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Baby Gator

Game warden Mike Boone has experience handling Baby Gator all kinds of Texas wildlife got a call. About a nuisance gator over there on a school campus there at Sabine patch. You got a mother gator with about 11 or so little babies with her and it’s definitely on the school campus. And that’s one place we don't need alligators I mean the kids get real curious try to approach them. We’ve got to get them off that campus the ditch there it's got a lot of weeds a lot of high cattails. Trying to locate numerous numbers of hatchlings along with the mother gator. It was going to be a chore Boone has called in a team of alligator experts to help capture and relocate the gators.

So all these babies are hanging out right there and you know they hatched out less than a month ago. Oh yeah, we got it if we don't find them they’re not going to make it. Yeah, I think I still think that mama's close oh monomer didn't know. Where the gator was we didn’t Baby Gator know how big the gator was all we knew that was is possible. A female gator with numerous hatchlings and when you have that. You got a higher risk because they’re going to be protective of their young. When she comes right through here you're going to jump on her huh I thought. You were jumping on him why would I want to jump on her you're the man. They gave her back to my waders I wouldn't worry about this and if it didn’t have all the babies.

She's going to be real protective around these kids here we go you found one this one this will bring them up. They try to push her to you yeah mike you got the better angle put it on their mike. She got him there you go he got him don't know. How she got by I bet she was under there while we were on scene the superintendent advised us. That some of the maintenance Baby Gator crews had located another separate alligator in a drain. When’s the last time y'all seen him yesterday okay while the first gator in her hatchlings is loaded. Up for relocation Boone looks for the second one which drain did they see him on. Yeah, that one that's the end of this pipe right here we got about a 100-foot piece of pipe. That he could possibly be in but the pipe's only about 36 inches in diameter.

I’m going to try to put one of the guys on one side and flush him out on this side. If we know for sure he's in here I’m gonna get down there with a flashlight and shine and see. What I can see the Gary yeah I hear you shine down there towards me. I don't see him on this side okay move your light think. I saw the alligator he’s basically Baby Gator going to crawl through on his belly shoving. That garbage can through this storm drain which is only about a 36-inch pipe so I’m going to volunteer him to do it. That and I’m going to wait at the other end think that's a pretty good man like. That takes that pole and I just run that pole there you go in that trash. Can let's do it hey mike yeah I’m coming your way I’m going to sit here. And wait for a bite we got to miss him down there when he comes out now.

Bring him to me he’s pissed and he came before don’t move no he's big to get down there clear outlet he wraps wear him. Other swampy you need a bath big time he isn’t been doing much fighting. You have done a deal, Lucille, he good job don't call me again Baby Gator it took a long time for us to get him to push. All the way through the drain but it was a large alligator it was over nine-foot in length. Let me get that tail we’re going to relocate the alligator. He’s going to be in basically a refuge are alive his life out there you go. Thank y'all go check those duck hunters first okay we try to go across county lines. And work with our neighboring wardens do you have a clue where you're going out there. On all right I know that's lagoon yeah we can let’s get on walking. You know it's nice to have wait come down here and help out with our county.

It can be pretty hard for one person to patrol such a big county especially. When there’s so much activity going on with duck season. How are y'all helping out long about an hour oh okay all right? Let me check y' all's guns real quick she out in training she's getting used to it. She's here she lost relations with a wall today oh no there you go good. What kind of Baby Gator shells y'all using right here lead shot is illegal on duck hunts. Because it is toxic to birds and the environment all right there's yours thank you. And do you have your hunter education this is my first name right here? Where it says hunter education yes ma'am you have to have it do you have your driver's license on you. Let’s do that real quick hunters need to have hunter education.

Because it teaches you the basic safety and the importance of wearing your hunter orange. Or just knowing where to point your gun you’ll be issued one citation. Just for not having her in education, okay a lot of people get really excited. They get their hunting license they get all the necessary equipment to go out. But they end up forgetting hunter education your signature here is on a plate of guilt. Just that you promise to contact the judge okay these individuals.

Baby Gator

Baby Alligator Bite Force

Working with alligators and crocodiles for nearly 30 years. One of the most common questions I get asked is how strong are alligators jaws alligators. And most particularly crocodiles have the strongest bite force of any animal. On the planet alligators Baby Alligator Bite Force has between two to three thousand pounds per square inch. Closing power in their jaws crocodiles has between three to four thousand pounds. With a few estimates saying possibly even up to five thousand pounds per square inch.

Closing power in their jaws a lion is only 1,000 pounds per square inch. So take that Samba a human a hundred and fifty-two maybe 200 pounds per square inch. Now I know all this per square inch stuff may be hard to wrap your mind to. Around so to give you a Baby Alligator Bite Force better picture the crocodile's bite force is close to. What some trash compactors are now they get some of the powers from their jowls. Those big things around their neck almost look like fat.

When an alligator flexes or crushes into something that is one giant muscle imagine. If you had a bicep that huge you’d be able to rival Hulk Hogan’s larges Baby Alligator Bite Force arms in the world. The further world doesn’t worry Huckster alligator arms will never be able to rival. Yours still not convinced alligators and crocodiles have amazingly strong jaws. Take a look at this that’s hammer it cannot even be lifted by Earth's Mightiest.

Heroes well most of them anyways but compared to the mighty alligator jaws. If this doesn't prove their strength I don't know what else will like. I said strongest jaws of any animal on the planet and that's why alligators.

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