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Baby German Shepherd

Wow grab this one how’s noni she got a bit yeah where and the leg bad. Yep so let's um Jennifer dry Garcia should examine the baby German shepherd dog right away honey. I’m just letting you know not he’s not okay so go sit down okay no just go sit down. Please go sit-down just relaxyeah he also needs to go to the hospital. The doctor will be here in a minute but we still have to follow through no don't tense. The worst thing we can do is tension after a fight relaxes no the worst thing. You can do is separate them completely after a fight fortunate. There were only these two dogs nothing major but we're going to get them. The best help right away Caesar’s personal veterinarian arrives on the scene where are you from. Let's see what’s going on here the status of what the doctors say is he is superficial. So you know he just it was very fast you were there, and with her, she got a little bit of the muscle. Not a lot not very dramatic she got three stitches but she walked out without the limp. Baby German shepherd. So that was a good thing you know so they're going to both of them are they're recovering at the same period for time. But at the same time, I do want to keep her until she's completely healed physically, fortunately.

This is not the worst flight I’ve ever seen and we still have to build a new relationship between these two dogs. But now the real choice is how to help Sydney to achieve calm-assertive energy. If Sydney can achieve this calm assertive energy around noni and bliss. She can definitely achieve the same behavior with any other dog so for us to erase it. Baby German shepherd. The desire of her going after is to do this every day when's the next time let's and nanny get to meet. Uh, it's really to me I will do it tomorrow as soon as the yeah. As soon as the anesthesia goes away and everything goes away I would like to do it every single day. Every single we got to regatta jump on it that would be the ideal thing to do right. You know what I mean just like no flight no avoidance this is this is what you work. For I’m sorry uh did this happen sorry no I appreciate it there's nothing to be sure. About I if inevitably it was going to happen I’m glad that it happened. Baby German shepherd. Yeah, and you know if we didn't know if it was going to happen now what happens. When we don't have you or in a situation where we have an experience you know can't handle it. The fight was really scary but honestly I’m happy that Caesar was there to handle it. 

Baby German Shepherd

Adopt Baby German Shepherd

I think that this is my favorite article that we've ever done assuming it all goes well. In the next hour and a half yes, fingers crossed my toes are crossed too okay good. Hi everybody welcomes back to our blog today is a very exciting day. So today we are currently where are we going to Adopt a baby German shepherd dog we're going to get a dog? So we found this dog um we've been looking all over to try to find a dog to adopt. We’ve been wanting to adopt a dog for a long time and we want to rescue a dog from a shelter. We would prefer to not purchase from a breeder but we also had some specific things. That we were wanting we were pretty flexible on like gender and size. And stuff like that um there are a couple breeds that we would prefer not to have but it is surprisingly difficult. To find a dog right now because of this pandemic like it’s amazing. I’m so happy that everybody is adopting dogs like that is so amazing yeah. Everyone's at home they want dogs yeah but it’s that makes it so difficult to find a dog. We looked all over I was searching for so long like spending my entire weekend looking for dogs.

Then on what day was this Thursday yeah Thursday middle of the day. I get a call from one of the places that I had put in an application for and I had put in you have to like or you. Don’t have to but you can specify dogs and this one specific place the like when they show. You the dog all they tell you is the name of the dog and like you see what it looks like. So it was kind of difficult because I didn’t know how old they were what breed they were like nothing about them. Adopt baby German shepherd. Um so I had put a couple names of dogs but I had guessed that they were probably already adopted. So I also put on the application you know we're open to any dog so the lady had called me. And she said she asked kind of what we were looking for they had just gotten. This puppy dropped off at their doorstep four days before Monday. The puppy was left on their doorstep so she sent me a photo he is they believe a German shepherd husky mix. They think he might also have other mixes in him um but in one-mile turn right to merge. On to i-405 north towards Santa Monica but they don’t know for sure because he was literally. Just dropped at their doorstep so anyway he's 11 weeks old he was really cute. And exactly what we were looking for she said talk to him and see if you guys are like serious. About it, because she was just talking to me she said if you're serious about it call me back. And you can come to meet him on Saturday and take him home and we were like oh my goodness.

Because we weren't expecting we’re both still living at home for another like two or three weeks? Before we can move in um we were not expecting to get a dog this soon. Um, I had to talk to my parents to make sure that they would okay bring having me keep. The dog because he still goes to work I’m working from home but he's still going into the office. So it couldn't stay with him so my parents were okay with it we had to do a lot of research. Because my dog Chloe is an only dog only child she's 13 years old and very spoiled. So we wanted to make sure that we know the proper way to introduce them and so I called the lady back. Adopt baby German shepherd. I told her yes we're interested and we're going to pick him up. She was like when do you want to come in.

On Saturday I was like what time you do open she said 11 I said we want to come in at 11. So it's currently 10:45 we're about 10 minutes away from the place. Um, we are just like so dang excited we’re going to meet him we already got a bunch of supplies. Adopt baby German shepherd. Um, I’ll put a little overlay I took a little article of the stuff that I put in my room already. We are probably going to keep him um in my room for a little while and just slowly introduce him to the house. Because we don't want Chloe to feel like he’s taking over her space where you know we want to respect Chloe too. And he's a puppy and not potty trained or trained or anything and we don't want him destroying. My parents’ house was my parent’s one condition if he destroys anything we’re paying for it. So we're adopting a puppy he's a German shepherd husky mix. Adopt baby German shepherd. I am so excited and we're going to take you guys along with the journey. You have anything else to say cookie’s good that's good I got him a cookie for my favorite bakery.

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