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Baby Holding IUD

It's been estimated that about half of all pregnancies are unplanned. But tonight we've learned there may be thousands of women who were caught by surprise. When one of the most reliable forms of contraception failed. Denver 7 investigative reporter Theresa Marchettais herewith. What she's uncovered Theresa yeah it's time to get real about birth control friends. Doctors say Iodate getting a lot more popular and there’s almost no better method. Of preventing pregnancy but we talked with several local women. Who learned the hard way no method of contraception is 100%effective. Do you think we discussed this kind of thing as women coz I feel like it? I don't know I mean I know I don’t and I think we should discuss it more okay ladies. Let's do this let's talk birth control I want this birth control called hair to guard it's. Those like a copper Baby Holding IUD that's an intrauterine device these conversations. Do happen in pharmaceutical ads you go in you get it inserted. And then you don't really have to think about it for up to like 10 years.

But in real life not so much emotionally what have you gone through in this whole process. It's it makes me wish that I never got it at all it absolutely has scarred me for life meet. Melody and Hannah um they're both moms yeah they both live in Colorado. They both had IUDs a small device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy found out. I was pregnant it was shocking at first they both got pregnant they just kind of seemed like. OH well, it's one in a million chance and it sounded like this holy grail of birth control we uncovered.

Melody and Hannah are not alone Denver 7 investigates obtained. Thousands of reports from theft dating back to 2012 hundred. Of them detailing unplanned pregnancies with Paraguarí IUD thousands. More with them Irena's hormonal IUD and sometimes these reports detail heartbreaking potentially. Life-threatening complications one woman wrote I delivered my son. The doctor told me I had a severe uterine infection that took my son's life an infection caused by the Baby Holding IUD. Another report says a 38-year-old woman became pregnant with her I u Din place and delivered 24 weeks. Early her child survived for just 74 days I tell the patients I'm really sorry this happened to Dr. Christina Tasispecializes in family planning she says failures are just 0.2 percent.

With the Marina IUD, 0.8 percent with the Paraguarí compared that to an 18 percent failure. The rate for condoms birth control pills fail up to 9 percent of the time. I have used the IUD myself and loved it is the best invention ever according to me. When I would sit down I would almost feel it like poking me not according to melody and everybody like. No, you can't feel it it's nothing she got the copper IUD Paraguarí shortly. Baby Holding IUD. After giving birth to her little boy Theo in December I started having a lot of the symptoms. I was pregnant I'm late okay well I’m calling to get it removed and get a doctor’s appointment. Melody had a miscarriage it's still a trend to traumatizing experience. For any woman, Hairy Dee had moved out of place and embedded in the wall of her uterus. Doctor Tasi says if you think you’re pregnant with an IUD get in to see your doctor.

Baby Holding IUD

The first thing we need to do is rule out an ectopic pregnancy. So that’s a pregnancy that develops in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and if that's not an issue. Tasi says removing the IUD means risking miscarriage not removing it. It carries even greater risks for both mom and baby those complications. Include premature rupture of membranes so the water breaking. Before full-term preterm delivery and infection in the uterus during the pregnancy. Baby Holding IUD. As a medical student Hanna knows she's lucky she didn’t have any of those complications. I stand behind it as a form of birth control her unplanned pregnancy happened. Just after her wedding she and her husband ended up with a healthy little boy max. I think I'm definitely an exception but an exception that needs a tube.

I guess note that it does happen stories that point out complications. That is very rare might scare people away from these devices but I really hope. That patient will really hear the overarching message. Here that they are extremely safe extremely effective of course. We did reach out to the manufacturer's Tea which makes Paraguarí emphasizes. Pregnancies are very rare they happen less than 1% of the time. But they do happen the risks are included in all the product information given out to patient’s dr. Tozzi says if you’re considering getting an IUD to go to a place. That does this procedure regularly gynecologist or a family planning clinic and.

Baby Born Holding An IUD

And if you knew my name is Aly. I do cause Letitia cheese baby is born woody his mother’s contraceptive coil. That was supposed to stop her from getting pregnant with a newborn baby. Made an entrance into the world while holding the contraceptive code. That was supposed to stop her from getting pregnant with him the baby boy born. At Haiphong International Hospital in this of - in northern. Vietnam can be seen collapsing his mother's yellow and black intrauterine device baby born holding an IUD. In his hand, the core is supposed to stop spam catalyzing mass aids. The obstetrician translates the phone and said the advice had come out when the baby was born. The infant had each held family in his hands when the picture was speaking. It is the phone told local media after delivery I thought him holding the device was interesting. So I took a picture and never thought it would receive so much attention. The baby's 34-year-old mother claimed she had the coil inside three years.

Earlier but it did not work because she later discovered she was pregnant dr. Fung said. The device may have been moved from its original position. Becoming an ineffective form of contraception and allowing the mother to become pregnant. Baby born holding an IUD. The baby was held in Windborne weighing 7 pounds and both mother and child. Were under observation in the hospital after the bath it’s reported. The mother had previously had two other children according to reports. This baby is truly a godsend he is a miraculous child imagine an IUD a powerful IUD.

That many people use contraception as the user of family planning imagines. That is actually didn't stop this baby from coming into this world well. There are why bodies GTA's for you all to use it to learn if you know you have this conversation IUD. Baby born holding an IUD. You need to be careful it's not stated that it must prevent your pregnancy sometimes. It's my fell is in the released lady's cone filled and automatically she became pregnant. And she had to give birth to the baby so let's imagine that she was not with the husband. Or maybe she was flexing around and she became pregnant like this then how would.

She knows who got her pregnant so in case if you have this IUD you need to be careful. Because they are not always reliable so you need to be careful and protect yourself. Still and the funniest part of this is that normally when a lady. Baby born holding an IUD. Becomes pregnant like this they can be able to remove the IUD. The baby had the IUD that means that the baby doesn't want them to remove. The IUD sadhu not to reinsert it again and I bought him so that was the reason why the baby held the IUD. And then the lady has to give birth the chance that they can be able to bring out. The ideas of operates on her well I'm happy for them to commence.

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