. You can see the gap now okay the proper gap and your trunk. The lid is at an eighth of an inch in most people's carcass the leaders sitting right on top of the trunk part. But you can see you got to get okay now to open it you release some of the pressure on so. You're pressing down when you close pull in back right never kind of press them back pulling back okay. He took the pressure off the trunk you got a handle he pulled back to get the pressure off the lock. Before he unlocked it or unlatched it and here they are their nice and tight sent tape. We've got four rubber baby parrot. You said now it's going to take a while for it to break in going to take problems. But the good thing for you is that it's not wintertime okay it would be a lot harder. I've put mine and the frozen things oh okay so they're rubber shard it's not. It's not genuine right on the ledge okay now because you have normally. You would pull you would put your body against the trunk right and pull back on the backrest. They are passenger benefits but since. You have a deflector and remember the way to close the trunk is to pull them back or pushback on it right down. 

Baby Parrot

That's how you get there so since you have a karaoke reflect you can look okay yeah because. It shows that the trunk is open now right okay you know I’m going to push. I'm going to push on your backrest, okay using both hands okay. I heard it's now just looking to you yeah it's closed now. It's closed right okay push back on this. You got this okay you pull it back to get the pressure off the lock off of that okay then back down and all mine because. I don't have this I just stand back and look at the screen you stand here and you can hear it when it latches okay. I heard I heard a click yeah and another thing this remember this is what about the third time so. It's not this brand new heart bright your time that will soften up okay. You can see where your truck is bothered ahoy know. That's the way it should be they’re called rubber baby parrot. They're made by the people that make packet wreck, okay a lot of people have heard of the packet record. The truck that goes on the trailer hitch and it says here. If you riding when you’ve won one time even after is broken in the first winter. You may notice it might get kind of hard but that's just normal with the seasons. So that's it big difference looks a lot better. You don't have to worry about the trunk sagging anymore wish. 

I'd known about you see how much easier it was we got long arms you can try it that way Beck did. I want to check the scene Victor Trump actually shows its close. I heard it quick yeah. I'll check to see him to action should err yeah do this one more time okay that's wrong OH like thought. He body into it there you go perfect and as you said loosen up over time. Once it heats up and rubber becomes a little bit broken and more plump easier to close yeoman it seems like. It's kind of loosening up a little bit already. So this would bathe the perfect setup for my doubt. Cuban already got the straps in place what do you. You call those rockets these are called rock strips they're called rocks man. We'll feed them through the laches real simple setup all it takes just a second to installs. Anytime I want to take a road trip and I do not want to pull my trailer snapped. All my trunk bag stretch out my rock straps she's ready to go looks good. I like that its doubt coat got a lot higher. You got your luck yeah it's got a little lock on it iron driver iron bikers you can see. I just got a rain suit in here you know you don't want to carry too much weight on the trunk. I guess that was taking into account my rubber baby buggy Bobby. That takes some pressure off that does take some pressure off lower down. You’re an old pro narrows so I appreciate you for helping me. If you guys have any questions there any comments are sure to put them down in the comment section.

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