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Baby Mario

Hey There! I have a question huh yeah what's up baby Mario. Why don't you ever see a mail truck at gas stations huh? You know III never really thought about that that that that's a good question. I don't know hey Mattie we're backhoe hey Luigi where were you well I was just giving baby lunge a bath. He was starting to smell so you know bath time OH all right that's not me. Oh dear God, what’s wrong Miley Oh God yeah I think it's time baby Mario had a bath. A bath no wait what Luigi uh he’s running what do I do you obviously go catch him what else would you do. Oh right you’re smart it's literally just called common sense Mario. What are you doing trying to eat the blanket like a cow, yeah you're trying to eat the blanket like a cow? Yeah no well this kitty is such an active imagination well daddy has to go take a poop to have fun. We have a present I really ran like two feet OH Jesus Christened of the line baby Mario look. They are you have to take a bath to come on baby Mario where are you whoa. Yeah you did you left about one of the thing what’s that bad we go I can't you baby Mario.

No baby Mario you have to take a bath to come on well maybe Mario you have to you smell horrible I mean. I don't want to be rude but you smell like a Cabbage Patch Kid Oh what doesn’t matter. Uh, you owe me those bubbles Harvey Mario there you go I added some bubbles for you. Now get in daddy okay soak for a minute and I'll be back and I'll clean you off okay daddy. First up to the high dive is baby Mario it sound like EP heart Baby Mario. Think you’ve soaked enough are you ready to get clean you can get out of the tub. Is kind of fun like it see look what I can do that’s great Baby Mario uh yeah I'm happy for you so come on. Let's just get clean already okay now where'd you put the face cloth right there. I really don’t wet okay there we go whoops jeez he's crying uh what do. I do what I do if you saw crying I'll take you to target later and you can get a pizza from Starbucks. Yeah I mean it yeah can’t a let me finish cleaning you off okay so now you can soak for a bit.

Did you learn a backflip what's a backflip just never mind that's why I'm going to give for a prank okay? What is it okay so I was thinking that maybe my daddy comes back um splashing with water? You know get like soaked and then it'll be funny OH that sounds like a good idea my daddy's coming baby hide. Somewhere okay hi Baby Mario you ready to get a clue why did you do that no not really. You’re going to do it again because it may be more if you spot me one more time I’m going to all you know. Bay Area I think we’re done come on time to get out of the bath daddy but you have to come on. Son here gets the towel to listen to me baby Mario splashing me is not okay all right. Because I don't like it when I get wet oh don't splash me and you're going to be cooperative. When you take your baths now right yeah I guess it was fine exactly no come on. Let's go sit with Luigi going to watch TV all day today I woke up at 11 o clock and it is too 37 no intention of going.

The back to bed so I can watch more TV death I can see that you're all wet did you even dry Plus. You take like three days to dry off OH who's a hassle giving up after this one but we did it. We are you wet - yeah that for you splashed me three times I didn’t come to get me. I would have loved to see that hey has anyone seen my kid oh well good maybe my mule. And he goes he’s probably left the bathroom wait what Apple hey guys awesome our rivers here. At the end of this video just to say if you’re wondering why this video was uploaded on a Monday. But that's because I scrapped my upload schedule completely if you didn’t see my community. Tab so yeah incompletely scrapped that now new videos are just going to come twice a week. Any day I want cuz it's easier for me to do it on yeah it was just the right decision for me. One doesn’t know why she did wait no go wait three two one go baby Louie no not baby lunge baby mark it. Off oh Jesus baby Mario if you splashed me what splashed me baby Mario bros. If you baby Mario if you splash me one more time no that was good. No Jesus Christ one okay go Baby Mario. Baby Mario if you spot me one more time you're getting out no wait.

Baby Mario

Baby Mario goes to McDonalds

That's just insulting yeah I'm hungry OH you are well what do you want to eat. I mean chicken onions no all right baby Mario goes to McDonald's okay all right Boa. Let's go oh wait I forgot my credit card okay just go to the car I’ll be there okay daddy. This oh well god bless you son god bless you find a home you too. All right bema Rios another we're McDonald's let's go eat all right let me my cute hold on. I’m eating a getting a call Ouija Louie you got your foot stuck in the toilet again okay um just I'm like Donald's right now. I can't help you loge uh okay I know you're freaking it I know it smells like big money. Okay, there's my credit card I want you to just go and order yourself something nice something small. All right look I know it's more like pellucid but uh I'll be on my way a hundred chicken nuggets. There will be it have you tried flushing it oh all rightly Ji but Marty's here so we're on our way. Okay get in getting in are you Mario so what I'm we're going to do. I'm going to go upstairs and go try to save Luigi before he drowns you just go put everything in the kitchen. Okay don’t ever speak of that yeah sorry Luigi are you okay no Mario what okay well we have food downstairs.

So if you want to come to II that that'd be cool I lost my appetite all right Luigi beam are you good. How much do this cost well it was $1 son you better eat every single one of these chicken nuggets me Mario. Or else you're getting some serious spankings to hold your horses' daddy I'm so hungry I give me every single. Baby Mario goes to McDonalds. One of them and still be hungry oh did you ate didn't TV one you took a bite out of one daddy. I’m like you just hit me with an ear of corn why do you have a corn dog hungry why are you crying, Luigi. Because I just $100we're not going to eat because Sonic that would be funny to put the refrigerator. Inside the pool, no Sonny cost me hundreds of dollars it was funny no wasn't funny you just do corn long Emma for Luigi. It wasn’t buddy okay now what are we going to do with a hundred chicken nuggets. Here are the things you can do with hood chicken onions you can use to kill. Someone I love being alive what are you doing Muja you could use it to cover up a murder. Oh my sweet lord and all my years and in this position, I've never seen something quite like this. You waste it all perfectly good chicken nugget oh yeah it's so nice you could use it as a kid. You know go to live to eat sometime no Sonic is that a camera behind sonic. Oh yes, there you go okay oh how rude you get me a gift right oh good. I didn’t forget about you we got your chicken nugget did you get the mile away. I liked of course burnt to a crisp black and edgy oh my god you can use it through line right now. How do you get the old guys out so be quiet I can see you can use it as a gamble. I'm going to bet one chicken nugget oh that's a good thing we share money.

You can use it as a pregnancy test you could use it to get rid of all the awful YouTube videos. We do all of that is stupid than the UK you can’t shoot someone with a chicken nugget, Mario. You're clearly not good at marketing oh you're so stupid what is it I have a good idea for the chicken nuggets. I'm hello loser I got you a hundred oh hey oh my god and they're actually full of chicken nuggets. Oh kid IRAI doesn't know how to repay you look great to let's pray. Baby Mario goes to McDonalds. Oh okay, dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for these chicken nuggets amen. OH, God bless you kid you're real you’re a real miracle, uh Wii thank you just going to give you a kiss. Bye, daddy, you met no son I'm not mad I mean I was angry I'm not going to lie. I was a little bit angry that we wasted $100 on chicken eggs. We wouldn't eat but I mean it I was the one who responsible okay yeah I want to apologize for getting mad. Because I shouldn't have left the kid with a quitter god I mean. What was I thinking yeah so I was the one responsible and I just want to apologize? But I also want you to know that you were responsible as well for that. That you shouldn't repeat this mistake I mean what were you thinking honey. She can make is they weren't going to eat so I just want to say this quote. Those who don’t acknowledge the past are doomed to repeat it. So just don't do it again daddy what the hell what is this Luigi I accidentally ordered too much pizza yes.

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